Top 5 Chimneys for shielding your home from poison and grime (October 2023)

Picture yourself preparing your preferred dish in a space that is laden with strong scents and smoke. The Chimneys in your kitchen is silent defender, arrive during these times.

A kitchen chimney keeps your kitchen clean and dirtless by sucking up all the oil particles, fumes, smoke and steam that is produced during cooking food. It chases smoke away like a watchful guardian, making sure your cooking adventures stay a pleasure instead of a smoky is a real breath of fresh air, keeping the atmosphere pleasant and tidy, and it is much more than just a practical addition. It will give your interior a classy look and upgrade your kitchen by gracing it more.

For a better selection of chimneys, we will provide you with a brief description of best chimney in india, along with its pros and cons, along with the consumer rating to assist you in making a meaningful decision.

5 Things to look out for before buying the best kitchen chimney?

Suction Power:

Suction power is the capacity of the motor to suck oil particles and odour. It is also defined as the ability of the chimney to extract the odour and smoke. The suction capacity of the chimney depends upon your type of cooking. For instance, if you like to eat proper Indian food such as dal fry, mutter paneer etc your suction capacity should be high.

Auto Clean Technology:

The auto-clean chimney works more efficiently than manual cleaning. It contains features that assist in maintaining it, in excellent condition, and you can even remove the oil collector and make it clean. However, for the regular chimney, you need to work very hard with expert assistance or aggressively to clean the insides and outsides of the equipment since oil and dirt are trapped over it. As a result, the regular chimney required frequent maintenance to keep it running effectively. Thus buy chimneys that have auto-cleaning technology to smooth your work.

Chimney Size:

While buying a chimney you must take care of the chimney size. The chimney size depends on the size of the hob or stove. it should be larger than your stove.

Easily maintenance and after-sales service:

Remember, buy a kitchen chimney from a renowned company that offers easy installation and prompt after-sales service. Having a yearly Maintenance Contract makes your work easier. The expert will repair it if they find any problem with the chimney.


An auto-clean chimney is more expensive than standard chimneys since it is built with more advanced technical equipment, has more functions and in future will run successfully for a longer period. The chimney for kitchen size varies from its size, technology and its features. It has several benefits like auto clean technology and suction power etc. 

Here are the list of Top 5 Chimneys in October 2023

FABER Hood Mercury Pro HC SC FL BK 90 Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney (Black 1200 CMH)

The Faber Mercury Pro Chimney has high suction power of up to 1200 cubic metres per hour. The Faber Hood Mercury Pro HC FL BK 90 cm, will give you a smoke and odour-free kitchen to cook and help keep you disease-free. Filterless and auto-clean technology features of this product will keep your kitchen clean and peaceful with low-noise motors.


  • The product has filterless and auto-clean technology.
  • It is made with stainless steel which protects from rusting and is powder coated.


  • There is no power-saving mode.

Customer rating: 4.5

PRICE: 11,990

Elica WDFL 906 HAC LTW MS NERO Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney (Black 1200 CMH)

Elica’s advanced filter technology reduces your efforts from regular cleaning. Every feature, from its motion sensors to its filterless technology, is crafted keeping in mind the modern-day chef. It can easily fit into your kitchen and also add value to your interior. So if you are looking for something good in both functions and looks, Elica’s chimney is the perfect one for your kitchen. With Elica, manual cleaning has become a thing of the past. Equipped with a unique Heating pad and an oil collector at its base, this chimney ensures automatic cleaning. This chimney price is 13,499/- during the sale.


  • It is very effective in removing odour.
  • It has self-clean mastery and heat auto-clean benefits.
  • It comes with an in-built oil collector that can remove oil and dirt


  • There is no Timer present
  • No option for power saving mode.

 Customer Rating:    4.4

PRICE:  13,499

Hindware Ripple 90 IN Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney (Black 1350 CMH)

The Hindware Ripple 90 IN Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney, Ideal, for stoves with 4-5 burners, boasts a suction capacity of 1350 CMH and its width is measured at 88 cm. There is no Filter used, instant auto-clean with heat/water on button press this feature ensures the collection chamber remains free from grime and debris. Moreover, it’s remarkably effective in eradicating any unwanted odour, ensuring that the kitchen stays fresh and smoothly functioning. This chimney price is 13,599/- during the sale.


  • This Chimney comes with touch control facilities.
  • It has auto cleaner facilities
  • It has two LED lights.


  • The chimney is ductless
  • There is no power-saving mode.

Customer Rating: 4.2

PRICE: 13,599

Elica WDFL 606 HAC LTW MS NERO Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney (Black 1200 CMH)

Elevate your culinary experience with the Elica and relish a kitchen experience like never before. It provides cutting-edge technology with immaculate elegance. It blends in with any kitchen, providing unrivalled performance, and utmost conveniences. It has unmatched fireless technology. Elica Chimney is the ideal kitchen companion that will provide you with both functionality and elegance.


  • The chimney comes with an in-built oil collector.
  • It has three speed levels.
  • Suitable for 3-4 burners.


  • There is no remote control available.

Customer Rating: 4.4

PRICE:  12,499

Hindware NEVIO PLUS BLACK 90 Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney (Black 1400 CMH)

This chimney comes with a stainless steel oil collector that will gather the oil and other waste, this oil is rust-free, everlasting and makes cleaning a breeze. It will help in elevating odours and fumes from the kitchen. With just the touch of a button, this technology makes use of heat to get rid of oil particles and other debris from the chimney. Thermal auto-clean technology that helps you to work efficiently.


  • The chimney comes with an oil collector built in.
  • It has a power-saving mode.


  • There are non-adjustable lamps.
  • There is no dimming facility.

Customer Rating: 4.5

PRICE: 10,599

FAQs (Frequently asked questions):

  1. What is the need for the kitchen chimney?

A kitchen chimney will help you in many ways such as in elevating bad smells, smoke etc. It keeps your walls safe and shiny with no sticky grease and fumes. Also will enhance the interior of your kitchen.

  1. How often do I have to clean my chimney?

To keep your chimney in optimal condition, clean baffles or mesh filters about 2-3 times per week. Carbon filters should be replaced every 3-6 months.

  1. How can we distinguish between ducted and ductless chimneys?

The ducted chimneys expel air outside, whereas ductless ones recirculate purified air back into the kitchen.

  1. How do I determine the right size for my chimneys?

The chimneys should be larger than your stove or hob so that they can work efficiently.

  1. Are wall-mounted chimneys better than ceiling-mounted ones?

Both kinds of chimneys have their benefits, Wall-mounted chimneys are perfect for the kitchen with limited space and are commonly used in the kitchen, whereas ceiling-mounted chimneys are ideal for kitchens with stoves located away from walls.

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