Deepti Singh was crowned Mrs India Universe – Earth on Jan 30th 2022, at Goa, India for the 4th season of Mrs India Universe.

She resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, with her husband and kids. By profession she is a Quality Assurance Manager in the Banking and Finance sector. She is also an actor and model and an art lover. She loves to be in the midst of nature.

She admires and takes inspiration from a lot of strong women. But overall she is self-made, self-inspired and self motivated. Her strength comes from her family.

She was born and brought up in India. She completed her schooling from a boarding school in Chandigarh, Bachelors from Jaipur, Rajasthan University and Masters from DOEACC, Delhi. She moved to the USA in 2008 with her family.

She strongly believes and supports the cause to empower girl child and women. Herself being a victim of all the cruelties, abuses, violations, etc during her childhood and adolescence – she believes in financial and emotional empowerment and independence of women. The more women are empowered, the better community and society would be.

She is overjoyed and obliged to be crowned as Mrs India Universe – Earth. The journey to the crown has been full of difficulties and obstacles, due to pandemic – Covid and health issues that she had to go through. But as they say – The whole Universe conspires in helping to achieve something that you want so badly… you just have to want it bad enough. She believes in Consistency and Perseverance are the key factors that can lead a person to success..

Mrs India Universe a biggest platform for Indian Married women to showcase the Intelligence, Beauty, Glamour and Culture that they have. Deepti is obliged to be part of the platform and support their cause of Domestic violence and Women Empowerment as her own. Being the part of the event provided her a lot of insight into the fashion industry and helped her overcome the areas of her personality where she was always uncomfortable. She was assigned a number of tasks and activities that she had not thought she had the capability to perform.She came out of the event as a new, more confident person than she was before.

She would like to partner with the palform take her beliefs further and support women to be more independent. This is an area that needs a lot of support and work.

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