The music record label for the youth is here – Brave Arts. 

We all love a swift music video that just goes with the artist’s taste, just adds more to the song and is super entertaining to watch. But did you know how much it actually takes to put out a whole music video? There are many people involved in this process, and one of the significant crucial teams is a record label or the Music video production company itself. They are all behind the camera but are the show’s real stars. Brave arts music video production company is one of those teams that sits back and helps their stars shine brighter. Their vision is to make your vision come to life!

Brave arts was started by two twin brothers, Mr Maninder SIngh Marwaha and Mr Brinder Singh Marwaha, back in 2015 and are going strong now, growing their team throughout the years. They have always been fascinated by the art of videography and direction; they are huge movie buffs and love music which is when they decided to start something of their own with both their passions combined. They named their label Brave Arts because, since their early college days, they would be known as ‘brave’ among their friends, and that name just stuck, and they genuinely are passionate about directing and film that they respect and honour it as one of the art forms. That is how they got their signature name Brave Arts.

They kicked off their first year helping artists release seventeen songs, among which ‘Adhi Chuti’ and ‘Yaar Leader’ gained a lot of love from the audience. They imagined that to be their most significant feat, but, no sooner than later, they had gone by over seven years and produced over Two Hundred and Ten songs, Four Short Films, all just in the blink of an eye. Their promotional partner Love Chahal, who is also part of the team Brave Arts, says that they have another yet to be released feature movie up their sleeve, which they are going to drop very soon. 

They have made it huge on YouTube working with different media houses. One of their most famous works has to be on ‘Naam Choorhe Utte’ in collaboration with speed records, where they put out some of their best work and videography, crossing over 10 lac views. They have also worked with some more giant whales like T Series and Amar Audio. They have also worked with big names like Gurlej Akhtar and many more. So you know that you’ll be putting your artwork into the hands of people that you can trust. Teri photo is a song by Kaka Bheniwala whose music is done by Shin Hayer.

They take your vision and mix their creativity and help you make your dream vision come true with the pizaaz and glam that they bring to the table. They understand your needs and are here to support young artists and new incoming faces find their footing in this riveting industry. Videos hold a lot of gravitas when it comes to your song doing well on all platforms. You need to make sure that you find the best expertise for that. The Brave Arts team got an award for the best music video in Bhangra music in the UK. Teri photo got the award for best music video. Brave art – a song named friendan pakiyan sung by Jasmeen Akhtar is nominated for PTC music awards in the new age sensation category.

They not only help you find great locations for your shoots, but they also find you great production works for your perfect fit. They have their offices here in India and Canada and one in Malaysia as well. They want to hear what you have and get you the audience you and your art deserve. They are already leading all across platforms and want to continue to be the icon amongst youth and get your vision onto a screen. The Brave Arts team make it their mission to help you release songs with utmost support and professional expertise. To know more about their work and how to get in contact with them, follow this link:

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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