INTERVIEWER: Tell me about yourself?

NANDA (CEO) : I am Nandha, I have been            into crypto more than 6 months and NFT for past 4months. While doing trading in crypto, I got interested in NFT then I started to buy and sell low price NFTs. I can’t able to afford to buy big project NFTs so along with our team we launched our own NFT at low price, so other can avail it without any difficulties.

Shruti (Co-owner) :My name is Shruti Bafna I am currently in my 11th standard and study in commerce with maths I live in Chennai.

Shashank (CFO) :I am Shashank Kumar, CFO of Lightulb NFT and I will be completing my B.A/L.L.B (with Taxation Honors) in May. I have worked on a wide variety of projects that have allowed me to put what I have learned in the classroom into use in a practical sense. I pride myself on being detail-oriented, analytical, and driven. I am also interested in Stock Market and have been investor of the same since last 2 years. During pandemic, I worked on myself and have learned many new things in stock market and I also got to know about the revolution world of Cryptocurrency. Last year I got to know more about NFTs through internet.

Arya (CTO) :This is Arya Bharti pursuing Computer science engineering in BMS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT  Bengaluru. I’m very focused and a creative person.

Apurwa (moderator) :This is Apurwa             Singh I’m 18 year old I’m first year student pursuing bballb from MS Ramaiah College of Law Bangaluru.

INTERVIEWER :What is NFT according to you and what’s your role in Lightulb?

NANDA (CEO) :My role in LightulbNFT      is the CEO, to manage our team and products to launch at affordable price NFTs with proper plan which can enhance people lives whoever buy our NFTs. According to NFT will change the future real estate, gaming and art industry etc. It gives wide opportunity for small to big business owners or investors to develop and create profits. If a project is with goal like ours, then buying a NFT would be more worth.

Shruti(Co-owner) :NFT is a something really great as we all know that the meaning of nft is are non-fungible tokens so NFT is in the market right now at running heights . there are many projects that have come up and within months they have gained so much of success, by success your I don’t mean that you know many people are investing in them but you are actually mean that whatever stuff creative ideas that many different projects create and people are came to buy that because ownership is something really important and people understand the worth of this generation which is currently going to go heights and digital world is understanding the worth of that ownership and that’s the reason why my name the people start investing in NFT and they as we all know it is profitable as well. It is not always about prophet we talk but your how creative ideas you get and people like your ideas and that’s why they invest to wear for NFT is a something like cryptocurrencies as it took to reach heights and kryptos your words so much you know investments there and people investing so much of their amount for the profits here and each of the upcoming project is going to touch heights and nft is because the future of the digital world is the METAVERSEwas the metaworld which is going to come up soon .

My role in basically lighter is we decide upon the designing and the story concept of rnf 30 and the on the corner of the lighter team and thus us my team as we all got introduced that each of our members.

Shashank (CFO) :Imagine having a world where there are no third parties you have to deal with, this will not only save some resources but also time which is most valuable thing. NFT in simple words is transfer of ownership of some art, music, domain name, gif, etc. In exchange of some cryptocurrency. NFT is still at an initial stage but in coming few years NFT will be helping a lot in Metaverse and Web 3.0. I am the CFO of this startup, so my role is to look after all the financial like funding and payments. And since I am a law student I also look after legal stuff.

Arya(CTO) :.According to me non-fungible token (NFT) is a data stored on a blockchain, in a digital format. It is unique in itself as no two individual can have the ownership of a single image, music or audio. It gives ownership/receipt for any digital asset. Each token is uniquely identifiable therefore NFTs differ from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

NFTs represents a real-world object like music, a video, an in-game item,etc. These digital assets are bought and sold online, typically with cryptocurrencies.

Apurwa (moderator) :Nfts are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital database underpinning cryptocurrencies. Such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nfts are unique and not mutually interchangeable, which means no two nfts

Are the same. Nfts are typically used to buy and sell digital art work and can take the form of gifs, tweets, virtual real estate and so on.  And I’m working as a moderator in this team. My work is to handle social media and help in advertising.

INTERVIEWER :Tell us something about your project.

NANDA (CEO) :Our project is so unique and it’s affordable by common men or women, why I am insisting on the price is because it’s very difficult to buy NFT at 3 dollar who is going to enter Metaverse. We want to give access to everyone not only for rich people. We would like to become rich and enrich our minds along with our buyers.

Shruti (Co-owner) :So the lighter project as the name suggests it’s something really interesting because we came up with ideas . since most of us are very young and school students we don’t have that much of money that we could invest and by our own but we had ideas to create few of them and that’s how we created this project and we launched our proposed project with his lifestyle and your with the matter

With pictures and their stories about their life.

Shashank (CFO) :We are creating a virtual world of witches called “Metawitch”. In this virtual world there will be 3000 Metawitch including Meta Queens who will superior in power than Metawitches. Meta Queens will be limited in number and will be very few, rest will be Metawitch. Each Metawitch is unique and have unique stories with some unique powers. 40% of the profit of this project will be donated as a charity for women empowerment.

Arya(CTO) :Our project is unique and affordable. We r planning to mint 3000 collection of photos, gifs and videos. We focus on women NFTs because a lot male characterized NFTs released and got dominant so, we want to give same level of importance for women in Meta world so first project and some of the upcoming projects are also focused on women. Woman (Meta Queen) who has magical power that rules Meta world with the help of her only women citizens to develop and protect her kingdom is the ideal theme of our concept.

Apurwa (moderator) :As we all know the     world is moving towards digitalization and gradually the companies are moving towards metaverse therefore we have created some unique nfts (metawitchs) . As our each metawitch has a story behind it and different in powers. We have given a new features in the gaming world.

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