Elixir Learnings – A New Game Changer in Stock Trading.

The demand for passive income has exploded in recent years, and many people have begun to look for ways to make extra money while they do their job. Trading in the stock market has proven to be one of the most beneficial and profitable methods among many. The number of people trading in the stock market has been lower in the previous years, and there was a popular misconception that stock market trading is like gambling only and leads to financial losses. However, this perception has gradually changed over time.

During COVID 19, when people lost their jobs and source of income, they began to gravitate towards the stock market. Many trading apps and web series acted as catalysts in raising public awareness. However, stock market trading is a challenging game. It is a fact that one cannot be profitable without prior knowledge and cautious nature.

Many people open a demat account and invest directly based on their limited knowledge and shortcuts, but this mostly results in significant losses and, over time, a loss of interest. However, one can even turn the tables with the proper knowledge and research. Elixir Learnings is one such platform that teaches people regarding the stock market and enables them to earn money.

Recently, the stock market has gained more popularity among students, office goers, and the middle-class section of society as a convenient way to generate passive income. The names and stories of famous investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Rakesh Damani have circulated on social media and are drawing people towards investing.

Bhavneet, a PSU engineer working for the government, has used this time and made a strong decision to convert to a full-time investor and trade in the stock market. He also observed how people were losing

their money and getting misled in the world of the stock market. That was when the idea of Elixir Learnings was incepted, and that has made all the difference. He took the decision to impart all the knowledge he had acquired over the years to other people for them to succeed and become profitable in the stock market.

Elixir Learnings marked a revolutionary entrance into the market and changed the course of everything. When people were looking for stable jobs that would feed them and pay them on a regular basis, Elixir Learnings started a revolution by educating them all to rely on the stock market and earn consistently more money from the market.

This idea is not an easy one. For Bhavneet Singh, to taste success, as a first step, he must clear the perception in people’s minds that the stock market is dangerous. He had to motivate them and prove that one can safely earn money through the stock market. This is the most significant step, and Bhavneet Singh put in many efforts and demonstrated many examples to prove this point.

Bhavneet Singh started the website www.ElixirLearnings.com where he shared the modules that he designed to pass on the knowledge regarding the stock market. These modules are divided into three parts based on their complexity and depth: Beginner’s Module, Intermediate Module, and Advanced Module. The website also facilitates tools like Nifty Dashboard, Price vs. Open Interest, Tick Scanner, Banknifty Option Chain, and FNO Dashboard to make stock selection more systematic and more efficient.

Bhavneet Singh is a capable person with more than ten years of experience in stock market trading, and the results are showing a great sign of progress. He has guided people from various industries and sectors and yielded positive results. All of his students are now earning a decent amount of money on a daily basis, and some of them have

even left their jobs with big companies to become full-time traders. By the end of this decade, Bhavneet Singh aims to enable a stable income generation for at least one lakh traders. This can be easily achieved with his efforts and the clear-cut path he has designed over the years, making it easily accessible to all his students.

They have also created a free Telegram Group where people can get their queries resolved directly from the mentor. And here they keep sharing all the free content and Live Trading Sessions where Mr.

Bhavneet does live trading (9:15 AM – 3:30 PM). Students and member of this telegram group can use this opportunity by learning from the trades taken by Mr. Bhavneet and earn good money out of that itself: https://t.me/+6aLA-8DLRnEyMTg1

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