16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023

Based on a comprehensive analysis by Cherry Book Awards in association with The Update India, India’s leading news and awareness website, we are delighted to share with you the 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023.

Who are the 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023?

The 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023 are Dr. Soubir Bhatt, Usha Kiran Moodgal, Tushar Kiran Moodgal, Luna J, Mayaa SH, Gary Clark, Manisha Jaiswal, Pradyuti, Nabanita Kanungo, Madhurima Guruju, Dr. Mehjabeen, Padmaja Bharti, Arun Bhatnagar, Anupama Ravindran Menon, Sekhar Bandyopadhyay, and Pooja Pandey.

Let us take a close look at each of the 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023


𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝟐𝟎𝐭𝐡 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐌𝐚𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢 𝐕𝐚𝐥𝐦𝐢𝐤𝐢 – 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭 𝐒𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 “𝐑𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐲𝐚𝐧𝐚”

Soubir is an Author, Diplomat, Doctor, Entreprèneur and TEDx Speaker holding Multiple Global Positions and pursuing the completion of MD in Naturopathy Medicine & thereafter DM/PhD in Alternative Medicine Research in Immune System, Pulmonary and Reproductive Health.

• Chairman & CEO of V&E Swiss Worldwide

• Global Chair at V&E Consulting Group (UK) Ltd

Soubir earned 3 Honorary Doctorates.

Mentor Of Change (MOC) at NITI Aayog -Atal Innovation Mission, Government Of India.

Expert Panel Advisor to the European Commission

A Board Member to 3 Start Up Companies in India, Advisory Board Member to 16 United States based Companies and 1 Vienna, Austria based company. Also Member of the Advisory Council at Harvard Business Review

Educated in New York and started his Career as an Investment Banker from New York. Attended several programs in Executive, Medical and Legal Education at Harvard, Wharton, Yale School of Medicine, MIT, Stanford Medical School, Johns Hopkins Medical School, London Business School.

Soubir is also working to earn his Commercial Pilot Licence from Flying Academy in Vienna, Austria.

Receipent of The Atal Achievement Award 2022, Maharashtra Ratna Award 2023, The Rising Star of The Year 2023 Award by Government Of India, Glaze Icons 40 Under 40, TIME CyberMedia Emerging Icon 2023, The Ambitious Award 2023 for Rising Entreprèneur, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Inspiration Award 2023, Golden Pinnacle Award for Emerging Company, Young Influencer and Iconic Young Entrepreneur.

Awardee for British Excellence Award for Emerging ASIAprèneur by United Nations Global Peace Council at House of Lords – British Parliament in London in 2023.

In July 2023 Soubir will be inducted as a Panelist on Global TV Channels such as NDTV, News24, DD-National.

Soubir is authoring 8 Book Titles:-


▪︎Future Doctor

▪︎My Father Satyabir Emphasized- BETTER YOU

▪︎INDIA – Republic Of Entreprèneurs

▪︎ Who Am I

▪︎ What is Entreprèneurship

▪︎ Collaboration

▪︎ Ways to Relax Your Mind & Body


Usha Kiran Moodgal, a highly respected personality in Hindi literature, has achieved numerous world records and gained national recognition for her remarkable achievements. Hailing from Delhi, she is widely revered as a poet, researcher, and dancer. Usha Kiran Moodgal holds the esteemed position of International Ambassador at Dawn Research and Development Council, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the literary and artistic community.

One of her notable literary contributions is the poetry compilation “Kavya Tulika,” which has received immense acclaim and numerous awards. She has also collaborated on various poetry anthologies that have garnered widespread recognition and earned her many accolades.

Usha Kiran Moodgal pursued her education diligently, obtaining post-graduate degrees in Hindi and History after completing her graduation. On January 28, 1987, she began her married life by marrying Ashok Moodgal.

Her life is a vibrant tapestry woven with literature and dance, two passions that have deeply enriched her existence. Recently, she was honored with the prestigious “Honorary Gold Medal Award by DRDC Global” in recognition of her unwavering contributions to the field of literature. Notably, her book “Kavya Tulika” earned her the esteemed “Sahitya Sthambh Puraskar 2023” and the distinguished title of “Sarvashreshtha Kavyitri 2023” from Drop of Change Publications.

