Top 25 Most Deserving Writers of India

A pen is mightier than a sword and some of the contemporary writers have the power to create a big impact on the readers with their magical words. Here, we have picked the top 25 Most Deserving Writers from India.


Naaz, the Author of Deseos Poeticos and The Tiny Tale, the founder of Peaceful Writers International, hails from the city of Joy, Kolkata. 

She’s the Author of two books, compiler of six anthologies and co-author of 100+ anthologies. 

She’s a student pursuing her Bachelors with a discipline course as English Hons.

She’s an enthusiastic and zealous writer who’s always ready to pen down the good and evil prevailing in the society. 

She’s awarded with THE STAR ICON AWARD 2021 and JPT ELITE AWARD.


“I came late in the game, I’ll make

sure to be the Last Man Standing”

Vaibhav Upadhyay, 20 is the author of

Amazon’s #3rd Bestseller Hallucinations -, CEO of Wordsmith which owns 20 emerging startups, belongs to Ayodhya.

It all started with a loss. It made a teenager who was barely known to a handful of people into an author of bestseller book. This all just didn’t

happen in a fortnight but with the differentiation and integration of uncountable sleepless nights.

Vaibhav got a purpose in his life with a strong reason to support it back. He trusted the process, blended his sweat, tears, time and peace to taste the flavor of the result that made him what he is today.

If we try, we fail, we fall, we stand, we walk and fail again and we keep on repeating it, may happen that we may achieve late but surely we won’t lose. Vaibhav failed in love once, and if it’s your first love it shatters you. Same happened to him, he lost what he feared to lose. He moved on but this took not just days but months and years.

A 18 year old boy standing alone with a

shattered state of mind, feeling unworthy of life. Things do change, that’s the nature of time. 

Lord Rama, from Ayodhya went on an exile of 14. Somewhat similar was the case with Vaibhav, from Ayodhya, went underground, no social connections, no contacts, not a single person, all who had was his “purpose” and he found it after 14 months of hardships, it took too

much to move on.

Being the first child of his generation everyone had high hopes with him, coming from a meritorious family, everyone wanted him to be

the flagbearer of the legacy. Initially he was good in studies but overtime, all of it faded making him clueless of the fact that his virtue even exists, more like a fantasy parallax which he loved to be in. “It all became a nightmare as i couldn’t even focus on my studies, overwhelmed in myself, very nerd, it’s something that’s too hard to describe for me because it feels sad to remember it, not because i want to undo it, just because i don’t want to remember my lost self” is what exactly Vaibhav said.

Things just continued until you figure out

life after stepping into an abyss of love, self doubt and competition. 

Afterall the life isn’t a movie, in which commitments are doomed to be true. A movie is pre-written, there’s a script, there’s an actor, there’s a team which

objects on every wrong move, and life isn’t the same.

This all let him into a loop of

insecurities, academic failure bothered him this much, all it took was a teenage

heartbreak, an event that put his lost self, bound  to walk out of it.Now it wasn’t just Vaibhav vs Vaibhav now, a hardship battle of 14 months and how he made it smooth into 2022.

People usually say to me, where do you get all these things, how did you do that, they hardly know, not until you get lost, you don’t even bother to find


“I came late in the game, I’ll make

sure to be the Last Man Standing” -Vaibhav Upadhyay


Mayuri Kadambande is Director at WakeUpUrbanNaari foundation she is 

on a mission to Empower 1 lakh women to become great leaders with the help of life changing tools and solutions. She is a transformational leadership and mindset Mentor.

With 10+ years of experience in operational excellence.

She is also an author of the bestselling book “Art of overcoming rejection ” for which she has been recognized with multiple awards like Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala saman Phd convocation award as Literary personality, Sahityakosh Awardee for 2022 and many more.

Mayuri has successfully trained 1000+ people helping them achieve their leadership goals.

She believes every woman has right to live an independent & respectful life by developing right mindset one can overcome challenges in their life be it discrimination of color, financial situation, racism, relationship with the family, Workplace politics, sexual harassment, Abuse and many more.

In 10+ years of her work experience in different leadership roles she has experienced challenges that women face while balancing their personal and professional lives, which results them falling into stress, anger, Anxiety, frustration, depression at times even affecting their health in the long run.

Mayuri extends her hand to women who are aspiring to make a difference in their life through her books, webinars, and coaching sessions.

Slogan : WakeUpUrbanNaari

“Living Respectful life is basic right of every woman “

About her solo book:

Art of Overcoming Rejection, based on the true incidents of Nisha’s life, unveils certain incidences that look common externally however they have a long-lasting impact on the human mind. It explains why one must not just deal with rejection for time being but actually overcome it to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

This is not only a self-help book but also a simple practical life guide and a torchbearer for people who are facing rejection in life. This is especially for those people who ask themselves the question – “Why Me?” 

I envision a world where people are free from stress, anxiety, and depression and are living a happy and healthy life- physically, mentally, and spiritually. This book will help people come out of complex feelings of rejection and transform their life. Read, understand and implement the solution given in this book to overcome all feelings associated with rejection. There are exercises at the end of the chapters which will enable you to think and pinpoint the root causes of rejection in your life thus making it one step easier to master the Art of Overcoming Rejection.


