Lotus Publication House felicitates Dr. Reena Walia With Be The One Award For Her Inspirational Writings

Dr. Reena Walia, a Ph.D. in English, runs her own school; Zenith Public School from level Nursery to Tenth at Jalandhar (Punjab). She also heads a NGO named Bachpan Pratinishtha; that takes care of destitute kids for their health and education.

Though she was born at Ambala Cantt (a small town in Haryana) but she has always dreamt big and has struggled and strived to fulfill them. Thankfully; her life was full of supportive people; be it parents, friends, husband, children, nears and dears. All have taken pride in her achievements and have helped her in every possible way. She is thankful to each one of them. 

She is very fond of reading, writing, dancing and painting, her love for Humanity and nature run in parallel. Awarded by the “Inspiring Women’s Award”; she has lot many medals, trophies and prizes to her credit.

She has got published 5 books and has contributed in many anthologies. Her articles are a regular feature in magazines like ‘Kashf’, ‘Mentor’, ‘Being Mindful’ and ‘Be the one’.

She loves life and considers it as a gift.  Her belief is that problems (that do come in life at times) may be big but her savior-The Lord is bigger. She is a firm believer of God- the Supreme and with faith anything can be achieved.

She has a fire in her that keeps her on the go and due to which she has been able to fulfill her duties with satisfaction and has achieved what she wanted to. She dreams big and aspires to see them come true with hard work and dedication.

 She thanks God for the lovely family, her staff at school and her team of the NGO and is proud that each one is loving, caring, sincere, dutiful and helpful. 

She is a happy go, lucky fellow and feels that life couldn’t be better.

Mission In life 

Everyone comes with an aim in life and so does she. She has been send by God on Earth to be a good human being. Keeping that in mind, she offers her services for humanity in the best possible way as per her means and capabilities. She feels the whole world is beautiful and wants it to be peaceful and happy and strives to work for the welfare of the society and the nation. Her aim is that each one should be educated because its education that will help in changing the face of the nation for a better tomorrow and will also widen the horizons of narrow thoughts.


Believing in the supremacy of God is one and seeing God in everyone and everything is another. She knows that the best way to serve God is to be good to human beings, kind to animals and care for anything living and non -living. She is a believer that cleanliness is next to Godliness and so does efforts to keep the environment clean and safe by her little deeds. Soft at heart that she is, she tries not to hurt any -one and in case it happens by mistake, she apologizes from the heart.  She retrospect at the end of each day and tries to improve upon her mistakes that she might have committed   knowingly or unknowingly. Her softness should not be taken as a weakness. She is very firm and determined.


Life is a beautiful journey, see its beauty at every conscious step. Move ahead with confidence and believe in yourself. Dream big and strive to achieve them with passion. Problems will come in life but face all challenges gracefully and never give up.

Contact details

Mobile: 9417771171

Instagram: walia3026

E mail: reena_walia@yahoo.com

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