Botox is getting more uses today as it got affordable and requirement nowadays. And If you are looking to get rid of your wrinkles then finding Botox clinic might not be hard now. We have explained everything you need to know about Botox in this article. Botox is an Anti-Aging Procedure which helps you get rid of your wrinkles. Normally we see wrinkles on our forehead, Near eyes when we smile, Midface region and Neck region.

What is Botox?

Botox is a drug used to treat wrinkles and facial creases. It is an anti-ageing procedure which helps you to say goodbye to your wrinkles. Normally wrinkles appear on the forehead, near the eyes when we smile. Botox is mostly used on forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines.

Why is Botox done?

Botox is mainly injected to reduce the visibility of facial wrinkles. It is also used to treat other symptoms including the prevention of migraine.

What is the cost?

 Botox costs around 400-500 per unit, depending upon the expertise of the dermatologist who is performing it.

How many units are required?

At least 50 – 60 units are required on the face to give optimum results.

How much time will it stay?

It can stay for 4- 8 months depending on the face activities and whether the wrinkles are static or dynamic. Static wrinkles are seen every time whether you move your face or not and dynamic wrinkles are seen when you move your face, like making your eyes bigger and other such movements. Different botox treatments are required for static and dynamic wrinkles.

When is it again required?

It is required again after 4- 8 months. It depends on the expertise of the dermatologist who is doing it, and the methods that he/ she is following.

Whom to trust?

After extensive research, we have determined Dr Mittal to be the best for all kind of Botox treatment. We came across her clinic Skin Zeal via Google listing and their great reviews speaks for itself. One can check it here about her work and it’s quality. She is the owner of Skin Zeal.The Skin Zeal is a best botox clinic in Chandigarh furnishing specialized treatments for the skin, hair, nails and cosmetic problems.

At Skin Zeal, they  pay significance to every patient and they strive to provide genuine and cost-effective treatment to their patients.

If you are worried about the fine lines on your face and wish to get back to flawless, youthful skin, botox treatment is the only solution.

To get the best botox in Chandigarh, step into The Skin Zeal to receive specialized treatment.


Although Botox is a very popular and necessary treatment, unfortunately, many clinics lack specialized doctors and are unable to do it effectively.

At the Skin Zeal, the treatment is

  • Quick and useful treatment

Another reason for the Skin Zeal is to provide the best botox treatment in Chandigarh is because of their quick treatment. Each procedure depending on the treatment area takes a maximum time of 10- 15 minutes. This allows you to attend your office or other engagements on time.

  • It is comfortable and enjoyable

At Skin Zeal, you can enjoy a comfortable botox treatment. Only a thin needle is used to inject the Botox product into the specified area. The patients report only a mild pinching sensation. For the best Botox price in Chandigarh, this clinic is the best place to visit.

  • The procedure is safe and nonsurgical

Apart from providing the best Botox price in Chandigarh, they also provide a safe treatment which suits everyone. There is no need to worry about anaesthesia, as the treatment is provided by specialised doctors.

The Skin Zeal has the best Botox price in Chandigarh. They aim to keep their prices affordable so that everyone can enjoy their anti-ageing skin treatment. They also have a team of experienced dermatologists in Chandigarh. They never compromise with their standard of treatment for their clients. These are some of the reasons why The Skin Zeal has become a popular name in Chandigarh.

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