The World of 64 Squares is a book about Chess written by Bhavik Ahuja, an internationally proclaimed player, who was 13 years old when it was published. It is essentially a summary of everything one needs to know to become an expert in chess. Bhavik is a commonwealth medalist, with a FIDE chess rating of 1900. He is also the co-founder of Samvedna, a foundation that has taught over 500 underprivileged children chess. Additionally, he is the youngest male author of India. His book guarantees readers to help them achieve an international rating post reading it. 

Starting with the basics (rules, names and points of pieces, notation e.t.c) followed by general chess knowledge, effects of chess, introduction and approach to openings, middlegame tips, all the segments of middlegame including tactics, calculation, strategy, pawn structure, attack, defence, mating patterns and much more, all the important endgames, basic checkmates, the different variants of chess and finally assessments to check how much you learnt – this book has it all.

Bhavik is extremely passionate about this sport and it has been an integral part of his life since he was the age of 5. Chess is therapy to the young aficionado and he uses it as a tool to help him in anger-management, regaining focus and building a logical aptitude. During the pandemic, when all on-the-board tournaments had been halted, Bhavik, driven by his passion- travelled all alone to Serbia to participate in a chess tour without the company of family and no prior experience of solo-travel. Over there, he made the country proud by winning the tournament and bringing back glory. His hard-work was clearly displayed in his phenomenal performance at the tour. 

In addition to this, the young boy spends quite a lot of time learning from online chess courses based on various dynamic openings and endgame strategies that he extensively studies and make notes on. His book is a reflection of his elaborate research in this field with the additional benefit of having substantial practical teaching experience. 

His book is available on Amazon and Flipkart if anyone is interested to have a head-start in their journey of chess.

To know more about chess in general, and learn from the experiences of Bhavik, don’t forget to check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel: Bhavik Ahuja


‘Open Your Wardrobe for Answers’ is a riveting self-help book that explores the rare subject of clothing psychology and is the first publication of the talented teen author, Bhushita Ahuja. It has been recognised as one of the top modern picks to read for the year 2021 by Hindustan Times and featured on their online portal. Bhushita has also been awarded as the Best Debut Author of 2021 by Literary Voice Magazine. Bhushita’s deeply passionate about this subject and as an aspiring Image Consultant, she is enrolled in ICBI’s well-known Image and Business Course through which she hopes to be certified by the end of the year and immerse herself fully in the fashion industry. Bhushita has also been crowned as 2nd runners up of Alee Club’s Miss Teen India 2021, one of the only official pageants for teenagers in the country, where she was quite admired for her unique taste in clothing. 

Her book is aimed at the youth and is an ideal crash course on all things fashion. It begins with addressing the importance of the first impression, it covers colour psychology and enlists fun activities that can be used to overcome the everyday wardrobe crisis. The book suggests that successful people are confident under their skins and don’t wear clothes as a shield of protection from societal perceptions. It insinuates readers to carve out their own styles and dress for themselves! A short and sweet book, it’s a must read for those curious to know more about their personality.

The book takes us to the period of civilisations, where clothes were mainly used to keep the body warm, dry and protected. A comparison is then made with the current age where clothes have become fashion. From a basic human need, they’ve become social indicators—a way we see ourselves and project our personalities in front of the society. The book refers to clothing as a direct relation with one’s attitude, personality, emotions and thoughts. Just like art, writing and speaking are forms of expression, clothing is also said to be a portrayal oneself. The self-help novel further give tips to those willing to imbibe a new characteristic to their personality, by tweaking their dressing sense a bit. 

The book highlights the difference between style and explains that while fashion is about current trends that keep changing over time, style is something more constant. In addition to this, the important of the ‘first impression’ is emphasised upon and the book explores topics like colour psychology, how to dress for success and why one dresses to impress. There’s a list of facts given in the 4th chapter which makes the book very intriguing and engaging for the readers. References from Vedic Scriptures on clothing are also provided. 

The book highlights the fact that clothing has taken a turn. From fashion and trends, it is actually being respected as a globally recognised psychological aspect; with each person having a very different and unique style of dressing up, clothing is actually a showcase of one’s individuality. A ton of people spend decades learning about themselves and consequently interpreting their personalities, but through this book, a little self-analysis of your wardrobe can actually teach you a lot more than what you actually know about yourself. 

The book takes you on a journey from identifying your personality type to knowing your style. This self-help book will guide you on how to overcome your weaknesses and how to hone your strengths through a little wardrobe analysis.

To summarise: 

“Do your clothes show boldness or warm-hearted compassion?

To know more, you must unlock the doors of your fashion.”


John Giftah is a Top-ranking Podcaster / Bestselling Author / Award-winning Inspirational Speaker / World-Record Holder / Radio Host / YouTuber / Aerospace Engineer and Founder of John Giftah International. He is an inspirational voice to multitudes around the world as he speaks through virtual and LIVE speaking engagements in conferences, podcasts, television, schools, corporates, colleges, personality-development programs, churches and various other forums. 

Apart from his first book, “Who Am I?” – a book on our identity and value, his recent bestseller “Unveil Your Purpose” became a #1 New Release on Amazon in India and takes its readers on a quest to discover their purpose and to start walking in it.  He also received “India Prime Education Award” and “The Literary Award” on account of ‘Unveil Your Purpose’. 

