Sahil Khan Dyer Awarded Nation’s Icon Award 2022

Time passed, but the hopes remained unshattered. Passing the nights of difficulties has never been easy for anyone, but it will keep the fact unchanged that to step into light, one has to cross a bridge of darkness.

From nothing to creating his own empire of achievements, Sahil Khan Dyer is a living example of surviving hardships, and an epitome of success. Life never played easy on Sahil, but he never let the wind drift him off the path. Coming from a middle class family, Sahil lacked a lot of things that were demanded by his journey. But he knew nothing was constant, nor that there would be bad days, and this stubborn hope to make it big kept his feet tight on the ground.

He realised his passion for dancing at a very early age. He started dancing at the age of 8, though he started choreography at the age of 12, and that’s when it hit him hard that this is exactly what he wanted from life. Coming from a middle class family from Jalore, things didn’t come easy for him, but as they say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and this is exactly what happened. He knew what he wanted out of life. Becoming a renowned dancer was what his eyes saw as a vision. And through it all, what remained constant was the support from his family


There were tons of roadblocks in his way, which is usual for a lot of people, but the usual is to remain stubborn about dreams and goals. Sahil contributes a major amount of his success to his family, which had his father, Suleman Khan Dyer, who was an autorickshaw driver and put in his all to make the best for Sahil. He also gave a large chunk of credits to Sawti Maa, and she’s one person who, though she wasn’t his blood mother, did a lot, which equals what a blood mother does for her son.

Sahil went through a financial crisis too. To put it in Sahil’s words, he says, “I faced a lot of financial issues. I didn’t have money for my costume, entry fees for competitions or money to travel.”

It’s like a cliche issue for every middle class family dreaming big in life, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that Sahil went through a financial crisis too. From having to have money for costumes, entry fees for competitions, travel money, everything seemed like a big mountain to him. Instead of yelling about problems, he made sure to focus on things he could do to resolve them, and this approach of his separates him from everyone else out there. He mentioned that he usually borrows good clothes from his friends and family for auditions.

“I believe life plays a lot of games with you just to test your perseverance and dedication and makes winning almost impossible,” says Sahil Khan Dyer.

Sahil also had many such things stored for him. He described how he lost 170 competitions, and that is a huge number to survive after. His journey had all sorts of losses, but his dedication never moved a bit. Victory came very late for him, but he still dared to have patience, and this is what got him through it all. He enjoyed his first victory in a district level competition, and after that, it was only his time to shine. Winning 450 competitions was one day he woke up to. He didn’t only have district winnings but national and international too, which happened from 2010 to 2021, and those 11 years quantified every loss and achievement he had.

He’s not only an inspiration, but an example for every person dreaming big in life. Chasing his dream demanded a lot from him, and where he’s now, he paid every price his dreams asked him to.

Currently, he’s a social media influencer with tons of followers wanting to be like him. His willpower was unbeatable, which makes him deserve whatever he has now. Sahil has worked and choreographed for many artists in reality TV, movies, etc. In his eyes, he has a vision of opening up the most prominent dance studio and talent management company. One more thing which can be learnt or is evident about him is that he’s still very grounded and he never lets his success get over his head. Even now, he dreams of helping as many people as he can in the same field.

For his efforts and never giving attitude he has been awarded Nation’s Icon Award 2022 by EnGame Publishing House.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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