Angel Iris – NFT of  7 year old girls Manya and Manvi with the help of Cousin Amit and Lightulb Co-Founder Aviraj.

Angel Iris  is created by Manya  and Manvi who are 6  year old cousin basically Angel Iris   is a collection of 1000 pastel meta daughters, each having a unique personality and trait. These are designed using Handsb and the Colors  of these meta daughters in the metaverse illuminates high spirits. The trait of every meta daughter is represented by their unique appearance and they hold their specialty in their hand where the power of every meta daughter resides.

Manya and Manvi are cousin sister who are currently studying in class 1 they love to draw drawings there elder brother Manav and Kush already launch there NFT .Manya is studying in Holy Cross Mary International School Darbhanga while Manvi is in Delhi Public School Gaya.They went to there hometown to attend there uncle marriage where they met there cousin brother Amit who is working with NFT project saw there interest in drawing and introduced them to Lightulb Co-Founder Aviraj who is currently in last year of his Engineering started Lightulb with Nandha to launch NFT project and educate students about it and promote artists to show there talent to the world .Aviraj taught Manya and Manvi to use Adobe Photoshop and MS paint through which they converted there designs in the form of Digital Art.Than Aviraj launched it with the help of his team on OpenSea.

Lightulb is currently working on 4 projects and in future will be working on more.Manya and Manvi parents also supported them to show there talent to the world. Manya dad Manglesh Deo is working in ACC cement and Mom Neha Singh is a Housewife while Manvi Dad Bimlesh Deo is in Indusland Bank and Mom Soni Singh is also a Housewife.They are supporting there daughter to learn new things .Other than that Manya is a foodie and Manvi love playing Games.

Aviraj who helped them says he loves to educate children and make them learn new things.

As years pass by generation of technology improves, expectation of humans also increase because of which now we are looking to create similar world like earth and focusing on Mars. Human evolution goes along with technology improvement to compete with future problems and to find solution to run entire world without pollution. Virtual world is now taking over physical world to give more realistic experience, to stop spread of diseases and to provide complete security with the help of block chain.  NFT arises from block chain, which is virtual art can sell, buy or auction through NFT platforms. It attracts a lot of people because it has many advantages they are, using NFT people can play game and earn and can hold unique art in virtual world which is registered through block chain so no one can deceive on ownership.

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