He hosts 2 Top-ranking podcasts “The Inspiration Hub” a weekly podcast for inspiration, motivation and personal development often ranking among the Top-25 Self-Improvement podcasts in India and “Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah”, a DAILY podcast which primarily  ranks as #1 Christian podcast in India and trends around the world. Apart from short solo episodes, he also has interview episodes and has hosted several world-renowned guests like Holly Starr, Stella Ramola Dhinakaran, Andrew F. Carter, Milena and Shruthika Priscilla. 

As an inspirational speaker, he not only frequently addresses corporates, podcasts, schools, colleges and other programs, he has also been featured on reputed platforms like TEDx and Success Gyan. 

On a different note, he is also a world-record holder for his Scooby-Doo memorabilia and other Scooby-themed endeavours wherein he shares inspirational messages based on Scooby-Doo making the message relatable, interesting and easy to understand.

You can get more details at and check out other details here: 

YouTube channel: 



Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah Podcast Link:

The Inspiration Hub Podcast Link:

Unveil Your Purpose:


Vishikha Tripathi is an award winning, record holding author as well as a celebrated TedEd speaker. Her debut book, a self written poetry and story compilation INK ON PAPER, released when she was just 13 and she has received awards and records for the same. Her big break, her first TedEd Talk came to her at 14. Her Instagram page @vishikha.tripathi where she delights her followers with poems and snippets of her writing has 10.2k followers as of January 2022 and she is currently working on her highly anticipated second book.


She is R.Devi. She has completed her masters in computers. She is one of the best budding writers. She is an optimistic person. She is full of energy. She always uses her energy to help people to achieve something in their lives. She is a teaching professional. She has a lot of interest in writing stories and also making anthologies. She got inspired by her friend Hema who induced her to write stories and publish them. She also helps her with ideas of how to write. she has taken part in so many anthologies and got published. “Happiness in small things” and “Wrinkle in time” are her latest publications. She is also writing her own book. Her other hobbies are singing songs in apps. She likes gardening as well. She likes to explore natural places. Visiting natural places and enjoying calm sceneries is her best. She loves pets. She likes writing real stories and non – friction. Her most writing related to the life of real people’s life. She writes them without spoiling the real colors for her story. This is one of the best ways of writing her stories. She likes to relate herself in her own writing. She also writes stories in apps and publishes them. She keeps inspiring her students for writing and also encourages very budding writers to write. She helps them to start the writing with mistakes and clear them this inspires them to write her way. She thinks that writing stories are the best way for communicating with ourselves. She gives the better version of herself all the time. She wishes everyone to start up with their pen down to write and as well as to improve their own living. She deeply believes that writing will bring us a broad-minded person. The way of looking at things from a different perspective. She always says that everyone is different and unique. She enjoys reading books too. She likes the author’s own way of writing. She wishes everyone all the best for their life, and encourages everyone to write.


Sakshi Agrawal, daughter of Mr Gopal Agarwal is a young girl from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. She’s graduating in English honours from Patna University and is a CS aspirant as well. She loves to read, recite and write. She started writing for her peace of mind. But as every path has obstacles, she won over all of them with her hard work and never gave up. 

Her life got shifted when she started her own initiative, Shivaay Foundation, a place to feed needy people, to help them.


– Founder of Shivaay Foundation and a writing community- ink with blink and The Little Wings

– Other than this, she has co-authored 50+ Anthologies and has compiled 20 books

– recognized by OMG book of records for her unique book “feels I penned”

– recognized by bravo record book of international for her book “feels of Melody”

– recognized by star record book of international for her book “with love”

– recognized by India’s world record for her book “9 emotions”

– awarded with India star award for her book “kintsugi”

– Recognized by India book of records for her book “Rejoicing Life”

– Titled as “Grandmaster” by Asia book of records for her book “Rejoicing Life”

– nominee of Ne8x litfest 2020

– India star personality awardee 2020

– Sahityakosh Samman awardee 2021

– selected participant of tzp confident woman

– featured at Mt. Kenya times

– tridesta magazine feature for April month

-Senior editor India, Asia at Mt Kenya times and Classico opine

– Best social worker of the year awardee under most deserving awards 2021 by awardarc

– Selected for Rex karamveer chakra award 2020-21

– selected participant of cherry book awards in category: best author- fiction for her book from my darkened corner.

– selected participant of cherry books awards under category best reviewer

– international women’s inspirational awardee 2021 

– Guinness book of world record holder for Al-for-India 1.0 event.

