“Only Storytellers, after God, have the power to create a new Universe” — Vivek Dutta Mishra

What would be a greater introduction of an author than letting his works speak for him, his motivations, and his aspirations? Here is Vivek Dutta Mishra, as his readers talk about his Amazon #1 best-seller, The Accursed God —

— I must say, this is one of the most interesting retellings and reimagining of Mahabharat I got a chance to read for sure.
— It’s a submerging experience. You will forget everything while reading the book.
— the author masterfully blends politics, war and science and blurs the gap between love and hate, peace and war, and fiction and reality.
— The concentration with which this epic has been re-written is just marvelous .
— Many times you will stop reading midway and start comparing the traits within you with the characters you are going with.
— The author sets himself the limits: he would let his imagination soar to heights but his feet would be firmly grounded in Dharma, Dharma the epic is supposed to uphold.
— What do you get when you mix the right amount of politics, war, and science, with a fresh perspective to the greatest epic of all time? Exactly as the book suggests — a feeling of discovering The Lost Epic.
— The stories untold are mentioned in this book without harming the fabric of Epic.
— This book is very addictive for people like me who love to read our epic tales and can never get enough of it. I totally loved reading this book.
— A known saga that takes you to an unknown journey, ending as the time stood still on an impossible juncture.

Apart from being the best selling author of The Accursed God, The Lost Epic:Book 1, Vivek is an avid reader, a storyteller, a poet, a stage play director, a regular podcaster, and co-author in several anthologies.

Vivek has extensive study on ancient Indian epics and literature which he regularly uses in his roles as a zealous advocate of great ancient Indian civilization and culture. His bestselling series The Lost Epic is a manifestation of the frustration from a series of fictional retelling that has distorted the spirit of our epic culture and misused the ethos of creative liberty. He strongly believes in the philosophy that with great power comes great responsibility — it is the responsibility of the authors to learn and differentiate between creative liberty and destructive biases. The series aims at rediscovering the glory of that lost epic which has reduced a Dharma Yudh to a family feud, glorified evil beasts and tragic heros and the message of Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaah into fifty shades of gray. The series also proves that a compelling narrative can be done without violating the core values of the epic.

While emphasizing the significance of retelling for epic, Vivek explains —”Fictions are like fourteen carat gold, you reduce the purity to to strengthen the socket that can hold the diamond, that is our epic, some things pure gold can’t. But what one should never do is to sell a rusted piece of iron in the name of gold.”

He often reminds us – “Mythology Expert is a self contradiction like a bright sunny midnight. The moment we use the word ‘mythology’, the word ‘expert’ becomes irrelevant. The moment we use the word mythology for our epic legacy, we have endorsed the distortion.”

Vivek has made a mission to weedout interpolations that have distorted our great epic message. Through his writings, regular podcasts and YouTube channel via his reference backed thoughtful narratives and poetry, he spearheads The Mahabharata Project, which is available via his blog, podcast, youtube, instagram and a series of answers on Quora and in his soon to be published book.

Apart from working on his epic fiction series, The Lost Epic, and non-fiction series based on The Mahabharata Project Vivek is also working on a collection of Hindi poetry to present an abridged yet accurate non-interpolated nonfiction retelling of Mahabharata. One well versed with Hindi literature, can’t miss the impression and likeness of his style with Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. Several of his poetries are also available on his Podcast and youtube channels titled Storian.

His other writing include a series of short stories that is being compiled into a short story book.

As a storian, Vivek is currently inviting other authors to co-host a show called “Author Connect”, where they share their first hand experience, motivations and challenges that a storyteller faces on their journey towards being a published author. On one hand this show provides readers an insight into the pains and struggle an author faces in bringing out the story and on the other hand motivates the storian within the reader to embark on their destiny of being an author.

And did we say, beyond the realm of epics, poetry, and storytelling, Vivek is a Software Technology Enabler, a title he created for himself, making him one of a kind? In this role he works with almost all leading Multinational corporations in the domain of information technology and beyond. In his professional capacity he has been a software architect, mentor, trainer and speaker. But it would be wrong to say that in this role he is not a storyteller. You would often find him explaining complex software architecture taking references from shlokas of Gita or some incident from a popular movie.

Vivek generously invites his fan base to connect with him and ask their questions regarding his work or their own aspirations. He is reachable on —

You can connect with Vivek on

The Author: http://storian.in/vivek
The Accursed God: http://storian.in/the-accursed-god
The Storian: https://storian.in/storian
The Mahabharata Project: http://storian.in/mahabharata

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