Menhood launches Revolutionary Menhood Trimmer 2.0 to provide smooth and hassle-free grooming experience

One of India’s leading firms for providing efficient grooming experience, Manhood has yet again launched a brand new product named, Menhood Trimmer 2.0, designed to provide an effortless and smooth experience to customers across. Menhood is a reputed and premium-grooming company  dedicated towards helping men maintain their personal hygiene through superior-quality products. The company has a wide range of products that are simply designed for men, helping them in maintaining their basic hygiene through regular grooming.

The firm is also committed towards raising awareness about the importance of using men grooming products as there are a lot of taboos associated with it. Thus, the firm is on a mission to fight the taboo and help educate men through precision-grade products for their most prized possessions.

Speaking about the newly launched product, the founder, says “We wanted to create a product, which men can use without having any second thoughts. Due to lack of information and the taboo around men’s grooming, we neglect the basic hygiene. We from Menhood aim to fight this taboo and educate all men through our precision-grade items for our precious possessions.

Currently, we are concentrating on designing some brand-new products. We are planning to make products that will offer an excellent grooming experience to men. As the founder, I can guarantee that the products we produce in future will be great ones.”

Listed below are some of the additional features offered by the product. Some of the remarkable features include: 

Skin Protection Technology

The Menhood grooming trimmer has skin protection technology that prevents skin from cuts and bleeding. The blades are made of ceramic to prevent unnecessary cuts and can also be replaced with new ones, as they are durable.

Waterproof Design

The waterproof design of the product helps in ensuring hassle-free trimming without any rusting or damage.

Enhanced Body 

The trimmer additionally comes up with a textured design to have a good grip while grooming. The textured grip enables smooth shaving without slipping. 

Power Indicator Display

Another important USP is the power indicator display that shows when the trimmer is completely charged, or if it needs to be plugged in an outlet. The “battery life indicator lights up on its own once you switch on the device. 

Adjustable Guard

The adjustable guards provide a lot of flexibility, while you are up for grooming. One can adjust the guard according to the length of the hair they wish to trim.  The guard also stops the blade from making contact with the skin.

Power Circuit

The trimmer has a 2nd-generation power circuit. This means, no matter how many hours you use the device, it will stay charged. But the unique part about this power circuit is that it doesn’t let the device become overcharged.

The firm is currently focused on adding new products to their exquisite range to cater to the ever-growing industry and expand its horizons across the global market.

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