– warriors of change awardee by awardsarc

– rising star of the year awardee by Priya wisdom publication

– women victory 2021 awardee under the category Woman Empowerment

– emerging women international Awardee by hope international book of records

– emerging Personality Award by opus talent awards

– Kalam Ratna Awardee By Kalam Foundation

– Prestigious Literary Awardee 2021

– Gallant Awardee by the Great Podium

– Featured in Merged Array Magazine, June edition

– titled as the Real Heroes by the Great Podium

– Certified by Cosmos World Records on International Yoga Day- 2021

– featured on the cover of Vibgyor magazine

– awarded with golden Arc award by AwardsArc


Krishika Lekhrajani is a young writer with big dreams. She started writing at the age of 14. She is a very optimistic girl who loves to chase her dreams and wants to achieve something great in life her main mantra is to believe in yourself and have full confidence and power to tackle any situation. Krishika recently received The Talent hunt literary awards for the year 2021. She has compiled three books as a compiler and a part of eight books as a co-author, her books as a compiler are ‘The Sky full of dreams’, ‘The Sea of Ink’ and the latest one was ‘The Purity of White Moon’. Her interview recently got published in a magazine named ‘Merged Array’ an international magazine. Her all books are live on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Flipkart, and other book-selling platforms. She has also received many certificates, First position in the Hindi writing competition, Second position in food photography, and some compiling certificates. She has also been featured on many podcasting platforms like Spotify, Gaana, Apple Music, and more than Sixty apps like these. She also received a customized keychain from Spotify with her album name on it. Her next goal is to publish solo books and list them as best-selling books on Amazon.


Ishani Agarwal hails from the City of Joy, Kolkata. She is the co-founder of her Community “Teekhe Zasbaaat” and Flairs and Glairs Publication.

Been a Compiler for 55+ Anthologies, she is in the process for more. Co-authored in 150+ Anthologies. She is a India Book of Records Holder, a Vajra World Records Holder, a High Range of Records Holder, an OMG Book of Records Holder, a Bravo Record holder, a Forever Star Book of World Records, an Indian Book of Records Holder and an Amazing Indian Records Holder. 

Approved by Ne8x for its Lit Fest 2020, and Literary Icon 2020. Also a Golden Star Awards Winner 2020.

She has also been awarded with India Star Republic Award 2021, a part of She Awards by Awards Arc and Winner of Nari Samman 2021 by Literoma.

She is also selected as Best Achiever of the Year by AwardsArc, Most Challenging Compiler Award by Spectrum Awards, Most Deserving Awards by Awards by Awards Arc, best Writer of the Year by Aspirant Achievers book of Records, Appreciated as the Guest of Honour by Cherry Book Awards, and many more.

She got her first solo Published,a solo Compilation consisting of first 750 contents of hers, titled “Hand That Burnt While Healing”.

She has been featured by the National Magazine “Taree Zameen Par” with the title ‘unstoppable’. She has been featured on the Cover of the Magazine ‘Classico Opine’ in their June Edition and has been interviewed by ‘Elysian Magazine’ for their Author Interview column in their July edition.

Also featured in the International Magazine DeMode for her upcoming solo novel, she is proud to write on social issues, and is happy with the love she is receiving.

Connect with her on Instagram: @Ishani_agarwal_quotes / @compilations_so_far 


JANANI R is an author, poet, short story writer, essayist, content writer, transcriptionist, public speaker, and a published co-author. She has self-published the storybook titled, “GOODLUCK: The Journey of Life” on Amazon Kindle and a paperback version in with ASIN: B09NSXVNSY. She has written almost 25+ writings as a co-author for many anthologies to various publications and some of them were recently published in Amazon, Notion Press, Flipkart, Google playbook, Kindle, and more. 

    As a Co-author, she has contributed her first poems titled “MEMORIES”, “LIFE” to Indian English Poetry Anthology by Young Minds (ISBN: 978-81-950236-6-0) and published by the Association of Global Academicians and Researchers (AGAR).

    Co-author of the anthology “Mon Amour Tu Es Ma Vie” published under the ISBN 978-1685637194 by INKZOID FOUNDATION Publication.

    Co-author of the anthology “Rain Drop on the Pain” published under the ISBN 978-93-91325-93-0 by Dream Publishers.

    Co-author of the anthology “True Sayings” published under the ISBN 978-93-5452-493-6 by WORDSGENIX PUBLICATION.

    Co-author of the anthology “Friendship Goals” published under the ISBN 978-93-5452-492-9 by WORDSGENIX PUBLICATION.

    Co-author of the anthology “Love She Spreads-Mom” published under the ISBN 978-1685231927 by INKZOID FOUNDATION.

    Co-author of the anthology “Dream Catchers” published under the ISBN 978-93-5452-395-3 by Spectrum of Thoughts Publication.

    Co-author of the anthology “An Emotional Hurl” published under the ISBN 978-93-5452-081-5 by Spectrum of Thoughts Publication.

    Co-author of the anthology “Green Sapphire” published under the ISBN 978-93-5452-587-2 by Spectrum of Thoughts Publication.

    Co-author of the anthology “Qurbat: The Frozen Feelings” published under the ISBN 9781685541774 by Weaved Emotions Publication.

    Co-author of the anthology “Shades of Soul” published under the ISBN 978-93-5481-082-4 by the Opus Coliseum Publication.

    Co-author of the anthology “Connected Constellation” published under the ISBN 978-93-5452-840-8 by WORDSGENIX PUBLICATION.

    Co-author of the anthology “Infinite Inklings” published under the ISBN 978-93-5452-789-0 by Spectrum of Thoughts Publication.

