Pranav Sharma awarded with Nation’s Icon Award 2022

Pranav Sharma is well known author and an entrepreneur who has achieved various milestones at a very young age. Pranav, 25, is counted in one of the most endearing personalities because of his skills and talents. He is a motivational and a transformational speaker, scholarship facilitator, a serial entrepreneur and a young passionate writer.

Pranav apart from being an author is a founder of SWO Group. SWO Group is prestigious organisation that is working in the health care and education management support services worldwide. The group is looking and ensuring that everyone gets the basic access to education and health care facilities. Pranav, founder and CEO of SWO Group says, “Initiatives in education, health, environment and social development forms a sizeable chunk of SWO.” The group is on the mission to work for the welfare and development of underprivileged. They are on the mission to get the best for people who are marginalised and provide them the opportunities that they deserve. Their team works hard on this aspect and sync with the modern-day routine. As they work to ensure the quality health and medical services at affordable prices and aim to be one of leading premium health care brands in the market worldwide. The group has revolutionised the outlook towards learning and continuous to work hard on this and improve.

Pranav believes in the philosophy of not considering facts too important, find the truth in your soul and operate from that space, a philosophical and a dreamy human. He has also authored the book Chords of the Heart: An Athenaeum of Emotions. It is a compilation of short stories which depict various interpersonal relationships and how the characters relate to the world at large and with the natural environment. The book is loaded with various stories that talk about various personalities and throws light on various aspects of life. Pranav is inspired by two great authors and their text Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which encourages you to follow your own path, break the chains and follow passion which may not be the norm of society. Another author is Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God; this text is a reader friendly text that expands and broadens the universal view beyond human’s limited perception. It is profound without sounding too philosophical.

Pranav’s curios and ever learning attitude has landed him where he is today. He learned communication skills from her mother who is a teacher by profession. When Pranav is not working or writing he can be found listening to music and exploring different places and sites. “I believe I’m a perennial learner as I lean everything new every day.”  He is inspired by his readers and they are the source of motivation for him. He has been awarded various awards for his book, some awards are

  • Ne8x Literature Fest 2020
  • Best Books for 2020
  • Literary Icon of India
  • Author of the year 2020
  • Sahityakosh Samman Award, and many more.

His readers have had a great impact from his book and keep loving forward for more. Apart from this he shares a piece of advice with his readers. He says, “He always gives a piece of advice to his readers: Do not walk the old conditioned path. Do not follow set patterns. Tread new paths, Think radical designs. Always be true to your real self and not your self-image.”

Over the period of time, he has built a community, a community names IGC that translates to Inspire Global Community. This community is on the mission to help authors and readers to unite under one roof. Its principal objective is to conduct live webinars by various emerging and sorted storytellers, authors and speakers to encourage and inspire people. This community is helping aspiring authors boost and meet alike minded readers.

For his works as an author to give a wider perspective of life to readers, as founder of SWO and a community and the works that are undertaken by the venture for goodwill Pranav Sharma, a 25 year old writer, speaker and philanthropist has recently been awarded with Nation’s Icon Award by EnGame Publishing House 2022.

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