Jitendra Madhup – A writer presenting the harsh side of conflicts in relationships.

Jitendra Madhup who had a keen interest in writing and media, started journalism in 2003 while working with a newspaper. He, later on, worked on the television as a journalist, however, the way of his career did not interest or satisfy him much and hence he ended up leaving journalism. But the spirit and passion for writing were a never-ending source of inspiration to get going with writing as a career. His instincts and passion for choosing a writing career gave him the unending motivation to further publish his first book named “Aham Ya Vaham” in 2017. This was the foundation for starting his journey as a writer.

“Aham Ya Vaham” talks about the problems leading to divorce and separation in a husband-wife relationship, presenting the harsh reality of the presence of communication gap, misunderstandings, pressure and stress levels, and many more which eventually lead to a very upsetting situation in a husband-wife relationship, also affecting the people related to them. He has highlighted the factors which lead to these problems and has encouraged and explained to people to not get involved in such fights as these things only break the relationship, creating a deep scar in the lives of two people which later enlarges to the two families involved, making it more complicated.

 However, the person who is most affected by such nuisance is the child who is exposed to the degrading qualities of a relationship. It not only causes stress and problems leading to a situation of choice but rather the heart is shattered into pieces and leaves an everlasting effect on the life of the child. Here the child is affected by something which is created by his parents who are overpowered by the sense of ego and misunderstanding created by the influence of someone who has no right to be interfering in someone’s life. The book explains the different aspects of a relationship and provides ways to cope with every stressful moment. Also emphasizing the fact that a beautiful relationship that is maintained for years can be shattered into pieces as you let a third person create differences and misunderstandings between you, the writer urges people to not involve and stay away from the influence of such people.

His upcoming book named “Father – Na Haarne Wala Pita” will come out in May 2022. The book presents the tragic process of a father’s struggle to get custody of his children from his wife who is the reason behind his separation from his children. The story of his everyday struggles with the court processes and how he is fooled by the religious priests and influential people from a different religion is described in the book. The government procedures for custody and everything is very lengthy and this boosts the emotional tension for a father, making it very difficult for him to wait until he gets the custody or basic rights to see his child. Also, in such cases, much sympathy remains with the female in the name of feminism and the process ignores the love of a father and focuses towards the problems of a mother. Most people sympathize with the female side and almost ignore the struggles of a father. This feminism driven mindset advantages some female to take their child away from his father. This is a reality that a cry of a women makes people develop sympathy for her while the struggles of a father are not seen as something important.

  He also emphasizes the different problems affecting the children due to the disturbances and how children become biased toward either mother or father as they get to know the story of one side, completely ignoring the other side of the coin. The children face difficulties while growing up and they are exposed to mental and emotional problems. The presence of parents is very important in the life of children. When the parents separate, the children lose the guidance of one of them. While separating from a father, a child loses the support and guidance of the one who was a helping hand for him. They miss their father and sometimes things get worse when they start picturing the aspects of every male around them according to the way their mother described their father. The bad aspects of seeing only one side of the coin makes them judge everyone in a certain way. Sometimes, these  judgements are worse and affects almost every relationship coming ahead. Especially for a daughter, the thing gets more harder as she starts judging every men as someone with bad habits and characters and this aspect is highly likely to create problems in the daughter’s married life as well.

Some unique points he highlights in this book are the slow and unsettling jobs of the law officials who make the process more stressful and problematic for a father even if the father deserves to win. Hence, the writer has come forward to give a broad view of these problematic situations keeping in mind that whatever the causes are, your efforts are something that matters the most.

The previous and the upcoming ones will be available on shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart and the book press site “Notion Press”. You can also ask for a copy from the author itself by mailing him.

Mail id : jeet0403@gmail.com

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