Every human being is conscious of their appearance, health, and wellbeing. This has been prevalent for ages. But, the necessity to maintain one’s look has become amplified in the present era.

 A good appearance boosts self-esteem and self-confidence, which necessitates the need to remain fit and appear radiant and strong, which in turn amplifies the demand for cosmetic clinics.

If you are on a hunting spree and are rummaging on the internet about whom to contact for cosmetology or dental problems, the name of Dr. Deepti Mehra will come up on the frontline. She is one of the best in treating cosmetic and dental problems.

She is a dentist and a Clinical cosmetologist and owns a dental and cosmetic clinic in Delhi.


Initially, when she started her clinic around 5 years back the clinic had only 2 rooms and she took out a loan to begin the venture. Although during the initial stage it catered to minimum requirements, all the services offered were very vital. She lent her services and treatments to many people and it was by word of mouth the clinic began to expand. From a small shop in one corner of a lane, it came to the forefront and made an identity of its own. Now, it has become a clinic of 6 rooms.

The preliminary stage was not easy for her. She didn’t take any help from anyone and invested her own money. Everything was done and executed on her own. In the starting days, machines were taken on EMI’s or rent.


 Her efforts, hard work, and zeal to succeed paid off. Now her clinic is equipped with all the latest machines, Lasers, medical facials, x- rays, and many more.

It is with the help of the Government of India,  we are endowed with the opportunity of opening an Institute where we can train the doctors.

By having a clinic she is empowering women and others as well as accomplishing her own goals.

In the last 5 years, they have tied up with many NGOs, provided jobs to many, and offered free services to many needy and destitute.

At the same time, she continued with her education as well, bagged many degrees and certificates, and completed various diploma and certificate courses.

She has been the receiver of many awards and represented India both nationally and internationally during the time of Corona.

Among her list of patients, besides serving general people, they have treated celebrities, Paralympians, sports personalities, politicians, etc.

She was invited as a Judge to judge a panel of models and was also invited to a college along with IPS, and IAS officers.

She was featured in print media and interviewed on many news channels.

Recently she met many eminent personalities like Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Govinda, Minisha Lamba, and others.

The facilities available in her clinic

Facilities and services available are Dental and Cosmetology services of every kind, RCT, Scaling, Implants, Extraction, PRP, Medical facials, and Chemical peels.

Apart from these facilities, they are also offering various courses for doctors as well as for non medical professionals. For doctors too, there are courses like facial aesthetics, clinical cosmetology. For non medical professionals, courses like skin therapist, assistant courses are available.

If anyone wants to join, they have to contact the given address.

Dr. Deepti’s Dental and Aesthetics

RZD 1/5Rz D1/5 Mahavir Enclave

Near DOMINO’s, 45

Above HDFC Bank

Delhi- 110045

New Delhi

Phone number: 09540417474

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