In acknowledgment of her significant contributions to contemporary Hindi literature, Usha Kiran Moodgal has received the esteemed “Maharshi Valmiki Bharatiya Gaurav Samman 2023,” “Tagore Ratna Samman,” “Nazrul Sahitya Samman Laureate Award,” “Kalam Rashtriya Pratibha Samman” as well as the “Ishwar Chand Vidya Sagar Iconic Achievers Award.” Her poetry compositions, including “निर्णय” (Decision) and “ख़ामोशी” (Silence), published in various collaborative editions, have also gained notable recognition. The Inkzoid Foundation recently honored her with the title of “साहित्यिक विद्या मे उभरती प्रतिभा” (Emerging Talent in the Field of Literature), further solidifying her reputation. They also conferred upon her the coveted Swami Vivekananda, Subhash Chandra Bose and Shri Aurobindo Memorial Awards. Usha Kiran Moodgal received international acclaim when she was awarded the “Asian Excellence Award 2023” in Singapore and the “Hope International Appreciation Award” for her remarkable contributions to Hindi literature.

Usha Kiran Moodgal has a large following on her facebook page “उषा किरण काव्यांजलि” and has also begun sharing her captivating compositions through her Instagram handle, @ushakirankavyanjali. Additionally, her works have been featured in newspapers and digital media platforms, reaching a wider audience and leaving an enduring impact on the literary landscape.


Tushar Kiran Moodgal, is an award winning poet and writer hailing from Shahdara, East Delhi, holds multiple world records and has been recognized with prestigious awards. Co-authoring more than 25 poetry anthologies, Tushar’s debut poetry book, “Lamentations,” received the esteemed “William Shakespeare Golden Book & Laureate Award.” Influenced by eminent poets like William Wordsworth, John Keats, Edgar Albert Guest, and Edgar Allan Poe, among others, he attributes his love for literature and the written word to his father.

Over the years, Tushar’s poetry has undergone significant evolution, transitioning from angsty themes during his teenage years to more profound philosophical subjects. Drawing inspiration from the teachings of the Geeta and embracing Stoic philosophy, he demonstrates a strong belief in these philosophies.

In 2023, Tushar achieved multiple world records with his poem “Rhapsody Of Twilight,” earning him a place in the Inkzoid Book of Records and the Glorious Book of Records. He was honored with the esteemed “Maharishi Valmiki Bhartiya Gaurav Samman 2023” for his contributions to contemporary literature, particularly his philosophical poetry. Additionally, he received prestigious awards such as the “Tagore Ratna Samman 2023,” “Ishwar Chand Vidya Sagar Iconic Indian Achievers Award,” and the “Nazrul Sahitya Samman Laureate Award” for his remarkable literary and intellectual achievements from PWP. He was honoured with the “APJ Abdul Kalam Award”, “Global Excellence Award” and “Genius Artist of India Award” for his outstanding works and remarkable roles in the field of English literature and poetry by Magic Book of Records.Tushar also received the “National Appreciation Award” in the literature category. His other accolades include “The Best Poet” and “Poet of the Year” awards from Drop of Change Publications, the “Wandering Minds Best Philosophical Poetry Award” for his poem “Conquering of Self,” and recognition as one of the “Outstanding Poets” for his contributions to the “Mysterious Fantasy” anthology by Instant Publications. His poem “Birds of Misfortune” published in Evincepub’s bilingual anthology “Anokhe Alfaz” received the esteemed “Most Soulful Poetry Award.” Tushar’s distinctive style of philosophy-laden poetry earned him the title of “Breakout Poet 2023” from the Inkzoid Foundation who also conferred upon him the prestigious Swami Vivekananda, Shri Aurobindo and Subhash Chandra Bose Memorial awards. Internationally, his literary works were recognized, leading to him being awarded the “Hope International Achievement Award”, the “William Shakespeare International Award” and the “MBR Global Award” for literary excellence. His poetry has been featured in various newspapers and digital media platforms.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Tushar has a keen interest in Philosophy, History, and the study of political behavior and its cultural impacts. He completed a master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations and also studied the Japanese language at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University.

