How a Bangalore woman turned her problem as a mother into a center of growth for children

Meet Rashmi Agarwal who turned her problem as a mother into a center of growth for children

Every noble act begins from our home. If you want to make a contribution towards the future of our country, you should start by investing in the development of your children from their earliest age. That is what Rashmi Agarwal, the Founder of Fun Mania Hobby Classes, believes in and is working towards.

This 40-year-old woman from Bengaluru (earlier known as Bangalore), Karnataka, turned a problem she faced as mother into a full-fledged online hobby class. Rashmi was also awarded for her efforts in helping other mothers raise happy and successful kids.

She has built an online hobby class for kids, Fun Mania Hobby Classes, which organizes hobby classes like drawing, dance, rubic cube, vedic maths, yoga, chess etc in different apartments, play schools, institutions and organizations.

The initial moments in life matter for every child. And, what they learn during their early childhood is the key to better and happier lives in the long run.

Life is a story in which the beginning establishes the way you live, according to science. As a result, the early years of childhood are a time of both immense opportunity and great peril.

Children’s brains develop in real time as they interact with their surroundings. During the first few years of life, more than one million brain connections are established per second – a rate that will never be duplicated.

The quality of a child’s early experiences makes a significant difference in how their brains grow, laying the groundwork for strong or weak foundations for learning, health, and behavior throughout life.

Early childhood provides a key window of opportunity to mould a child’s holistic development and lay the groundwork for their future. Children, among other things, require learning opportunities in order to reach their full potential, as is their fundamental right. These opportunities translate into hobbies for your children. As a result, the youngsters require a hobby class where they can learn painting, craft, chess, and yoga. All of this is needed for the development of your children’s bodies and mind-sets.

That is where Bengaluru-based Fun Mania Hobby Classes plays a key role in the development of your children. This institute for young minds organizes hobby classes like drawing, dance, keyboard, guitar, vedic maths, abacus, chess and personality development classes for children.

How Rashmi started Fun Mania Hobby Classes

Fun Mania Hobby Classes was born out of the need of a mother to see her child develop into a successful human being. That mother, Rashmi Agarwal, has two loving and wonderful kids.

Rashmi says, “When my younger kid was born, I couldn’t take my elder kid to different classes. It was then that I called an instructor to come and take class in my home. But, the instructor said they will come to our home and teach if more kids will come.”

That is how the idea for Fun Mania Hobby Classes was born in 2016. Rashmi then thought that since it was her problem it would be problem of many parents. This prompted her to launch Fun Mania Hobby Classes from where she started providing teachers in different play schools and apartments to help in the development of children.


Fun Mania Hobby Classes has today become an exceptional and growing online learning platform which provides hobby classes for both national and international students as well as individual to upgrade their skill. The institute provides best quality of dedicated teachers for classes at very affordable fees. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an adverse affect on almost every part of our daily lives, including the education of our children. But, Fun Mania Hobby Classes has contributed towards the growth of children even during these difficult times.  The institute’s classes grew in each and every part of world  during the pandemic.  And Fun Mania Hobby Classes now has more than 20 teachers from different part of the world and more than 200 happy children from across the world.

Rashmi has also been recognized and awarded for her efforts in the development of children through Fun Mania Hobby Classes.  She has won Pride of Namma Bengaluru Womentrepreneur 2022 award from Swarn Bharat Foundation. She was also the winner of the Best Women Icon Award from Rkd Talk.

The way ahead

 Fun mania hobby classes  is one stop destination for all hobbies






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Rashmi says on her Facebook page :  These classes is waiting to improve  talent and personality in your children.  If you want your children to develop their personality and achieve great success in life, then don’t miss this opportunity and make your child a better individual.

A message for budding entrepreneurs  

Rashmi has a great message for the success of entrepreneurs.  

She says, “I just want to advice entrepreneurs that consistently work towards your goal and don’t give up.”

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