Institute of Scholars INSC, India’s Emerging Technical Professional Organization.

InSc is an emerging technical professional organization established in the year 2014. INSC aims to connect the Scholars, Academicians and Professionals from Industries. INSC’s motto is to serve the International Academic & Research community through dissemination of knowledge on recent advances in different fields of engineering, basic & applied science, medical science, social science and management etc. among the students, researchers, academicians and industry professionals through its several departments. Visit

InSc International Publications (IIP): INSC International Publishers (IIP) is a leading Academic and Non Academic Book Publishers providing publishing and marketing services for Text Books, Edited Books, Ph.D. Thesis, Conference Proceedings, Lab Manuals, and any technical and non technical books. IIP covers the publication of books from any field of Engineering, Medical Science, Social Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Management, and Basic & Applied sciences (but not limited to). Maintaining high academic and production standards is our priority.

InSc Membership & Chapters: InSc Membership to provide technical services and financial assistance for the research activities for those who subscribe for membership. INSC issues following types of memberships namely: Professional Membership, Senior Membership, Fellow Membership, Student Membership, Academic Department Membership and Institution Membership. Faculty/Student Chapters at department or institute level can be established at the member Institutions. It provides a platform for sharing technical knowledge with support of eminent academicians, research experts or industrial professionals. Chapters supports in utilizing the services of InSc such as publication support, scholarship, awards & recognitions, organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, etc..

InSc Technical Events: InSc organizes International conferences to provide platform for researchers, academicians, scientists, professionals from industries and students across the world to present and publish their research papers on recent advances in their field of study. InSc made collaboration with many reputed International Journals for publication support. InSc hosts workshops, webinars, seminars and training at the technical institutions to the students or faculties by the eminent academicians, research experts or industrial professional from various fields. Based on the registering institution requirements, the theme of the event, presentation, in detail explanation and hands on training can be scheduled.

InSc Awards & Recognitions: Every year InSc issues “Emerging College of the Year Award” under four categories namely Placement, Research, Infrastructure and Academics for Higher Educational Institutes, “Academic Department of the Year Award” for programs (branches/departments) of Educational Institutions, “Principal of the Year” Award for the Principals of the Higher Educational Institutes, “InSc Research Excellence Award / Young Achiever & Researcher Award” to the research scholars, academicians and professionals from industries for their research work published in any International Journals or Conferences and “InSc Best Teacher Award” for teaching professionals for excellence in teaching, “InSc HOD of the Year” for the HOD’s of various Academic Departments of Educational Institutes for their excellence in leadership and management, “InSc Student Project of the year” award to the UG/PG students for academic project.

INSC Digital Library of Academic Projects (DLAP) DLAP is an online, open access, interdisciplinary database of academic projects done by UG/PG students. INSC will maintain the database of the complete details of the projects of all the branches of the registered Institutes/colleges/Universities. Educational institutions providing UG/PG to the students in any field of studies can register for DLAP.

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