Tushar has worked as a sports journalist for independent media platforms such as Vrinsidesports, Game Has Just Begun, and Bleedsport. He is an ardent supporter of Chelsea F.C. and currently serves as the club secretary for the Delhi chapter of the Chelsea India Supporters Club.

Tushar frequently shares his poetic musings and contemplations on his Instagram account @cryptic_dissonance.


Luna. J is an Indian author, poet and translator. Some of her works include ‘God Bless You Devil Kiss You’, ‘Harem Journal’ trilogy, ‘What the Heaven!?’ and ‘Being a Woman’. She is also the recipient of awards such as ‘The 21st Century Emily Dickinson Award’ (for the book ‘What the Heaven!?’), ‘Aspiring Writer Award 2022’, ‘The 21st Century Jane Austen Award’ and more. Luna. J’s translation works includes the award-winning book, ‘Angels, Witches, Women,’ into English and more.

Luna. J’s writing have been commended for the bold portrayal of strong and complex female characters who asserts their dominance and wisdom in navigating the treacherous landscapes they lived in. All her books are a testament to the enduring spirit of women and a tantalizing reminder of the ingenuity and resilience of women throughout history. Another message conveyed in the books by the author, Luna. J, is that the power of love transcends time and place.

She is a pantheist who is known for writing in the genres Urban Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance, Horror and Action. Her collection of over 4500 paperbacks reflects her love for exploring the stunning world of words. This young storyteller’s life motto and a general message to her readers is ‘Don’t care about what others think about you unless they think you are awesome in which case they are absolutely right!’

Author Luna. J’s  love for ink is endless, both on the paper and on the skin. The number of tattoos and the fountain pens she has hoarded over years is a testament to that. She is known to dabble in fashion and magick to her heart’s content. She is breaking glass ceilings and shattering patriarchal  golden cages every day; regularly doing things that would’ve gotten her unfairly burned at the stake 300 years ago.

Her peculiar interests include but not limited to exploring music of all kinds, cycling, hibernating with books, falling in love with stray animals and the underside of trees every so often. She is an ardent believer of happy endings; who reassures herself that it’s not the end if it’s not happy and works harder to achieve happiness in the end.

To find out more, follow @authorlunaofficial on Instagram or get Luna’s books @linktr.ee/jluna810


The next person in this list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023 is Mayaa SH, who is also known as Mayaa Devi, Mayaa Tai, Mayaa Di,Mayaa Audio SH, Pushpa ‘The Fire’ , Padma Of The East, Lady Robin Hood , MS Dhoni Of Writing and Lady Gandhi is a known name in Contemporary Literature .She is a Multi-National Award Winner , a ten times a World Record Holder, An Artist, a Podcaster,  a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Authoress and has been chosen as number 1 The Modern Literary Stars Of India, 2022 by Cherry Book Awards for making valuable contribution to Contemporary Indian Literature. She has Won In Memorable Performance in the category termed as ‘Other than English write ups “ for her appreciation of hard work , creativity and dedication in Grand Christmas Competition 2.0 which has been a world record event of the largest creative event hosted online with more than 1000+participants . Mayaa SH is a Women Empowerment Culturist and a gender equality exponent to position and contextualize her work within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. She has depicted gender inclusivity and equality through her certifications from the United Nations and powerful writings on Feminism, Gender Equality,  Transforming Vision Into Action: Transmogrification on Transgender Community and Mental Health Awareness Topics. Her work depicts the identity, economic and social freedom of many .She has co-authored more than hundred and fifty plus anthologies with nine solo books and has been aligned with more than 85 publication houses.She has been featured in several magazines and women oriented like Tejaswi -The Imperishable on Women Power and Honour including few international magazines. Her first poem “The Candle In The Wind” made her win an Award at the National Level. She navigates many women through stress by deploying talking as a medium to combat stress and fear.


Gary Clark, an American philosopher and poet, has found his creative sanctuary in Spain. Renowned for his unique approach to poetry, he intricately weaves the world of animals into his verses, creating a profound connection between nature and the human experience. His work resonates with readers, bridging the gap between two realms. He recently won Utkrisht Prerna Puraskar presented by The Update India, a leading Indian news and awareness website. Gary is a proud member in this elite list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023.