Her interview and audiogram about her writing experience in the literary field is been podcasted by Scribbling Inner Voice on various platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Spotify, Wynk Music Ganna, JioSavan, Apple Podcasts, and in 45+ applications. She is featured on the google page and in the magazine “CLASSICO OPINE”, August edition, an Exponential International Initiative. Also honored with the Certificate of Excellence. She is been awarded “Bircas Literary Awards” with a trophy and Certificate of Achievement also featured on the “Daily hunt” website for her contribution in the writing field. Awarded by FanatiXx Spectrum Awards special recognition of “Budding Writers Award” and honored with a trophy, medal along with Certificate of Recognition and Budding Writer batch. Her interest and thirst for writings began with the books of Rabindranath Tagore and R.K. Narayan, whose taste of Sylvan’s charm in writing inspired her greatly. She is working on her next masterpiece on the title “TOUCH ME WITH YOUR BLISS” and “BLACK SCARF” soon to be live. Her passion for writing encouraged her to reach her vision and she is still on the journey of writings to accomplish more.


Harsh Agrawal (14 dec 2000) he

persuing CMA right now. He is a writer,poet storyteller, freelancer and a businessman.

He generally used to sell his stories,he lives in Mathura. He believes that moments are nothing more than emotions.

His point of view towards life is –

each story that has been created gives a moral, right? And according to him, our life is a story and we all came here to write a story so that we can provide morals to our upcoming generations

and he thinks all the things that takes place in our life like the happiness, the debacle , the saudade, and sometimes the finifugal also,all the things whatever they are, are the chapters of our story which took place to make it more interesting and helping it to acheive it’s end.


Aarav Sharma, Born on Mar 21, is a person who believes in Human Values & Mindset. He always emphasizes that we all are Unique & Comparison between 2 can’t be possible.  We all individually are the Rare Creation but unfortunately have been forgotten. 

Academically, he started from St. Xavier school & ended up with a Post Graduate (MBA) in Finance & Bachelor of Law (LL.B). Also Studied in Institute of Chartered Accountants of India & Institute of Company Secretary of India along with CFA. Did intern under Advocate of Supreme Court of India.

Also in Aug 2022, he will receive certification from IIT DELHI (in Marketing & Branding) & IIM KASHIPUR (in Finance)

Currently preparing for PH.D, academically & for Passion, preparing for Guiness Book of World Record & TEDx Talk.


Tanuka Dhar is a 22 years old passionate writer & a published author born and raised in the smart city Durgapur, West Bengal, India and is currently residing in Kolkata for her higher studies. She is pursuing Bsc. In Media Science from Pailan College Management & Technology, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She is a PR Expert & A Social Media marketer by profession & and a writer by passion. 

She has become interested in this field since childhood and her inspiration to make her reach this extent is her grandfather. Tanuka comes from a good and respectable family, they are really supportive and caring with every decision and this is a great pillar she possess. Besides her parents, her best friend Bidipta Sain also aided and encouraged her a lot in this journey.

In addition to a great leadership, she has caring personality and an active participation that allows her to handle every situation that comes in her way. During this period ongoing of lockdown she polished her abilities which got her published in 10+ anthologies as well as 3+ Self-authored books covering “Coming of Age”, “Inked Thoughts” and “Torment”. She is a national and international rank holder in various writing competitions. Her hobbies include exploring various places with having a discerning palate making her familiar with a wide array of gastronomical delights. 

Tanuka’s level of communication skill is matchless, can blend in any group of people as well as  good at reading the atmosphere. People like her very much because of her fine qualities and good character.

She is the embodiment of numerous human virtues with a soft and polite disposition. She is ambitious and unrestrained towards her dream. With experienced marketing skill she strives for perfection. 

A dream to open a NGO, never she ignored the needs of people, contributing a lot to many other NGOs which also includes NGO for street dogs. 

Her message for other women is that nothing is impossible unless you try it. You may fail once, even twice but not the third time.

Her belief lies in the principle “Everything Is Impossible Until & Unless You Take Your First Audacious Step”.


Sometimes you have to choose between planning roots or growing wings and this is the belief of  Entrepreneur Stuti Luthra, residing in New Delhi.

Her pen name is Arshiya

She is presently pursuing her BA English Honours from Delhi university. She also aspires to be a Digital Marketer & Media manager.

Her journey from a writer to co-author, then a compiler and finally, she’s running her own publication, Sparkling Diamonds.

She has worked on more than 500 anthologies as co-author and compiler of  more than 25 anthologies. 

She has also been a part of the national magazine ‘Taare zameen par’ ( March & April Edition 2021) and other national record books as co-author. 

She recently got awarded with the title Spectrum India , 2022 for exemplary contribution to the field of Literature.

She has been awarded with different award titles, like ‘SPECTRUM INSPIRING INDIAN WOMEN 2021’ & ‘SHOORVEER AWARD’ by Spectrum Awards powered by FanatiXx , ‘ SHE AWARDEE 2021’ by Awards Arc & her most desired title Achiever of the year 2021 by Forever Star Book of World Records. 

She got featured in Digital Journal Press Release and also featured on 

, , , & for the title Top Inspiring Indian Women by Spectrum Awards.

Her Solo Articles are featured by The Weekly Mail , Menafn , Daily Hunt , Mt Kenya Times , The Real Preneur , Disrupt Magazine and many other popular websites. 

