Dr Sunita Arora wish to bring a change in the situation of women in rural areas who are still living according to societal expectations.

Dr Sunita Arora from Dubai participated in the prestigious Pageant Mrs India Earth 2021-22 and won the Coveted title MRS INDIA EARTH 2021-22 in the emerald category. The Grand finale took place in New Delhi ITC WELCOMHOTEL on 18th December 2021, in the Presence of Bollywood & other dignitaries.

Dr Sunita Arora, a gynaecologist, is currently practicing in Dubai. Right from the beginning, she was a girl with huge aspirations, and she realized pretty early in her life that it takes a great deal of effort and determination to turn your dreams into reality.

Belonging to a small, conservative, and underprivileged town where girls were not supposed to dream big, I chose my own path. Luckily, my parents realized my potential and supported me to achieve what I wanted. Life has never been a cakewalk for me, and I have gone through rough patches owing to my family’s not so sound financial conditions. Many a time, it was difficult for my parents to arrange money for my books and school fee, and over it, they were made to listen to many orthodox comments of society because they supported a girl child. All those mean comments acted as fuel for me, and I put all my heart and soul into studying to be successful and to give all the happiness to my parents that they deserved. Finally, the overwhelming support of my parents and my passion kept me going. I achieved many goals and won many medals in diverse fields like sports, paintings, dance and academics. I was a high jump player up to the state level.

My life’s objective was to achieve not just for myself but also for society, so I chose to be a doctor. 

I completed my MBBS and MS in India and then went on to complete the MRCOG and MRCPI in the United Kingdom and Ireland, respectively. I have also completed an American board-certified fellowship in cosmetic gynaecology and a certificate in ultrasonography. I am currently working as a professional gynaecologist in Dubai.

My orthopaedic surgeon husband is not only my best friend but also my strength, and he helps me feel secure and at ease in all situations. I have two sons, and I am very grateful to God for blessing me with such a lovely family.

I am a fitness enthusiast who believes that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. My day begins with yoga, meditation, and physical activity. To unwind, I always schedule time for my activities, which include singing, dancing, swimming, sketching, and athletics.

With its various festivals and traditions, I admire my country’s “unity in variety.” I couldn’t stay away from it even if I was living abroad. All of our holidays are celebrated, and we carry on our rich cultural legacy and ideals to the next generation.

In terms of my personality, I am a lady who is well-organized, creative, and eager. My underlying drive for learning new things and growing as a better human being is what sets me apart. I am also a member of WICCI (Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) for women’s empowerment. I want to make a big contribution to society’s improvement.

I thank the Directors of Mrs India Earth, Mrs Ritika Vinay & Mr Vinay Yadawa for bringing this platform. Mrs India Earth has fulfilled another desire of mine: to inspire other women like me who value their dreams and work hard to attain them. 

I feel that you can never be too old to attempt new things and push your own boundaries.

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