Manisha Jaiswal was born in West Bengal with dream to make a change in the society who recently completed 4 years in the field of writing as a passionate writer.Professionally she is serving for a Pvt organization.Apart from her profession She Loves to read and in her spare time she loves to resolve the questioner of her mind.

Manisha Jaiswal’s Success Story and making to this list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023

Manisha Jaiswal’s success story is all about winning titles like Rabindranath Tagore Literature,Nazrul Sahitya Samman,Naari Samman Sheroes Award,TGP Woman Choice Award 2023 along with this she came In Namya magazine for the edition of march and the Inspiring Woman Volume IV as the cover star and became the author of the book “Shattered And Twilight” after she got featured as the Top 50 Literacy Award 2023,Best Poet Of 2022 and Top Iconic Personalities Of 2023 apart this she is also a multiple world record holder for writing a 14 liner poem (sonnet) in which all the sentences begins with the letter ‘M’ at the age of 23. She also India’s Top 20 Prestigious Artist Award, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad National Excellence Award, India’s top 30 Achievers Award for her contribution towards literature. Not only with this She is a co-author in more than 50 books. She is a regular contributor of Namya Publication Magazines. She has written her own solo book named “Tonic of Love &Heartbreak” and also Compiled “The Dynamic Love World” book.

People always asked her about her inspiration, and she simply replied that her inspiration is her parents “Mr. Manoj Jaiswal (Father) and Asha Jaiswal (mother).” Both inspire and motivate her in achieving her goals and her friends always supported her.

Along with this She is Holding the Position of Magazine Director in Drop of Change Publication.

Awards Won By Manisha Jaiswal

1. Rabindranath Tagore Literature

2. Nazrul Sahitya Samman

3. Naari Samman Sheroes award

4. In Namya magazine for the edition of march as the cover star

5. In the Inspiring Woman Volume IV , She is the Cover Star of the page

6. TGP Woman Choice Award 2023

7. Top 50 Literacy Award 2023

8. Author Of The Book “Shattered And Twilight”

9. INKZOID Book Of Record Holder

8. Glorious Book Of Record Holder

9. Featured As Top Iconic Personalities Of 2023 On Google News

10. Best Poet Of The Year 2022 from INKZOID FOUNDATION

11.India’s top 30 Achievers Award

12.Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad National Excellence Award

13.India’s Top 20 Prestigious Artist Award

14.Compiler Of “The Adduce Date”

15.Her first solo book “Tonic Of Love & Heartbreak”

16.Compiler of the book “The Dynamic Love World”

17. Bana bhatta Sahitya Purushkar

18. Atal Swarna Samman

19. Bharat Bhushan Award

20. Rashtriya Ratna Award 2023

21. Magic Book of Record winner

22. Iconic 40 Glaze Award

23. International Award Winner

24. Helen Keller Global Iconic Award

25. Maharishi Valmiki Gaurav Samman

26. Savitri Jyoti Samman

27. National World Records Award

28. The William Shakespeare Golden book and Laureate Award

29. Achievers Award 2023 by Inkzoid foundation.

30. Talent Hunt 2023

31. Purple quill award

32. Aspire To Inspire Award


The next literary star in this elite list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023 is Pradyuti, who hails from Pune, Maharashtra. Different kinds of taste in imagination and cognitive ideas we found in her piece of writings. Specially, her writings are based on non-fictional and modern context. She had started to shape her imagination in the form of writings since 2020.

Her journey was initiated with the quote

‘Time | Date | Life,’

She has written many quotes, stories and poems. Her confidence and wheel of motivation revolves around the inspirational drive of her mother. ”Momentos” was her first piece of anthology as a co- author. She worked for the first time as a compiler in “A Stitch In Time.” She is interested in travelling, painting and singing. She likes to read all genres of books. She has a keen interest in exploring innovative and new ideas.


Nabanita Kanungo makes it to the list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023. Her first book, A Map of Ruins, was published by Sahitya Akademi in 2014. Her poems have appeared in Caravan, Planet (The Welsh Internationalist), Prairie Schooner, ELSEWHERE LIT, The Missing Slate, VAYAVYA, and The Bombay Literary Magazine, among others. Her work has also been anthologised in Ten: The New Indian Poets (Nirala Publications, 2013), Gossamer (Kindle Magazine, 2015) and 40 under 40 (Poetrywala, 2016). She lives in Shillong and divides her time between geography and poetry.


