A book with no name

Don’t smile to hide your pain, smile because it can brighten others’ life.

Unnamed – a book on understanding yourself; it highlights how one can transform himself/herself from a state of grief to happiness. This book depicts different extreme life situations where individuals feel low and at times they harm themselves.  

We are living in a beautiful world with people having diversified origins. Some people are truly kind and some people are always fighting for their self-interests. This book advocates being kind. When most of the authors look for fame, the author of the book doesn’t want to take any credit and that is why this book will be published with a pen name.

Further, going anonymous has its advantage – it doesn’t allow the readers to interpret the content based on the author’s profile. It will be easier for the readers to go through the concept without bias.

A brief overview about the theme:

The world is built on the foundation of principles that must be adhered to if one must enjoy the full dividends of how much positivity the world has to offer. As we must know that the daily life of humans and the essence of humanity as a whole, is the constant fight for balance, a drive for good over evil and a need to keep advocating for the truth. This book has been put together to address nine – just nine – of the many principles that could help make the world a better place for ourselves as individuals, as a family, as a community and the world in general. You may wonder why it is important for us as humans to live by principles. This book suggests some reasons.

Have you ever stopped to consider why do you make the decision that you make? Have you ever wondered why do you get a nasty feeling in the pit of your stomach after doing something that you know is wrong, it is most likely because you have strong moral values. These principles are present in everyone, although their manifestations vary from one person to another. Investigating your moral convictions may be valuable because they have an impact on a variety of aspects of your life.

A collection of unambiguous truths that provide us with tools for judging our thoughts and actions is how principles should be organized, and that is how they should work. Because they are based on reality, principles are universal and may be practiced without exception anywhere in the world. Even if the situation we find ourselves in is completely unfamiliar, having a solid set of guiding principles will help to make quick decisions.

Unfortunately, even though our guiding ideals are extremely important, we do not always pay them the attention they need. However, we must build a set of solid and genuine beliefs to succeed in any endeavor. After then, and only then, would we be able to figure out what to do in a tense relationship, how to deal with obstacles at work, and what political and economic policies to put in the next place.

This book will be helpful to understand your inner self, whether you are on track or off the track…. And guide you on what to do to stay on track.  Pre-order this book at: https://unnamed.in

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