She got selected for various titles, like ACHIEVER FOR THE YEAR 2020 by achiever awards , 

THE VIRTUAL ACHIEVER AWARD 2020 by priyas publication , MOST DESERVING AWARD 2021 in the category of Best Writer of the year by arc awards, APPLAUSE AWARDS 2021  by Applause Awards in association with SillyFolks Productions, SPECTRUM SAAHITYA AWARDEE 2020 by Spectrum Awards powered by FanatiXx.

Right now, she’s focusing on her studies and planning for her solo books. 

She believes being in love with life is a key to eternal youth. You can reach out to her over…

Instagram: @arshiyaa_luthra08 & @writer_arshiya

Facebook : Stuti Luthra

YouTube channel: Sparkling Diamonds 


Seetal J. Olim is a  poet, an educator, an admirer of nature, yet a lover of rain, and a holder of Masters in English Literature. A very kind hearted personality indeed, in fact her pure friendly nature attracts many. An emphatic soul that loves all, yet another quality spoken for her wholesomeness. She always believed that words connected her with people and their unspoken emotions albeit desires like the works of a red string. She desires to be a blanket of comfort ,a voice of nostalgia , a valley of buried secrets ; a haven for the voiceless.

She connects with people on so many different levels and can provide comfort when in need through her words and believes that words hold so much power within that if given a voice, she can be a safe place for unleashed emotions. She considers herself a painter who wants to paint all her feelings through her words and lets her personality flow into her work…Being an aspiring Poetess, she pours her heart out through her pen in her writings and hopes for readers to feel a little less alone and provide a blanket of love from afar. After reading her works, the readers think of a complete Catharsis. It Purgates all their feelings and emotions, bringing out a sense of security.

Her deep love for Literature dragged her to the writing field with continuous motivation from her parents. Since childhood, she has considered books her best friends because they demand almost nothing instead of giving so much in return. Books have the power to free your brain and help you to travel to different worlds. They have always been an escape to the haven. They have always inspired her to do great things in life and overcome failures and determine a career choice to a great extent like her’s. Books enhance our writing skills too and give a boost to creativity. also helps us with a newer perspective and gives us a deeper understanding of things. She has a keen interest in Odia and Hindi Literature as well. therefore She writes in English, Hindi, and Odia.

She started writing at a very early age. She is a Published writer now with the publication of her quotes and poetries in numerous National and International anthologies and magazines of yearly published books of Odia Sahitya Academy. Has her poetry been published in THE ASIAN CHRONICLE newspaper. 

She deals with Love, Romance, Heart Break, Sadness, Depression, Trust, True Love, Soul Mate, Friendship, Nature. Social vulnerabilities like dowry, inequality,  casteism, racism, etc., strongly hope to change the world for the better through her words. She writes not to impress but to express her imaginations, pains, griefs, happiness and all that she goes through. For knowing her better, instead of asking you can prefer reading her writeups. She portrays emotions so well that one can relate to her words. You can live in her words, and she has the ability to make you immortal in her words because the way she writes, the emotions she penned down will never ever fade away. 


Aman Mehra (30th May 1992) his passion is Writing,dancing & film making. His hobbies include reading different genres together,travelling, he thinks about himself as a mountain person. He loves playing different instruments,he also loves cooking and performing on stage. He has done MBA in marketing,beyond that he holds certification in script writing,screen writing & direction. He lives by the quote by Steve jobs,  ‘How do the customers know what they want if they’ve never even seen it.’ 

He advices don’t go by the rules and the norms of what writing is and can be , beleive in what you want and it’ll be yours. He relates his life with cooking as there is

no fixed pattern in cooking,each masala can make your new dish and every dish has a new taste. So does life as we go through many things in our life and the success tastes very sweet. One mantra for living life which is 

followed by Aman is-

Be happy with what you have and go with the flow to achieve more in your life. You can read his thoughts on Instagram- @writermehra


Niraja Bandi has been working as a people’s manager for the past 23 years. She boasts of vast experience in the financial services industry, more so in the management domain. 

Having recently completed an executive management development program through IIM, she currently has a broad base of knowledge which allows her to explore many topics. Some of her key interests include contributing to academics, mentoring team members, advocating for women’s empowerment, and making society a better place. Traveling, listening to good music, watching cricket and badminton, reading, and participating in charity events are some of her favorite hobbies. That aside, she enjoys clicking pictures regularly, even though she is not a professional photographer.

Her passion for writing started when she was very young. Well, though she had the passion to write since long, never really explored much as she was busy with her professional career. In 2020, many of us had to work from home due to lockdown. She had some free time for herself wherein she used to browse some posts on social media. She started attending webinars on a wide range of topics to utilise her time effectively. One such webinar actually motivated her to start her journey as an author. Her books focus on educating, informing as well as entertaining the readers. She does not want to restrict herself to any specific genre. She would like to experiment writing all genres of books.

She writes blogs for One million Talent’s Audience. She also mentors the One million talent team.

She is a published author of 7 bestselling books namely Empower to Transform, The World as a Neural Network, Against the Storm, The Ones Who Dare, Sniffles and Smiles and The Corporate Napoleon. All her books have become bestsellers.