The next person in this list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023 is Madhurima Guruju.

Madhurima, who hails from Hyderabad, South India is an award winning Teacher, Writer, Visual Artist and Performance Poet. According to her, writing is like therapy to deal with tumultuous situations and the pen is her only friend on which she relies to vent her tangled thoughts through poems and stories.

She had published three solo poetry books in the year of 2021, took part in several anthologies, while additionally holds experience in story telling and slam poetry at several open mic events across the nation. Madhurima had been featured on several other news web links for her remarkable contribution towards literary arts.

Her recent book “Musings on Life” from BookLeaf Publications and a Podcast titled “Musings and Memories” which is available on Spotify; comprising a series of poems and short stories related to lives of people has been fetching enormous appreciation and accolades from the readers and listeners across the world.


Our next grand personality in this list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know in 2023 is Dr Mehjabeen. She is a very passionate and dedicated human being and a global ambassador for Mental health issues.  She also Educated 500 kids in a Rural area and   had her  own free school for underprivileged kids .

She has won several accolades like Mahila Ratna Award, TOP 100 AIWA (ASIAS INFLUENTAL WOMEN AWARD (as excellence psychologist )WOMEN INTERNATIONAL ICON AWARD, (as  Diffrence maker)INDIAN WOMEN HISTORY MUSEUM REWARDED




WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE AWARDS (on international women’s day) AS CHANGE MAKER

The corporeal world infatuates many. The marathon to be at the top and achieve material gains is the generic expectation and aspiration that inundates society in contemporary times. However, some people want no part in the ‘rat race.’ They strive to make the world a kinder and more empathetic place by spreading happiness and disseminating kindness. Mehjabeen is someone whose eyes glimmer with hope and whose empathy knows no bounds. In a world of trying to co-opt, coerce, and capture, Mehjabeen took the path less trodden up by being a devout social activist.   

Dr mehjabeen is the founder of Vison high she has done many mental health awareness campaigns in old homes and orphanages

Mehjabeen always envisaged opening a school for underprivileged children. She vehemently worked to make her dream a reality and finally opened a school for the needy and disadvantaged. Mehjabeen has educated more than 500 kids from rural India, and her school acted as a highway for underprivileged and zealous children to pursue their education. Her journey at giving back to society was undulating, and there were several difficulties. But, where there is a will, there is a way, and Mehjabeen’s story embodies that sentiment. She says, ‘It was not easy to achieve what we wanted, there were obstacles, but we kept our goal in mind and never gave up.’ She opines that although the destination is sweet, the trials and tribulations of the journey should not be shunned and frowned upon. Instead, it is vital to learn from them and strive to become better person. 

Besides being a Good Samaritan, Mehjabeen is a stalwart figure in the mental health and psychologist,psychotherapist domain of various parts of India.

Founder of vision high mental health wellness.AIWA top 100 Award Rewarded as a excellence psychologist,women of substance network award rewarded as a change maker

She is the Mental Health Ambassador for @counsel India and was recently invited to attend a global session on mental health.

Mehjabeen’s accolades are diverse and distinct, as she was awarded the Mahila Ratna Award and the International Women Icon Award in Sri Lanka. Even during the pandemic, the benevolent nature of Mehjabeen compelled her to help people, and she recently received the Madad Foundation Certification for Contributing to Covid Patients. Mehjabeen also provides seminars and sessions on mental health.

When she is not helping people or raising awareness about pressing issues, Mehjabeen indulges in writing. Her books – Self and The Lost Love Occur –were published recently and garnered many acclaims. Mehjabeen continues to dream big and wishes to keep helping people. She is a firm believer in empowering women and asserts that real social change can only happen when we educate our women. 

