The Craze for Cricket will never fade in a county Like India it will always grow, which also makes the Fantasy sports today a wonderful platform for youngsters to showcase their talent , Insider Interview with Ranjesh Gupta Owner Fantasy Buzz.

More than 10 Crore sports fans in India use one or more fantasy sports apps or platforms in India and try their luck to win big. Ranjesh Gupta founder of Fantasy Buzz , with his fantasy buzz channel, caters to young cricket enthusiasts to determine the best team .

In an exclusive interview with us, Ranjesh Gupta spoke about his journey and success credits.

Q How did all this Start ?

Ans :- I used to love cricket since childhood , my ambition was to become a cricketer however I couldn’t become one but during my college days when we all were struggling for pocket money that’s when my friend shared this knowledge about Fantasy Sports like Dream 11 , I being a Cricket fan and had that kind of knowledge so gave it a try and that’s how it started and I gradually started earning pocket money.

So I used to show my earnings and share my knowledge with friends that’s when they used to ask me for tips etc that’s when I felt a need to start my own channel which will also help me in my earnings as well.

How old is your channel ?

Ans :- I opened my You tube channel in 2017 currently has almost 3 Lac + Subscribers and my earlier telegram handle had 2 Lac + subscribers due to some reasons I had to let go it of currently my telegram handle has 40 k + subscribers.

How is your growth journey ?

I would say I am pretty much satisfied by sharing my experience to others via my channel medium and my earnings and experience is today making me grow and becoming stronger every day passing by and adding value to myself and my follower’s life. It makes me happier and satisfactory when I see others benefitting and earning profits out of the advices, I give though the medium of my channel.

Q) Is your family Supporting you ?

Ans:- Earlier I had not disclosed to my family un till I was sure but the kind of response and love which I started getting from people and my followers and the earnings had started from Fantasy Cricket and you tube and later on big companies started approaching for promotions that’s when my family got to know , They do support me today seeing the craze and the popularity and the real cricketers supporting the game. After All In India Cricket is one of the most famous game

Who all are there in your family ?

Ans :- We are a family of 5 , I being the eldest son of my parents and have a sister and brother Duo.

What’s your Vision with Fantasy Buzz?

Ans:-Money is a by-product, I rather say its an output for the input you provide, The Actual vision of Fantasy Buzz is to extend my family more and more with time and I give and add value to their lives in terms of knowledge and profits as that will give true satisfaction and sky is the limit.

Which all Sports do you cover?

Ans:-Currently our main focus is Cricket, We also at times do Kabaddi how ever we restrict it to few matches, our future plan is to cover football as well.

How accurate are you in your predictions?

Ans:-I would not give a percentage to this however I would certainly say that maximum times our users and followers are counting profits by following and using our analytics, calculations and strategies, I would proudly say that many of our users have also won Grand leagues which we have posted on our social media as well.

What would you want to address to the audience ?

Ans:-Well , “Hard work is the Key to Success and trust there are no shortcuts in Life” , I am Blessed to be admired by the audience and the main reason is because of my hard work ,I remember my struggling and initial times where in real time I had to study analytics and develop strategies and give it to users , I want to urge to the audience is to keep me in their blessings and follow me for their earnings.

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