Madhurima Guruju shares about her journey to be the Global Literary Star in this exclusive interview

Madhurima Guruju is a teacher, poet, artist, and a storyteller from Hyderabad, South India. Now she is working on a novel so she will soon be entitled as a novelist. Here is an exclusive interview with her:

Which books written by you have been published? 

I had written four poetry books so far. Out of which the recently launched Musings and Memories by spoterite publication will always remain to be the most memorable one for me. Because of the love and support I gained from readers and reviewers across the nation. It even fetched awards and got featured on several web links. 

What is your success mantra for the budding writers, poets, and authors?

Well…to be honest, I am still exploring myself and I am still learning to be honest. So, I would like to share my personal experience hope that gives some kind of encouragement to writers. I do have downfalls. And absolutely I came from a background of engineers and doctors. Art is such a taboo in my family. Breaking their notions and building up myself so far in this community wasn’t an easy baked cake for me. I had hurdles in fact, still do. Writers will have to face criticism and become an easy prey to plagiarism. There are days that I didn’t encouragement when I needed and my content was maliciously misused. Above all, politics even crushed my spirit. But, when you love doing something you don’t really get scared of nurturing it irrespective of consequences. My passion for poetry and stories haven’t burned me. In fact that hurdles validated my pain to transform into literary art. That’s the beauty of literature you know? You have every right and you are boundless to transform your pain into poetry or stories. It’s the only art where it welcomes you with open arms but you need to be fearless to dive through. Intense waves shouldn’t impede your journey. Keep exploring and never settle. Keep learning. Learning is the best device to build writings I believe. Above all, never give up on your dreams. Fight against the demons and push yourself harder. Too much of consciousness can even sabotage the soul in words. So be fluid. 

What is your other profession and how does it influence your literary work?

I think I am extremely blessed to have attained my place in fields that I love most since childhood. Teaching is equal to writing which is like my second home. I love teaching children and it even inspires me to build my strong character. Children have inspired or influenced me to write. Their flawless happiness and their pure love towards everything in nature, their joy inspired me to construct series of comic books based on their lifestyle. Which eventually got circulated throhgh various school libraries and that’s when writing journey kick started. 

What motivates you?

My own experiences for sure. I make terrible mistakes in making choices sometimes. I do believe people blindly. And I dont don’t realize where I am landing into until someone betrays me. It’s good though. These experiences not serve good lesson but also gives birth to third eye. 

Share some of your major literary achievements?

I had won awards “Pride of India” by cherrybook, elitebook award, golden arc award and even felicitated with Rabindranath Tagore International Prize of Art and Literature and even secured first place amongst 10 story writers in international story writing competition by Elite Annual Carnival of Art and Literature of 2021. Honestly,I am forever grateful for Team Digital Golgappa for all the support they are providing me. Award for international story writing.

How did you start your writing journey?

I think I have started writing in my early teens. That was the worst phase of my life from losing my dearest uncle in family to moving several cities resulting less social circle. I was introvert as to the matter of fact I am still an introvert at times. I usually do not expose my feelings or share my pain with anyone. I am quite hesitant assuming I would become burden to someone so I started writing a journal. Where I used to scribble my own thoughts and it healed me so much. It was like a therapy for me. Even till this date, I do scribble my assumptions now over thinker like me, journal becomes the best aid to balm headache. Ever since then writing had subconsciously become a passion. I wanted to dive into so badly but in this process I have realized there are several technicalities to establish the career. Like poetry felt like a music and I was amazed to see how pain can be transformed into beautiful piece of rant which connects zillions like us to the center. That’s when I got motivated to write. That zeal I adhered to, nurtured my passion and landed into writing. Preeti Shenoy, Rk Narayan and Megha Rao are my most favorite writers that inspire me to propel. I wish I could become like them someday. 

Do you think you were meant to be a writer?

Honestly no. I never thought I would be a published writer. Because, to become a writer one needs immense skill. I did used to write for blogs about art and filmmaking but never went for publishing. However, I had then and until now always enjoyed the process of writing which felt like a therapy. But now, the journey has been so far been overwhelming. Getting appreciation from reviewers, peers and readers is also developing sense of responsibility to thrive. Now, I feel like not giving up and will surely push myself further to attain heights. I wouldn’t have been here had your support not been there. Forever grateful to all of you.

How do you react to the success you got thus far?

See. Success and failure are part of life. I believe whatever comes in our way should be like a learning experience. Whenever I get success, I don’t compromise and settle down. Instead, I work more hard and find the key reasons to why people have loved my work and hone that skills better in fact mold in unique and creative way. 

Although, the success gave me joy but also success taught me to stay grounded, to stick to roots and make it more stronger rather getting carried away. 

What do we expect from you in the future?

I am assigned with three solo book projects now. One of which ” When Love Lasts” will hit the mark in next couple of months. It’s a beautiful love story having entertainment industry as a backdrop to this plot, comprising beautiful illustrations. And the other two solo books are also novels, the one based on college tales and the other one is inspired from Sushant Singh Rajput incidents. I hope to work hard and won’t let readers down.

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