Jaipur-Based HOPNSTAY Startup Story – Travel Company 

The outbreak harmed India’s internet tourist industry. Despite this, the foundations for long-term expansion remain solid. The pandemic is a significant issue as the industry consolidates, creating an acquisition opportunity for more giant corporations. Hop N Stay, an Indian internet travel company, was founded in 2020. Hotel reservations, airline tickets, self-drive car rentals, vacation packages, bus reservations, and white-label services are all available through the company. 

HOPNSTAY – Key Highlights

 Startup Name – HOPNSTAY

 Founded – 2020

 Industry – Travel

 Headquarters – Jaipur, India

 Products – Packages, flights, hotels, holidays, buses, trains, self-drive cars and cabs 

Area Served – Worldwide Website – www.hopnstay.com

 Instagram-hopnstaydotcom Facebook-@Hopnstay 

HOPNSTAY – India’s One Stop for Tourists

 HOPNSTAY arranges tickets, transportation, tour packages, and hotels. This travel firm has locations all over the world. The company offers a diverse range of transportation products and services to fulfil the needs of tourists going both inside the country and internationally. In addition, it provides users with a wealth of resources and information to assist them in planning, researching, booking, and purchasing travel services. 

HOPNSTAY – Revenue Model and Business Model 

HOPNSTAY began operations in 2020 to cater to India’s offline travel industry, focusing on the B2B2C (business to business to consumer) distribution channel. The company commenced operations in the B2C (business to customer) distribution channel, focusing on the expanding Indian middle-class population’s travel needs, using its B2B2C channel. 

Because of their position in the B2B2C and B2C channels, they launched operations in the B2E (business to enterprise) distribution channel to provide end-to-end travel solutions to corporations and retail. In addition, because they participate in three separate distribution channels, they have a diverse consumer base and an extensive distribution network. 

What does HOPNSTAY offer to travellers? 

● All-inclusive packages: We all know that while planning a stay, booking an activity or looking for a tour to foreign countries, many complicated factors are involved. For example, if you are booking Himachal Package, you will have to check for various extra additions ranging from your stay to the mode of travel. Whether researching the proper area of your visit, exploring meal options, or booking activities and excursions, several things go into making a perfect vacation. Taking care of all important and minor requirements, HOPNSTAY brings well-curated tours and all-inclusive packages, right from offbeat and must-do activities to everyday commute, food, and more. So, one can say that from your arrival to your departure, the packages offered by Hopnstay cover it all. 

● Holistic travel offerings: If you do not wish to book a tour, HOPNSTAY offers multiple experiences in terms of accommodation, activities, and more. A comfortable stay helps you with trusted homestays, luxury resorts, and hotels. Exploring the destination to the fullest, it offers a range of single or multi-day tours, walks, activities, and outdoor adventures. Suppose you’re already at a destination and are looking for quick bookable options or are planning a trip by yourself but wish to explore and book selected activities. In that case, HOPNSTAY has a vast inventory for that. 

● Great deals: With heavy discounts, the tours by HOPNSTAY claim the best prices and service assurance too. It also offers exclusive vouchers, cashbacks, and discounts. 

● Well-crafted itineraries: Be it the long tours, short 2-day trips or day activities, every package follows an itinerary sourced from local experts, as claimed by the HOPNSTAY team. From taking care of your accommodation to arranging special meals for you, and from hiring a local English speaking guide to booking your tickets to nearby attractions, these packages keep hold of everything. 

When to use HOPNSTAY? 

● While planning a vacation: HOPNSTAY saves time, work, and hassle by exploring things to do, places to see, and all else on their website. It helps in both researching and finalising your travel plans with single-click bookings. 

● On the go: Already reached your destination and unsure of what to do next? HOPNSTAY saves the day by letting you explore nearby activities and tours. 

● To discover destinations: Alongside tours and activities, HOPNSTAY helps travellers with a rich repository of all things travel. Be it famous places to visit in Santorini, things to do in Dubai, water villas in the Maldives or a quick weekend getaway near Delhi, you will find details about each and everything. 
Link: https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1ci2sqrxxt0b3andutm_content=ml2t2zq

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