Dr. Monika Bharti – Inspiring Journey of a Full-time mother together being an author of two books

In today’s era, women all over the globe are pushing the limits of all stereotypes and defying the norms which try to hold them in one place. Women today are empowered, supported and can do the unthinkable. One such example is of Dr. Monika Bharti.

When one sees her, they see a kind, loving mother of two beautiful children, Cherika and Lakshya. A full-time mom. But what hides beneath the surface is what all she has achieved along with having them. Being married in 2015, had her first child in 2017. Many might say she had a child early, but she and her family did not think so and neither did that hamper her ambition. As an aspiring author since childhood, she published her first book, not a Fairytale in 2019. Along with pursuing her PhD in Management and taking care of her daughter, she had her second child, a baby boy. After the birth of her second child, she published her poetry book, Canvas of Words, which is a collection of her poetries, micro poetries and haikus written by her over the span of 8 years of her life. Wherein she portrays various emotions of her life as a daughter, a friend, a wife, a mother and most importantly as a woman. Her husband and in-laws have always been supportive of her passion as a writer. She completed her doctorate along with raising two little kids. When asked when did she get time to research or write her thesis, her reply is always, “after the kids go to sleep, my time starts!”

How can a stay-at-home mom, with two kids aged 4 and 2, can one do it all and still have time to carry on their aspirations? She says that despite being busy round the clock, she finds time to pick up a book and read. Even if it is just a page. No matter how tired she is at the end of the day, a book is what she likes to curl up with after all the exhaustion. Reading keeps the mind alert and fresh, she says. When asked who has been the source of her inspiration, her answer is, “My father, Dr. Dalbir Bharti. He is an overachiever. He came from humble beginnings. From working as a bank employee to cracking the UPSC exam and becoming an IPS officer, he continued to study, completed his PhD, continued social work for poor kids and their education, completed his Law degree and topped there as well. Post that, he has authored five books and still continues to read on and learn new things every day.” It was her sister, who, in her childhood, read her bedtime stories and her first Harry Potter after which there was no turning back. Those are some of her fondest memories. “A book a day keeps the reality away”, she believes.  Her favorite books are Harry Potter, classics by Jane Austen, Bronte sisters and stories by Ruskin Bond. Her husband, Magendra Singh, an engineer makes sure he gifts his wife books frequently because that is the perfect gift for her in his opinion. As far as her endless source of motivation is concerned, it comes from her mother, Sarla Bharti, who never stopped believing in her daughter.

When there are some people who say that life is over for a woman after marriage, for Dr. Monika Bharti, life started. She published two books, had two kids, and completed her PhD. For her final defense viva, her father-in-law, V P Singh and mother in law, Raj Rani, along with her husband and kids, accompanied her to witness her presentation and motivated her throughout her journey. Magendra, her husband has been an incredible support throughout. Not to mention, she still is a regular blogger, writes poetry, and has not let go of her passion for being a hands-on mom to her children. She has even made sure her kids listen to bedtime stories every night without fail. Fairytales are an important part of growing up, she believes. It builds up the imagination. Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you have to let go of your ambitions and your hobbies. The support of your spouse is the most important following which comes with the support and faith of the family. Women everywhere shouldn’t forget who they are and what they want in the light of what they do.

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