She is a recipient of the queen award, Prerana Ratna Samman award, Criticspace literary award, The pride of India award, Forever Star world awards, Sahitya Ratna Award, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala Samman Award, Rabindranath Tagore International Prize of Art award, Woman of substance award, Golden book award, etc.


She is Poetry Khakholia Mundra, 43 years old, married, having two children, living in the midst of hills and dales, valley and mountains, the  land of Goddess Kamakhya, Guwahati Assam. 

Her mother’s name is Deepa Devi Khakholia, Her father’s name is Debi Prasad Khakholia. She is fourth in her family, and is much attached with all her brothers and sisters..

Her name is Poetry given by her mother, who loved poems and poetry a lot, but then, she also didn’t know that one day, her daughter would really live her name, and today she is endeavouring towards becoming a successful writer..

She has done Mcom, Med and LLB, honours in management, was lecturer in the university for sometimes. But that never gave her the tranquil she was looking for, and life has so much for her in the basket that she started expressing  her thoughts and feelings into her own words.. She has written around about more than 4000 poems in almost all themes at your quote app.

She has done around more than 150 anthologies, and one compilation too ..Besides she has won accolades and many certificates in most writing community. Her work is published monthly in the international magazine Namaste India.. She is now focussing on her own solo book publication.. She is both a bilingual and an erotica writer which is her USP too…. She loves to play, rhyme and chyme with words in her own chords.. Last but not the least she is a tea and music lover whose only abode is peace and empathy

Her motto in life is to

Live and let live

Love and let love..


When we have strong determination and perseverance then nothing is impossible for us. The best example is Mrs.Pramila Kumari Behera, who has proved that age is just a number. She started her writing career at the age of 40, but she could publish a solo book of poems within few months.

Mrs. Pramila Kumari Behera was born in Berhampur Odisha but lives in Bengaluru. Her father is a retired person now. He was working for central govt of India in postal department. Her husband is a Senior delivery manager in a software company in Bengaluru. During lock down, she got an opportunity to enhance her skills of writing. So, she started writing in various anthologies as a co-author.

Mrs. Pramila is from science background. Henceforth, she was always having a fear for literature. During lock down, she got an opportunity to enhance her skills of writing. So, she started writing in various anthologies and joined various writing platforms. 

Mrs. Pramila Kumari Behera, from Berhampur, Odisha made a new World record at the age of  forty years and she has published a solo book which has 146 poems related to various issues of  the society, girls, girl child, gender discrimination issues, education, school, teachers, romantic moments, environmental issues, real life incidents, India, soldiers, relationships, mother, father, brothers, sisters , hurdles, success, love, anger, sky, music, day, night, moon , Sun, , dreams , eminent personalities, festivals, struggles, animals and birds etc. Basically, it’s an amalgamation of human beings and their life.

She is a World record holder under INKZOID book of records, won medals, trophies along with certificates from Glorious Book of Records, OMG Book Of Records, Talent pillar award, Fame Fever award, International talent award, Shinning Star Awards & Golden Bird Awards. 

She is an international published author. Her poems and blogs related to fashion have been published in Mt. Kenya Times, Diaspora Global times, Classico opine magazine(Kenya) .Some of her poems have been featured in various websites and blogs too.

Therefore, Inkzoid book of records appreciates her hard work and her name enters in the World record edition-2021.

She writes everyday as writing became her passion and it gives oxygen to her cells. She believes that healthy mind and body are the assets of one’s life. Hence, she does aerobics exercise and yoga every day. Soulful meditation is one of the secrete for her beautiful life.

She is in debt to Mr. Abhilash Rout and Dear Durlav Sarkar for helping her in achieving various world records by identifying her strengths and potentials. 

Furthermore, she extends her warm gratitude towards her family members who stood with her in thick and thins. She remains ever grateful to everyone who has supported and cooperated in achieving this world record.


A.S.Sethupathi is the Founder of  website. He is from Anthiyur, Erode district, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a Civil, Structural Engineer cum Architect, Blogger, House Plans Creator, You Tuber, Vastu Consultant, Best selling author, world record holder and an Awards winning Nonfiction Book Author.  He completed Civil Engineering (2013) and M. Tech in Structural Engineering (2015) at the Hindustan University, Chennai. He has learned Vastu Shastra by himself. And he learned to make house plans as per Vastu Shastra . Also, he makes blueprints, sections, elevation drawings, interior design drawings in both 2D and 3D. After some research, He knew that many people in this world are looking for house plan ideas. Hence, he decided to create house plan books as per Vastu Shastra for the people who need house plans to build their dream house. Now he creates house plans and publishes them all over the world thru his books  and website. 

