The Doctor who eliminates spine surgeries using 5000-year-old magic.

Our society always needs great doctors as they play a very important role in saving and caring for the life of people. The recent covid pandemic has bestowed the importance of doctors in our society. In recent times, people have understood the importance of prior prevention of health issues and this is where everyone moves towards Ayurveda, which is regarded as the best form of medicine. In a survey conducted recently, it has been found that people are choosing ayurvedic medication more than allopathic medicines. The government has understood the importance and benefits of Ayurveda and has encouraged the practice significantly. This increase in interest in Ayurveda has been made possible due to the work of some exceptional practitioners and doctors who proved that Ayurveda can be relied upon. Dr.Kranthi R Vardhan is one such exceptional doctor who has made a phenomenal contribution to the field of Ayurvedic Medicine. Please check his personal website to get how he helps his patients.

Greatness of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is India’s gift to the world. The word “Ayur” means life and “Veda” means knowledge hence Ayurveda translates to “The Knowledge of Life”.It is a 5000-year-old traditional and natural practice that is conceived as the union of mind, soul, and body.

Ayurveda prevents and heals by integrating lifestyle and food habits that gives a permanent cure to any issues. Also, ayurvedic medication doesn’t cause any side effects to the patients, this is the most important reason why people are moving towards Ayurveda

Eliminating surgeries for spine problems

Spine problems have emerged as one of the major concerns for the people of present-day due to many factors primarily involving lifestyle changes. The treatment for the spine mostly ends up in surgery for complex cases. Patients usually tend to keep themself away from surgeries as they are very scary and involve a lot of complexities. Dr. Kranthi keenly observed this issue of the patients and has successfully reinvented the concept of Meru Chikitsa (Neurotherapy through touch) and has healed more than 5,00,000 patients eliminating over 2,00,000 cases of spine surgeries. This has made his patients fall in love with his treatment methods and has earned him the title of “No Spine-Surgery Doctor”.

The journey of healing the mankind

Dr. Kranthi believes that the magic of destiny guided him into Ayurveda. He worked with his utmost efforts, to learn, understand, analyze, nurture, and adopt Ayurveda to its core as a way of life, through his god-gifted BAMS degree(Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery). He was so passionate about Ayurveda which made him receive a gold medal by securing 13 distinctions out of 18 Ayurveda subjects.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest boons of medical science that serves as the best solution to chronic ailments like Back pain, Neck pain, Slipped Disc, Spondylosis, Degenerative Disc, and even Spinal tumors. Over the year Dr.Kranthi has mastered Ayurveda and shall treat spinal problems of any complexity and heal his patients without any surgery

Post acquiring an MD in Ayurveda, he went to Kerala, the state is known as the Ayurvedic Capital of India, to follow the Guru-Shishya Parampara and gained hands-on experience in Panchakarma. In the year 1999, after gaining a great experience and knowledge in Ayurveda, he moved to Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, and founded the ‘Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital’ under the ‘Ayurveda Wellness Brand’ with the aim to provide high-quality, personalized, compassionate, and finest Ayurvedic treatments for back pain complications without surgery

Apart from his contribution to Ayurveda, he has also 50+ scientific articles, published 5000+ news articles, delivered 3000+ health talks on popular media and TV channels, and has received 45+ awards for his contribution and service.

The great vision

 Dr.Kranthi aims to make Ayurveda accessible to all the people without any discrimination and is working hard to achieve it. Having healed 500k+ patients, he aims to avoid 1 million spine surgeries by the year 2025. Through Ayurveda, he wishes to build a ‘Vasudhaiva Arogya Kuthumbakam’ meaning ‘One Healthy World’

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