Small Town College Dropouts Build MetaFlix – Investors believe MetaFlix Is Going To Become NetFlix Of Ed-Tech.

The most hyped Ed-Tech StartUp of The Year, UpCult – Business In Virtual World, has built MetaFlix, which guarantees success in MetaVerse World.

Experts predict UpCult is going to become the pioneer in the Ed-Tech Industry.

The problem in India is that students are not getting placements even after years of education. The fact is the curriculum in India is outdated, and the professors and teachers are not practitioners themselves.

 Upcult plans on upskilling people of all ages to become more industry-ready.

Meanwhile, this Bengaluru-based ed-tech startup focuses on catering to the people to equip them with the highest in-demand skills in MetaVerse.

The company said it is going to invest funds into developing a robust membership website to make people future-ready for the upcoming metaverse world. 

“We aim to become India’s No.1 community-driven learning platform for all the in-demand and industry-relevant skills in the metaverse,” said Anuran Das- Founder & CEO UpCult.

Upcult’s unique business model gives a 365-day money-back guarantee and focuses on training students to monetize their learnings.

“Upcult was founded in 2022 and has been profitable within two weeks of operation. The key asset is the core team.”- stated the Managing Director Tausif Siddiqui.

Upcult plans to expand its team and its range of programs and the university certification to help people become more skilled. 

Just like watching a web series with MetaFlix, people will have the freedom to go through the course materials at their preferred time.

Upcult’s programs range from courses on NFTs, crypto investments, digital and social media marketing, D2C businesses such as Amazon, Flipkart ranking, and digital business growth hacking, with the main focus on digital marketing in the metaverse.

The company’s Digital Marketing Manager, Monica Shah states-

“With the programs ranging from eight weeks to 12 weeks long cohort Upcult’s programs content consists of in-detailed real, actionable and practical information that can be applied in the real world.”

People are focussing on upskilling more than ever before. LinkedIn stated there is 30% more competition in the job market as compared to before the pandemic.

“With the most in-demand and updated course content reaching the people through social and e-learning platforms of UpCult, people will become confident to tap on the new and high paying opportunities.”-says Gayatri Sahu, the content marketing head at UpCult.

“The courses in Upcult are backed by live projects which will help the students apply what they have learned and have a hands-on experience with the industry.”- states the digital mentor- Yogeshwari Sugumaran.

The focus is to help people grow more, to create an impact with all the learnings earned from the programs.

“The idea is to allow the learners to have flexible learning with the recorded sessions backed up with live sessions for more complex and diverse topics. The programs also have live Q&A webinars for more interactive learnings,” states Dr Suryadeep Majumder, the head of the coaching department at UpCult.

The company plans to dominate the digital marketing industry in MetaVerse and help people earn money in MetaVerse by training them with the highest in-demand skills.

“With the live webinar training and community interactions and excellent support team, people will be able to monetize the huge opportunity metaverse has to offer.”- says Yogesh Sharma, the head of the sales and support department.

The company will also be providing placement support along with the training to all the students who enroll in the full-time courses.

Investors around the globe predict that 99% of the digital marketing training programs will shut down with UpCult entering the market.

Investors are looking forward to the growth of the company and making an impact in the e-learning industry.

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