Authors from different corners of the nation in Kashah’s Author Summit.

Every author is aware about the challenges they come across. The challenges do not over even after the book is published. The primary test an author appears in his journey is when he has already published his dream book. But, it is sad to say that the book doesn’t reach its right place even when it is beautifully penned. 

Kashah Entertainment took the step and came up with the initiative of conducting an Author Summit to encourage interaction between authors from different corners of the nation and tell about their book and the journey they have been through. The founder and director, Karan Kapoor, gave this opportunity to different authors and interacted with them. The Virtual Author Summit was conducted on 26th and 27th February in both Hindi and English language respectively. Many eminent personalities were invited as expert panelists, and authors got the opportunity to be the speaker of the event.  

The Hindi Author Summit was conducted on 26th February, 2022, and it was excellently hosted by Prerna Mehrotra (Writer and Business Coach). The Summit began with a welcome note and a ride through the Kashah Virtual Tour by the Founder and Director. It then moved towards the journey of different authors narrating about their book and the journey they have experienced in publishing their dream book. The first among the expert panelist to host the program was Renuka Dhyani (Writer and Editor). The first speaker to narrate her writing journey was Meena Singh Meen. She introduced her book “Kavya Chetna,” and the Q/A session continued. The next speaker was Sheetal Panwar Verma, author of “The Television,” “Delivery Boy,” and “Tum Mere Nahi.” Another speaker Satender Tiwari communicated about his book “Chori ya Paheli.” Following this, the next speaker was Chitra Srivastava, author of “Bhav Prem Ke”(written in Avadhi language). She also sang the Holi song from her book. The following expert panelist, Nidhi Sehgal (Writer, Editor, Reviewer, and Compiler), narrated about her book, “Zephyr” and “Nivita.” She had her speaker, Ranjana Bansal, who interacted with the authors and told about her book “Karm Yoddha.” The next speaker was Dr Manisha Yadava, author of “Shartakshi ki Bagiya.” The final expert panelist included Sarika Tripathi (Writer and Radio journalist). She interviewed the speaker, Ekta Sirikar, author of “Me Tumhe Yahi Milungi.” Karan Kapoor narrated about his book “Self to Soul” and his journey. The show concluded successfully with his vote of thanks and song, sang by the host Prerna Mehrotra.

The following day, on 27th February, 2022, the English Author Summit began with the welcome note and rode through the Kashah Virtual Tour by Karan Kapoor. The authors were also introduced to a short film by Kashah Entertainment in collaboration with Vipin Thapliyal about “A Day in the Life of an Author.” The program began with the introduction of the first expert Panelist Monika Kapur (Author, Writer, Proofreader and Editor). She narrated her book “Melange – The Potpourri of emotions” and her journey. The first speaker to be interviewed was Sambita Pani, author of “Evolving Through Life.” The next expert Panelist was Nupur Dhingra (author, ghostwriter, editor and company secretary). She interacted with the following speakers- Punam Sharma, author of “Shreya’s Invincible Pregnancy,” Aanchal Arora, author of “The Efflorescence,” and Naveenan S, author of “Ich Liebe Dich.” The final expert panelist was Aafiya Siddiqui (author and poet), who interacted with Sameet Khalidy, author of “Super Positive,” and Dipanjan Bhattacharjee, author of “Corsage of Cadences.” The session concluded with a vote of thanks by Karan Kapoor and final words by the host Aunwan Shabroo (Content Writer and Social Media Strategist).

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