Puja Kumari’s Literary Triumph: ‘Alfaaz E Muskan’ Shines as a Bestseller!

Puja Kumari Alfaaz E Muskaan

Puja Kumari, a gifted poetess and Hindi writer from Bihar, has carved her place in the literary world at a remarkably young age.

Beyond collaborations, Puja stands as a published author of numerous books, available on platforms like Amazon and Notion Press. As the Project Head and Brand Ambassador under The Ace of Words publication, she has co-authored in 30+ anthologies, three of which hold world records. Puja’s dedication to writing earned her the prestigious title of “Writer of the Year 2021” by Forever Records.

Inspired by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s wisdom, she believes in resilience and continuous effort, even in the face of challenges.

Puja Kumari’s journey is a testament to unwavering commitment, envisioning herself as an established writer. Beyond her literary pursuits, her strong mind, athletic prowess, and love for volleyball portray a multi-faceted individual ready to conquer new horizons. To crown her achievements, Puja’s ‘Alfaaz E Muskan’ not only graces the shelves but also holds the coveted status of a bestseller, adding a golden feather to her illustrious cap. Moreover, as the founder of Namya Magazine & Foundation, Puja continues to make a lasting impact in the literary landscape, showcasing her commitment to empowering and inspiring others.

Currently pursuing graduation from Dr. DY Patil Institute of Technology, Pune, Puja has expanded her literary reach with anthologies published on Amazon. She has been recognized with various awards, including the Maharashtra Legend Women Award 2023.

About The Book:
Living life is an art, and through ‘Alfaaz-e-Muskan,’ I’ve endeavored to depict life’s different stages in my words through poetry. These verses invite you to make every relationship and life stage precious by connecting them to your own experiences.

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