He has been Awarded Twenty Awards for his Non Fiction Book and achievements.1. The Indian Awaz- 100 Inspiring author of India 2021,  2. Elite Book Awards- Best Author Non Fiction ,3. Hope International World Record – Gandhi – Mandela International Award ,4. Priyaswisdompublication- Fame in frame awards , 5. The Back Penning Awards – Top Changemaker of India and Non fiction Author of India , 6. Iconic Talent Award- Rising Star of the year , 7. Cherry Book Awards- The Pride of India Award , 8. Millennia Awards – Writer of the year , 9. Bharatiya youth face of india- Asia’s 100 most inspirational people awards, 10. Quidditch ink Awards – India Fame Award, 11. Awards arc – Golden Arc Awards 2021, 12. The social tape- India’s Top 100 Authors Award 2021 ,13. NE8x LITFEST- Best Nonfiction Book Award for “House plans as per vastu shastra book” ,14. The Fireboxx- International Fireboxx book of world records- Best Non fiction Award, 15. Inkzoid Awards- Talent pillar awards, 16. Best Award- Best Non fiction Author,17. NE8x CONFLUENCE AWARD- “Consultant”, 18. Bircas Awards – The Acheiver’s Award , 19. Shahanshah virtual awards, 20. Ne8x Inspiring Indians 2022.

Also, He has been featured by Fox interviewer, India saga, Hindustan Metro, Maxtern media, the Weekly mail, Disrupt magazine, Yolo daily, the indies times ,realminati, the daily beat, the UBJ, the entrepenuer stories , washingtontimesnow, Atlanta news world, Influence magazine, Indian daily, Poranews, Medium, xpertimes, dailyhunt, zee5,edtimes and the London reporter.    

Moreover, His Books are Available on various Online Platforms. They are Amazon, Flipkart, Notion Press, Draft2Digital,Smashwords, Publishdrive, the pencil app, kobo, Google Play books, lulu and more. He published his books on Tamil , English and Hindi Languages. Some of the popular and best-selling books of him are as follow as “ House Plans as per vastu Shastra”, “500 Various Sizes of House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra”, “Latest G+1 House Plan Designs” ,“Wondrous East Facing 2BHK House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra”, “North Facing House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra” , “HOUSE PLANS as per Vastu Shastra Part -1” , “HOUSE PLANS as per Vastu Shastra Part -2”, “West Facing House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra” , “Beautiful South Facing House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra” , “Small House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra” and so on. To Find his Books just type his name AS Sethupathi in Google Search box . In Books Section you get all of his books. Also check out his author pages. One of his most popular best selling book  named as “ House Plans as per Vastu Shastra” will come for sale in New Delhi world Book Fair soon.


Ms.Noor Tabassum, an eminent author from Karnataka, India has penned yet another wonder- The Adorable Prod. Hailing from Karnataka,India with most of her childhood spent in the greenery; her writings are deeply influenced from the keen observations and motivational aura. Author of two best selling books- Sensibles and Twisted Firsts; Noor Tabassum’s new book is a collection of three women oriented stories.

Published by Peaceful Writers International,,THE ADORABLE PROD is a beautiful collection of three romantic and women-oriented stories that portray love and women’s strength.

Women are the epitome of strength, love, tolerance, and patience. They may be fragile physically, but they are strong and rigid regarding what they believe.

When she is loved and respected, she surrenders the entire world to the one who loves her. At the same time, if she is treated with hatred, and disrespect she can destroy the entire world. 

Similarly, love is a pure and unique feeling. Love makes life magical and beautiful. But when love changes to lust, it loses its meaning and becomes toxic. One can sacrifice life in love, but it is the most dangerous thing when done for some selfish reason.

This book amazingly describes these feelings which three most bold, beautiful, and amazing women underwent. It defines how they deal with a difficult situation and how they emerge as the winners.

The Adorable Prod reflects vividly on reflections and beliefs of women. Set up in three different settings and revolving around ardent themes of love,loss and life; the book aims to bring the raw vehemence of women and their battles- big and small.

The book is available at Flipkart,,, Notion Press Store, Kindle and on Smashwords.

Noor Tabassum, an already known figure in the world of literature is blogger in the Times of India,with her writings featured at Times of India,Mirror Stories,Muse:India my space and Gulf news to name a few. Her latest book is a promising and interesting read for readers across the globe.


Alvin Mark. R is a budding writer and Author from Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. He was born on 14th July 2002 and he is a 19-year-old poet and writer. He was born in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. 

He is an upcoming writer and he has worked as co-author and compiler for many publications and published 30+ books as co author and 10+ book as compiler.  His first audio feature came under his pen name “Simon Nicodemus” for a spoken poetry titled “The magical Comrade” which was released by SIV (Scribbling Inner Voice). He has written a solo book named “25 personen of my vita” which got released on 17th July 2021 and that’s his first book as an author. He is the founder and owner of Jehovah Jireh publication which he created on 14 July 2021 and through that publication, he published lots of books of many budding writers. He successfully completed the world record of world’s fastest written duo book in just 2 hours 7 minutes and entered into the Inkzoid book of records along with his friend Harshitha. He is currently studying in Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli.


Sree Durga Naraharasetti is an 18 years old student teacher who belongs to kakinada, Andhra Pradesh in India.

She is the author of the book THE LIBRARY 

She is A passionate writer. She writes quotes,stories,poems. Apart from writing she knows carnatic classical and classical dance also. She writes quotes in A bilingual way (both inTelugu and English)  she is A good artist.she portrays several things,incidents in A subtle and sensible way. She is a versatile Artist and A blossoming writer her writings are related to love,life,crime,beauty of nature ,current social issues and also social evils.

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