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No doubt this masterpiece is leading the emotions, strength and knowledge all three at a same time but after reading the opinions of public we regard it as ‘ Milestone of Revolutionary Literature’ indeed a literature should be in the way that it affects the people’s life so deeply and this book is doing the same. Here are some vividly narrated opinions to this masterpiece.


We are aware of the health afflictions women face because of menstruation but a deadlier consequence can be expected from Menopause when a woman hit her 40s and the uterus undergoes changes. The issue is very few people are aware of what is menopause and what can be the consequences. We have women folks in our house, but we are not fully aware of the changes and pain they undergo.

The author has highlighted an issue of paramount concern through his fictional storyline of Me No Pause, Me Play. Dolly is a housewife in her 50s who has spent the larger part of her life taking care of the needs of her husband, Rajat, and raising their kids. As and when Rajat started climbing the ladder of success, he started taking Dolly for granted and felt entitled to her cater to all his whims even if she is sick.

The author has poignantly highlighted this issue which is prevalent in majority of the households in India. Even in household which does not treat women as a 2nd class citizen, the awareness regarding the health complications faced by women due to hormonal imbalance is next to nil.

I liked the way the author developed a storyline to raise consciousness on this issue which has more impact than a non-fiction book documenting this issue. The writing style is precise, simple, and easily understandable which can be consumed by readers from all strata of the society. The author has done a good job in realistically portraying the dynamics between couples, especially of the previous generation and the millennials where the roles were rigid, and expectations were set as to the responsibilities of the males and females of the house.

I also liked the subtle way the author tried to play with the word ‘Menopause’ for his title. The author wants to send a message to all women that Menopause should not be an encouragement to pause their life and aspirations. It is the right time to continue to spread your wings and keep soaring.


A moral boosting women centric slogan for a women created by a women herself “ME + NO + PAUSE, ME+ PLAY which is a self help quotation and means, I will not stop in any adverse situations in life. This slogan not only changed a women’s life, brought her back from the death bed but also has an important message for the women struggling with menopause. The most admirable factor was that this story provided an information to the life partner too who needs to acknowledge the changes his wife is going through at this time. Family help and support is very crucial for every women who undergoes a harmonal change in her mid life. Not only the beginning of the story was dramatic by the end was equally pacifying. I really enjoyed the entire episode. There was a friendship and relationship struggle which were portrayed very tactfully. A noteworthy work by the author who has intelligently achieved his motive of presenting his work of thought to his audience.




SYNOPSIS: A complete book and a complete story of a “love triangle of adults” and the unbeatable “women power”.

You really get broken from inside when your emotions get manipulated by someone who is too close to your life or to your heart. But never forget what your responsibility is!

When destiny decides to reunite the old school love and empower a woman again who was broken by his husband and health. This book can really become an inspiration in many situations.






Me no Pause, Me Play is a thought-provoking book that delves into the complexities of womanhood and the societal challenges that women face. In this genre of Women’s fiction, the author explores the struggles and triumphs of women in 21st century, wherein there are still many fetters of patriarchy and misogyny yet to be broken.

The book highlights how it’s well recognised fact that women are the central point of a human civilization and society. However, despite this recognition, women have often been subjected to manipulation and cruelty, as if the laws of nature were against them.

The story follows the lives of two different women who were significantly impacted by the actions of the same man. Dolly and Jasmona are the two characters here portraying the lives of two sections of women, Dolly being a homemaker and Jasmona as a professionally successful and self-made person. But both facing the challenges of womanhood.

Dolly is facing a near death ailment due to menopause and Jasmona, as her doctor and friend pulls her not only out of the ailment she is suffering from but helps rebuild her entire life. The author highlights the power of belief systems and how they can create limitless possibilities.

One of the strengths of “Me no Pause Me Play” is the author’s ability to address sensitive issues such as menopause and aging, which are often considered taboo in many cultures. The book offers a refreshing perspective on these issues, portraying them as natural and empowering experiences rather than something to be ashamed of.

Overall, “Me no Pause Me Play” is a powerful and inspiring book that offers a fresh perspective on womanhood and the challenges women face in modern society.


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