Mehjabeen as a chief guest had attended many events Foxhog finance invited her as a world mental health ambassador

Mental sphere invited her to talk about mental health awareness on the occasion of world conservation nature day Bangalore Aakbar media channel invited to talk about mental health Islamic kids from UAE invited her as a chief guest On 24th November GETL invited her to talk about mental health Many more upcoming events

For latest inpiring updates from the world of Mehjabeen follow her on :

Facebook:mehjabeen mohammed

Insta:mehjabeen mohammed

Linkedin: Dr mehjabeen

Mail : mehjabeen778@gmail.com

Website : www.drmehjabeen.com


The next person in this list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023 is author and fashion designer Padmaja Bharti. A graduate from NIFT, Kolkata, she is the author of three Bestselling books. She is a legendary poet in Contemporary Indian Literature.


Arun Bhatnagar is a former Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of the 1966 batch of the Madhya Pradesh cadre who has served in various capacities in the State and with the Government of India. He is also a popular author particularly in India, and hence, one of the 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023.


Anupama Ravindran Menon makes a deserving mention in this list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023.



A. Awarded the United Nations Peace Keeping Medal & Honorary certificate for contributions as UN ambassador & medical officer in 2020.

B. Awarded Honorary certificate for being a part of the UNIFIL COVID-19 Crisis team in 2020.

C. Received Honorary certificates for being the representing speaker of Malaysia in the International Virtual Symposium of Adversities & Strategies of Handling COVID-19 in area of operation organised by Vietnamese Defence Ministry & UNDPKO & by CUNPKO India.

D.  One of the Key speakers as Gender Focal Representative in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of UNSCR 1325 Women Peace Security UN

E.  Participant & Battalion Coordinator for INTERNATIONAL EX MASCAL-2020 MASS CASUALTY LIVE EXERCISE UNIFIL to test for the preparedness of UNIFIL medical sector to handle mass disasters.

F.   Speaker & joint organiser for curbing Malaria outbreak amongst military personnel in collaboration with The Johore State Health Department of Infectious Disease & Entomology & Royal medical Corps in 2017-2018.


A. First prize in Notion Press International Short Stories writing Competition 2018.

B. Published as joint author along with 19 other authors in Plotpourri, an anthology of short stories by Notion Press in 2018.

C. Published debut novel venture entitled “Dear Manusha” under the publication house of Notion Press in 2019

D. First runner up in the 7th Indie’s Author Championship by Notion Press in 2023

E. Awardee of Sheroes Nari Samman 2023 Award by TWIC-PWP

F. Awardee of Banabhatta Saahityik Puraskaar 2023 Award by Cherrybook Awards & Digital Golgappa

G. Awardee of Pratibha Samman 2023 Award by SheForward Official

H. Awardee of Bharat Bhushan Ratna Samman 2023 by PWP.

I.  Awardee for Maharishi Valmiki Bharathiya Samman 2023 Award by Cherrybook Awards

I. Awardee of Helen Keller Global Iconic Womanhood 2023 Award by TWIC

J. Awardee for Tagore Ratna Samman 2023 in the category “Best Woman Writer of the Year by PWP.

K.   Awardee of Inspiring Indians 2023 by BharatGuild

L. Nominee of Litfest 2023 & Author of the Year 2023 by Ne8x Litfest

M.  Podcast interview of author by Koalakraft India 2023 & multiple interviews across The Pink Stories, The Update India, Hindustan Metro, Asia Times Now etc.

O. Featured as “Diverse Voices of Southeast Asia: India’s Top 3 Favourite Writers” in India Thrive & Hindustan Metro.

P.  Also Featured as “7 Upcoming Personalities & Voices of India” in multiple platforms namely, ANI news (Asian News International), The British Columbia Times, USA World Today, The London News Channel etc.

