Untold story of Rohit Kakde

This is Rohit Kakde, and I am just 23 years old. Just like others, I too had struggled a lot to reach this place. I started my career just 4 years back but not as a trader. Instead of this, I went to Pune to learn aircraft maintenance engineering, and I did the same course for approximately 4 to 5 months and which is a licensed course. But within the time span of two months, I realised that this field will not help me as I could not develop an interest in the same. So, after some time in finance, I got to know about the stock market.

And in no time, I opened an account and therefore started trading by learning from YouTube, but I suffer losses over 1.5 years as I was a freshie. The losses from the market were so much worse that I spent my complete fees for college. After that, I got to know if I want to stand at the top in this field and for getting profits knowledge is very necessary, as without knowing the only thing you will get is only loss.

After some time, I started attending some basic classes where I got to learn about indicators but that didn’t come useful to me. Rather than those indicators were to understand charts only. But when I started live trading, then the result was the same as the loss was more. At that time, I thought there might be some psychological mistake in all this. So, I checked everything from the very basic and then I got to realise that these indicators are not helpful for trades as I followed them and doesn’t receive any success. Then I went along with price actions, as I had heard a lot about that on YouTube, but it is different for everyone. So, I tried it on my own and I got some personal changes and I realised that this is happening because I did this and I followed that only. Therefore, at the current time, I can say that it is going well for me.

I will not say that the day when I started was a waste as it helped me a lot, but differently. With the help of that day today, I can do live trades and the best thing is that right now I am getting good profits from the market. I am blessed to have a great circle and friends who have uplifted me when it was dark and helped me succeed in my trading journey. In a long run trading will make you either beast or you will be eaten by a beast.

There are a lot of things to learn in life as currently I am doing a BBA and in the upcoming future, I want to go with an MBA in finance. It is not that you have achieved everything, one can learn a lot from this life and one should always go after it. And I always think that how much we learn is always less so it’s always a great option to learn new things.

Basically, I am unknown to most of you as I belong to a small village Wani where proper mobile networks were not available and at that time, I started trading. And I think that if I can do it in such a situation, then it is not a laborious task for everyone as anyone can do it. For the past 3 years, I have had a connection with Motilal Oswal, which is a finance company in India and there we provide all the services that are related to brokerage firms at village and talukas levels where there is zero awareness and no proper setup. We had also conducted a seminar in Wani and e are also planning to conduct such 12-15 seminars every year. So that there must be awareness in every city and people must know about it and people must get to know about the market that how can they make money and how much this is essential for investment.

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