Dr. Ravinder Singal (IPS) launches his new book Deccan Cliffhanger.

Dr. Ravinder Singal is the author of the book Pedalling Journey Deccan Cliffhanger which was published in September 2021 by Writer’s Pocket.

Dr. Ravinder Singal (IPS) is the Additional Director General of Police in the state of Maharashtra. He is also a TEDx speaker, philanthropist, mentor and now an author as well. In his free time, he loves to try his hand at various hobbies like painting, photography and horse-riding. He is dedicated to his work and family but he also finds time to regularly post bite-sized advice on social media for the younger generations.

Book launch:

The book Pedalling Journey Deccan Cliffhanger was launched in September 2021 and has been gaining popularity ever since. This book is about the 643 km long cycle race from Pune to Goa that Dr. Singal had participated in 2017. He had to undergo months of rigorous training and practice for the race and he was able to finish the race even at the age of 50. Dr. Singal wrote the book with Dr. Vaishali Balajiwale with the goal to inspire the youth of our country.

The book launch event was graced by the presence of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Uddhav Thackeray along with Cabinet Minister Shri Eknath Shinder, Shri Dada Bhuse and Shri Subhash Desai. The actor Suniel Shetty and author Amish Tripathi have also given raving reviews for the book Pedalling Journey Deccan Cliffhanger. Both of them have also recommended the book to youngsters who are looking for motivation to work towards their goals.

The interview:

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview Dr. Ravinder Singal and get an insight into the daily life of this inspiring man. Here are the questions we asked him and the answers he gave.

1. What inspires you in life?

Challenges inspire me a lot and that is why I like my service also. My personal and official journey has been full of challenges and I have majorly succeeded in achieving my goals. The failures have taught me that there are many ways to achieve a goal but the most important thing is to not give up. If you give up then you are certainly heading for a failure.

2. 5 books that you feel everyone must read in their lives

  1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma
  2. The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying – Bronnie Ware
  3. Who Will Cry When You Die? – Robin Sharma
  4. Ikigai – Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles
  5. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lechter

3. What do you love the most about challenging yourself physically?

What I love the most is the never-give-up attitude that comes along with challenging myself physically. I may fail at some things but giving up is not an option for me. If I take a challenge and when my mind accepts that then my body follows.

4. How did you find the time and dedication to write a book while working at such a high pressure position?

I am a field man and have first-hand experiences. I make notes of my experiences regularly and this helps me in making a document. For example, if I am preparing for an event then I will make a record of everything that I did during the whole day, including the foot or nutrition intake as well as the exercise that I do. This practice of mine helped me turn my experience into a book.

5. What is a goal that you’re currently working towards?

Presently, I am preparing for some extremely difficult tasks. My daily regime is difficult and I set a daily goal for myself. I achieve these small goals with the help of my trainers. It requires dedication, punctuality and willpower. I shall be disclosing my goals once I achieve them.

6. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out on their journey towards a goal?

I would tell them that they may know their capabilities and based on that, they should choose the goals which are achievable. Once they decide about their goals, then they should not look back. I have seen in my life, both as a bureaucrat and as a sports person, that nothing comes easily. You have to slog for it. Once your mind accepts then the body follows. I would advise that a person should enjoy the journey through which we achieve our goals. Giving up should not be an option. If you fail then find the reason for your failure and retry till you reach your goal.

7. A message for your readers?

Life is beautiful. Create your own space, find your own path and don’t follow people blindly. I am not saying that you reinvent the wheel but my point is that you should get the best from others and be on your own path. Don’t give up your passion because that gives you long-lasting happiness.

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