Eagle Xpress Service a trusted provider of logistics services gives your business a competitive edge

Logistics success in business translates to increased efficiency, lower costs, higher production rates, better inventory control, wiser warehouse space utilization, increased customer and supplier satisfaction, and an improved customer experience. Logistics is an essential component of the supply chain and has a key impact on the shipment of your company’s goods and how soon they can reach the consumers, which gives your business a competitive edge. Eagle Xpress Service is among the trusted providers of Door to Door solutions that can help your business achieve this competitive edge. It is a team of highly innovative and enthusiastic young achievers. The company has an efficient team of management professionals who are working round the clock to deliver value to their customers.

How Eagle Xpress Service was born  

Eagle Xpress Service was founded by Bikash Shaw in 2012. Back then, the 37 year-year-old from Kolkata was an MBA graduate from Dayananda Sagar Institutions Bangalore. After completing his MBA, Bikash worked at Bangalore TCS for two years. But, he wasn’t satisfied and wanted to do something significant in his life. So he eventually decided to return to Kolkata after quitting TCS.

The actual story of Eagle Xpress Service started when Bikash moved to his home city Kolkata to do business, and settle there in 2012. However, after meeting some people in his nearby store, he discovered that Android handsets were being launched by different companies daily. 2012 was the year when Android handsets were in high demand, and even Indian brands such as MILK brand of India Micromax, Intex LAVA, and Karbonn Mobile tried their hand in this business. But, the companies were facing secondary logistics problems because no courier was willing to ship such a high-priced product in the interior of West Bengal because of loss/damage and theft. As a result of seeing this gap in the courier sector, Bikash was motivated to start his own courier company. Thus, he launched Eagle Xpress Service.

In 2012, Bikash bought 1 second-hand Pickup Van with a small loan from his father and began providing service to one brand/client. The initial days were quite difficult. Sometimes he had to go personally for delivery of the urgent item to a nearby Kolkata location.” He also had to face harsh words from friends and family for quitting his job and starting his own business despite having no prior expertise in the courier industry. But Bikash always had the support of his family. He also never gave up, and now has his own regional office in Eastern India with more than 15 small and large pickup vehicles. Bikash currently provides logistics service to almost every mobile handset and mobile accessory brand in West Bengal, as well as for some companies in Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa, and Assam North East.

The Eagle Xpress Service brand now provides daily shipments to over 500-700 mobile distributors and stockists, including E-commerce marketplace warehouses Amazon and Flipkart, among others. The company has so far delivered to almost 8 lakhs of satisfied customers.


The Bengal Pride Awards 2021, organized by Eventbox in cooperation with the Brajvandana Foundation, UNICEF, and the International Chamber of Commerce, honored over 100 young achievers and business leaders at a sparking event on November 22, 2021, for their exceptional accomplishments and stellar career paths. 

Bikash Shaw was among those honored at the event. He was bestowed with the “YOUNG ACHIEVERS AWARD 2021” for the great customer service provided through Eagle Xpress Service.

Bikash gives the credit for winning the award to his dedicated and hard-working

team at Eagle Xpress Service.

Another noteworthy achievement is that Eagle Xpress Service now generating revenues in crore every year. Bikash is proud of the fact that he started such a big company with a small investment of Rs.1 lakh, which he borrowed from his dad.

About Eagle Xpress Service

Founded in 2012, Kolkata-based logistics business Eagle Xpress Service is a secondary logistics provider. The company’s technology platform enables efficient regional-wise logistics solutions across Eastern India.

Eagle Xpress Service covers a total of 35000 plus pin codes in Eastern India. The company picks goods from clients’ warehouses and delivers the products to distributors point within 24-72 hrs. The ticket size of each billing is so high that Eagle Xpress Service has to deliver 80% of shipments within 24 Hrs. The company has its tracking websites and dedicated customer care support. Its head office is located in West Bengal – Kolkata and its branch office is Ranchi in Jharkhand, Bhubneswar in Orissa, Patna in Bihar, and Guwahati in Assam. Eagle Xpress Service has a total of 15 Delivery Vans and 40 on-roll employees. Its clientele includes Nokia mobile, Lava mobile, and Samsung mobile. The company delivers shipments for almost all the major mobile and accessories brands including Amazon, and Flipkart.

Future plans 

Eagle Xpress Service is now looking to launch its booking app within a year. The company is planning to expand its services across India in the next three years. It is going to start primary logistics solutions for its existing clients shortly.

For More follow link – www.eaglexpress.co


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