Q. Awardee of William Shakespeare Golden book & Laureate 2023 Award by PWP & TIWC

R. Featured as cover star for Sheroes Magazine May- June edition by PWP.

S. Awardee of Kalam Rashtriya Ratna Samman 2023 by PWP.

T. Featured as Book of the Month for July Edition of The Creative Circle (TCC)


A.      Successfully completed first Solo Art Exhibition entitled “Hridhaya: The Language of Heartbeats” in 2019

B.       Awarded Champion for Dream Theme Category in the International Young Fine Art Artists Open Competition 2023.

C.       Participated in International Future Generation Art Prize 2023

D.       Featured in the international virtual art exhibition for ALS ARTISTRY by IAMALSORG in June 2023.

About her

As quoted by her favourite diarist & writer, Anne Frank, she believes that the length of living means nothing in comparison to the depth of living with love & life. Anupama Ravindran Menon, fondly known as Anu, is a second generation Malaysian Keralite whose roots trace back to native God’s own country. Born and brought up in the humble suburbs of old Seremban town in Malaysia, she quotes her beloved family as the crux of everything she is today, dedicating it mainly to her dad, Mr Ravindran Menon. Upon being conferred the scholarship of the Malaysian Defense Ministry & obtaining MBBS from Manipal University, she completed her internship & began serving as a doctor in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Setting foot as a doctor & an officer in the military was a unique experience of its own in many ways. She quoted it a privilege to have served under the United Nation’s (UN) flagship in a peacekeeping operation in Lebanon in 2019-2020 (UNIFIL) as a part of an entourage of the Malaysian Battalion 850-7. Amongst many other feathers adorned on her hat, she also juggled the role as the Gender Focal Point representative & was also an active part of the COVID-19 crisis team under the tutelage of UNIFIL Medical HQ & WHO. Furthermore, she was the representing speaker for Malaysia, in international virtual symposiums to present regarding the adversities & challenges of COVID-19 in operational areas, by Vietnamese Defence & UNDPKO & CUNPKO of India to name a few.

Stuck in a millennial body but carrying an old school soul, her likes are very much encompassed by little miracles of life…

As much as she loves practicing medicine, she is also in awe of art in its every form. Anu finds it addictive diving into books & splashing colors over a blank canvas… She enjoys snapping shots of nature, trying to capture the perfect moment of a heartbeat in a single click of camera lens. Hence, a doctor in the armed forces, Nature’s photographer, writer & painter, the new kid around the block…

Travelling down memory lane, she remembers strutting in the hallway whilst basking in the ambience of the vintage aroma of old hardback books that filled bookshelves of her dad’s library, watching her mom cut out articles from good old News Straits Times to pin up on our reading board & observing her Amumma & Apuppa turn the crisp cut pages of their monthly subscribed Reader’s Digest as they read & narrate stories to the eagerly excited grandchildren. She reminisces them as some snippets of her many fond memories of childhood. They sowed early seeds of fascination towards reading & writing. Anu’s writing gears kickstarted quite early in life. After obtaining a Distinction award in the University of New South Wales English Assessment at the age of 13, she began exploring into the writing part of herself. She participated in multiple national essay writing competitions and was privileged to be shortlisted for the Prestigious Dublin Literature Writing competition in 2004. However, Anu never took writing as a serious career pathway. Things took a little turn afterwards. After winning the first prize in the International Notion Press Short Stories competition 2017, she was fortunate to be published as a joint author alongside 19 other writers in Plotpourri, an anthology of short stories. By then, with years of working in the medical fraternity & wisdom kicking in (poetically saying age & grey hair flourishing… haha), she realized that life was getting a bit too mundane in this era of modernity. She was disheartened to watch the silent extinction of love & human emotions under the rampant currents of modernization & materialism. Being a part of this vicious cycle, she found writing as liberation from this preordained dogmas & societal defined success & achievements. Hence, writing as an outlet of fresh air, to voice this out loud & clear. And that started the writing journey to “Dear Manusha”. She successfully completed her first Solo Art Exhibition entitled “Hridhaya: The Language of Heartbeats” in an esteemed Art Gallery in 2019.


The next person in this list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023 is popular historian and author of Bengali Dalit caste history, Sekhar Bandyopadhyay. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society Te Apārangi. He was feliciated with Rabindra Puraskar (Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Prize) for his literary contributions. He is also Inaugural Fellow, New Zealand Academy of Humanities.


Last but not the least person in this list of 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023 is social activist and Hindi poet Pooja Pandey from Kanpur. She is the author of the book 100 Pages Of Life.

Why were the above literary greats chosen as the 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023?

Cherry Book Awards chose the above literary greats as the 16 Personalities Of Contemporary Literature You Must Know In 2023 after a comprehensive analysis of the significance of their valuable contributions to Indian Literature in recent times.

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