Rosalyn Hui’s Paradox Talks About her Journey Recovering from Schizophrenia

Rosalyn Hui is an author, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Specialist in Hypnosis and Grief Recovery, the founder and CEO of Canada Vision Power Ltd. She was born with a pre-determination for schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a medical condition that causes a range of different psychological symptoms characterised by alternating thoughts, moods, and behaviour. Rosalyn inherited this from her maternal side, which meant that she had a very confusing and conflicting growth since her childhood.

Rosalyn’s journey is full of ups and downs because of the abnormal nurturing of her mother with latent mental disorder and hallucinated schizophrenia. Her husbands were toxic narcissists, and she suffered from varied physical and non-physical violence. Following the example of her highly tolerant father, Rosalyn overly self-examined herself, took blames of her husbands as granted and felt guilty for herself on these domestic abuses. However, biologically accumulated adversities led to her severe anxiety and slow suicide. Rosalyn was finally knocked down by the trauma in her life that occurred when his father unexpectedly died from cancer. This is followed by her third haunted marriage and her postpartum depression. All of these combinedly affected Rosalyn’s health to a living hell— she developed into seven days and nights of sleep deprivation and an early stage of schizophrenia. Rosalyn was prescribed psychiatric medication of Olanzapine and Fluoxetine from 2013.

“The best for our holistic health is to prevent. Medicine is not meant to prevent. And in some cases, medicine isn’t even the approach to provide a cure,” says Rosalyn. Her family’s poor health history carried on to her. But she evolved and fought to come out stronger and better. Her journey of exploring an alternative treatment reveals that there are many other ways to heal and recover other than medicine.

When Rosalyn finally stepped out from the darkness, she openly wrote a book, Paradox, about her family and her personal life, as well as her profession. In this actual story, Rosalyn talks about her healing process and all the challenges she faced. Throughout her journey, Rosalyn also shared many controversial facts in life and the health industry as the most eye-catching and unique highlights of the book.

Rosalyn writes about her recovery in the book, “I earned Certificate Holistic Nutritionist to heal myself and my family. However, there is no way to promise a successful withdrawal from psychotropic medicine and holistic recovery. The essential step towards my new life from mental illness and long-term sub-health, using my integrated approach, was a reunion with faith.”

Rosalyn says, “Sometimes, the things that come from different origins and are regarded as completely divergent have the same core and nature. Sometimes, the things that superficially look like the same thing, are in fact, poles apart.”

She has explained her own experience, what she calls  “The Paradox of Psychiatric Methodology”. With the sharing of her haunted marriage affected by the short- and long-term toxic side effects of psychiatric medicine, Rosalyn hopes to raise awareness about prevailingly existing latent mental disorders, including mood fluctuation and chronic sleeping problems. They are regarding the issue of health and the primary reason leading to a defeated life.

It is a known fact that mental illness affects the body as a whole. Rosalyn remarks, “The integration of faith and science works together in the process of my metamorphosis.” In PARADOX, by Rosalyn Hui, you will find a practical explanation of the transdisciplinary treatment, covering cutting edge technology of orthomolecular nutrition, cellular nutrition, and the science of cell signalling, combined as the foundation of the mind-body-spirit homeotherapy matrix to achieve life transcendence.

“This book is dedicated to those who have deep insecurity rooted in their heart without knowing it; who believe in the tangible, but not the intangible; who believe in the temporal but not the spiritual; who believe in others, but not themselves; who believe in the certainty of past experiences, but not the possibility of the future,” says Rosalyn Hui when she was asked about her book.

As an author, Rosalyn has truthfully shared her life story with readers, and apart from this, she runs a successful business, Health: The Vision, where she is helping people to enjoy the abundance of life.

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