The August Edition of Namya’s 10 extraordinary participants across the country

August Edition of Namya Magazine contains 10 extraordinary participants across the country. This edition contains life stories to inspire the audience. The themes of the writeups are relatable and easy to read. Every page of this magazine is a treat for the audience.


Our cover star for the August Edition of Namya Magazine is Nayanna Mukey.
Nayannah Mukey is an actress from Mumbai. She graduated in Journalism and did her post graduation in Crime Journalism. She has also bagged an M.A degree in Theatre in performing arts from Lalit Kala Kendra, Pune. Apart from her educational qualifications she has interesting hobbies such as Horse Riding, swimming, playing sitar, travelling and more.She is a person full of compassion, zeal, patience and confidence.
She believes in Karma, ‘If the good is sown, the good is collected’. She has excellent communication skills in Marathi, Hindi,
English. And she has effective dialogue revealing qualities along with expressive face and eyes with good acting skills and jovial nature.

Alisha Gupta is a proficient project lead, overseeing significant projects and demonstrating a remarkable ability to manage teams effectively. With a graduation from Singapore, her entrepreneurial mindset is evident in her strategic thinking, leadership skills, and a talent for innovative problem-solving. Alisha’s multifaceted skill set sets her apart and ensures her success in various professional pursuits.

Namya Foundation is a group of company under which Namya Magazine exists which is founded by Puja Kumari on 15th February 2022, co-founded by Nikita Mukherjee. The name Namya itself serves the purpose as it means ‘worthy of honour’. We as a foundation appreciate the writers’s and artist’s creative and amazing skills. Poetry and writing competition also runs under the foundation. Here we select the writers and artists according to their merit before publishing their work whose sole motive is to provide new perspective and add value to the society.
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About the Founder
Puja kumari is hailing from Bihar.She is a 19 years old Ambitious Girl. She was a student of jawahar Navodaya vidyalaya.She is a founder , Author, poetess, co-author and hindi writer.Her hobbies are reading and writing. Now she has completed 30+ anthology as a co-author and 40+ anthology as a Compiler. And her 35+ book was published on amazon and notion press.she just launched her debut book Alfaaz-E-Muskan and the book is hitting the market of readers.
Instagram id :- the_giggle_darpan24

About the Co-Founder
Nikita Mukherjee belongs from West Bengal. She is an English Graduate who is a passionate, prolific creative writer and have left her mark on various anthologies under different publications. She have co-authored in more than 40 anthologies and compiled one anthology named ‘Dream of a Brown Girl’.
She loves to try and experiment new forms of poetries. Also being a avid reader, she writes book reviews too.
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About Saomyaa Chaturvedi
Saomyaa Chaturvedi started her journey as a content creator through her Facebook & Instagram. She curated content that not only informs & entertains but also sparks meaningful conversations. Whether it is through thought-provoking articles, visually stunning photographs, or captivating videos, she strives to evoke emotions & connect with viewers on a personal level.
She takes pride for myself on versatility, having explored a wide range of topics allowing her to engage with diverse audiences.

About Ashi Jain
Ashi Jain is a 27 years old girl hailing from Delhi. Her character is marked by a rare blend of determination, empathy, and intellect. Her unwavering commitment to academic pursuits and her ability to excel in diverse fields showcase her tenacious nature.

About Soniya Lokesh Kumar Lamba
Soniya Lokesh Kumar Lamba is an individual who chose a distinct path by pursuing Commerce and Management, setting herself apart from a family tradition rooted in engineering. From carrying boxes of books as a dedicated manager during events to gaining hands-on experience in marketing, PR, and sales, she has cultivated a versatile skill set. Her roles as a Liaison Partner and Distribution Partner further enriched her understanding of business dynamics.
Today, she stands as the CEO and Founder of Light Houze Art Studios LLP, a testament to her dedication and vision. Additionally, she is honored to hold the esteemed position of National President of the Animation and Entertainment Council at WICCI, showcasing her commitment to driving positive change in the industry.

In our 8th edition ( August Edition )of magazine.

1.Saomyaa Chaturvedi

  1. Ashi Jain
  2. Soniya Lokesh Kumar Lamba
  3. Garima Borah
  4. Gautam
  5. Vibhor Verma
  6. Rajani Rai
  7. Dr. Pallavi Singh ‘Anumeha’
  8. Chavi Mehra
  9. Abdul Hussain

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