Anup Raaj – City as a concept has failed, villages are the future

Anup Raaj is a former School teacher and founder at a confidence-based Education company „7 classes‟. He introduced an app named „InstaPreps‟ a confidence diagnosis App with the mission of predicting the probability of a student‟s failure in exams basis on its algorithm through the computation of confidence score. Anup is from a quiet suburb in Bihar’s Aurangabad district, where many children lose up on their ambitions owing to a lack of good textbooks, learning materials, and dedicated teachers. 

Anup Raaj, the innovator and founder of, left no stone unturned in transforming the village’s education system, recovering sustainability, and retaining the local students’ brilliance. According to the survey, India’s rural education system is suffering from worsening conditions, and the most fact associated with it is that a significant portion of India’s population lives in rural areas, making universal education a pipe dream for children living in villages and rural areas across the country. Because 65 per cent to 67 per cent of India’s population lives in villages, a lack of quality education would be a barrier to the country’s growth and rise. 

When Anup visited his hometown for two days recently, he was able to assess the state of education and development in his community. Even 11 years after leaving his town to pursue the life he earned, he sees no progress. He shares “I have spent 14 years of my life in my home village where I have fond memories attached to this place. Catching fish & setting it there only, having fresh green peas, plum & many more things which I cannot name in English. On the sports side, Kancha was our most time taking game, definitely half a day. Culture, co-operation, know everyone relationships & openness of village life were what everyone misses and loses when they are forced to move out of the village due to non-availability educational services” Although Bihar has experienced great expansion.

Due to a lack of adequate educational institutions and inadequate infrastructure, many difficulties arose on the route of steady educational progress, lowering the quality of teaching and thus preventing the employment of the village’s bright and brilliant students. As a result of these obstacles, many villagers abandon their homes and never return. As said by Anup “City as a concept has failed on many levels. Villages are the most sustainable and eco-friendly way of life and humanity. The biggest migration of talent does not happen due to unemployment rather it is the lack of education. We had to leave to not return back ever. Back then it was very difficult for me to leave the village and adjust to the very difficult life of big cities. During my Patna and Super30 days, I used to go out in the villages every week to adjust to normal” Anup has stepped out as a leader to take on the task of delivering education to the masses and increasing access to education in communities. He has been demonstrating his prowess in the process of becoming a helping hand to the talented and brightest students and making them fulfil their dreams and goals of life concerning the provision of meaningful education of high quality through his initiative through and has been showing his prowess in the process of becoming a helping hand to the talented and brightest students and making them fulfil their dreams and goals of life concerning the provision of meaningful education of high quality. He believes the government should not be held responsible for certain reasons because the government can only regulate and accelerate but not create, so as the founder of, he set out to make a unique contribution and play a role in filling these gaps and improving education in the village, not through video but through in-person instruction. With 3.5 billion of the rural population, people still hope favours for “education from the village” and “employment from the village.” However, he feels that an entrepreneur can only help in fixing this dilemma and restoring their viability and retaining their talent. Anup considers himself lucky to have the confidence of investors and my team in linking communities to the rest of the globe. He says “I’ve arrived at a place in my life where I believe I can make a difference in my village, beginning with education. Not to mention lots of youth shared their willingness to do something if they get the opportunity. Starting with „equity in education‟ to the lower bottom of the economy

& extending to „employment in the village‟. 

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