Maxfresh Stainless Steel Hotpots – Store your food warm for hours.

Good food is always essential for good health. It is indeed a true fact that a healthy eating habit and a nutritious menu enhance immunity and metabolism. In a country like India, in most parts, right from the ancient days, people consider warm food as healthy food and believe that the real taste of food can be cherished only when it is warm. Maxfresh has introduced a stainless steel hotpot which ensures that the food stored in it remains warm for 4–6 hours.

Maxfresh was founded with the goal of bringing a diverse range of stainless steel products with attractive designs and best-in-class quality. Stainless steel products are well-known for their durability, popularity, and widespread use in most kitchens. However, one thing that all of the customers were dissatisfied with was the lack of designs. That is what sets Maxfresh’s products apart from the rest of the industry’s offerings. Maxfresh releases its products into the market with excellent and pleasing designs that are pretty and attractive. The team at Maxfresh overcame the monotonic style of steel products and discovered a way to design them in a completely surreal way and satisfy consumers all over the world.

People in the past ensured that the food was served warm enough, but these days, it has been a tough task amidst the hectic schedules of people. Many people have to rush through the cooking process in order to get to work, which results in the consumption of cold food. Maxfresh’s products, such as the Stainless Steel Hotpot, Stainless Steel Casserole, Steel Hotbox, and Food Warmer, solve this problem because these hotpots are made with 2 inches of insulation material that keeps the food hot for a long time. In addition to this brilliant feature, even the lid is designed with insulation material, which most of the products on the market do not have. The team at Maxfresh use a special steel that is chemical free and does not pollute the food. These products also come with an odourless feature that does not repel odour and the smell of the food remains exactly the same. These containers are portable and easy to carry as they come with an airtight lid, which enables you to even store food that is in liquid form and prevents the food from spilling out and saves you from stains on your shirt. One more astonishing fact about these hotpots is that they can also be used as yogurt makers as well. If pre boiled milk of lukewarm temperature is poured into this hotpot and is added with a small amount of yogurt and close the lid. A thick yoghurt will form after 3–4 hours. Maxfresh’s hotpots are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 to 50 litres. The small containers are suitable for domestic use, while the large containers are suitable for commercial use, such as catering and restaurants.

Maxfresh’s base location is in Mumbai, equipped with state of the art architecture, modern machines, and advanced technology with a production capacity of 500 tonnes per month to reach the business units on time and with excellent quality that can satisfy the consumers. Every product that is manufactured is checked for quality several times, ensuring that the probability of a defective product is as low as possible.

The steel products by the Maxfresh are trustworthy and effective as they are highly durable and comes with top notch quality which can be used at both homes and restaurants as well. The team of Maxfresh is continuously working to maintain the consistent quality and striving every second to not disappoint their customers and to gain recognition in the international level. The problem of storing the food and reheating the cooked food is now solved with the hotpots and casseroles of Maxfresh which ensure that the food is healthy, warm and tasty.

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