Asmaa Manpower was founded in the year 2019 as Asma Consultancy

in the city of Cuttack (Odisha) by three talented individuals – Mr Sek Bilal (Founder) Mr Mohammed Athar (Co-Founder)& Mr Swadhin Pradhan(Managing Director). Company has been started with a view to make best use of manpower. Initially it has started its operation in Odisha and worked with numerous companies and now the company has branches in all-over the country.

Asmaa Manpower – What do they provide?

The company mainly works in providing the employment as well as staffing services to the multinationals. The company has a stronghold in many professional fields with a team of well trained and dedicated employees. Below listed are the services that Asmaa Manpower provides: 

• Account Management: Accounting being one of the most time taking fields for any organization, it’s a relief that a company like Asmaa Manpower provides solutions in this area. The company deals in partner acquisition, retail audits, demand generation among many other things.

• Managed Sales: Sales can be a tedious task for any organization. However, it is also one of the most important departments for any company. So, it is important to outsource this work to only the most professional people in the industry. Asmaa Manpower provides end-to-end sales process management from hiring to training to ensuring results.

• Hiring & Staffing: Human Resources are one of the most important criteria that every company pays close attention to. Good employees can improve the performance of a company multifold. Asmaa Manpower provides assistance in all kinds of hiring and staffing process for all levels of an organization.

• Merchant Acquisition: Acquiring clients is a difficult task and requires a certain skillset which, frankly, not everyone possesses. Asmaa Manpower solves this problem by providing merchant acquisition services in 150+ cities across the country.And proudly we have completed 7 lakh + merchant acquisition in last one year .

• Background Checks: Every company wants to hire trustworthy employees who have a clean and non-sketchy past. But how do companies get a hold of all the past information of a prospective employee? Asmaa Manpower solves this problem by providing background checks and KYCs for its clients at an effective cost through a network which is spread throughout the country.

• Training and Development: An employee is like wet sand. He/she can be molded into an excellent person as well as employee through different training processes which normally come under the duty of a company. Asmaa provides training and development services through seminars, conferences and workshops.

• Digital Leads Fulfilment: In today’s world, it is not a hard task to create leads. Social media has made it a lot easier than it used to be to find leads for the sales department. But what still remains a big task is closing those leads into sales. Not many people can do that. Asmaa Manpower has professional personnel who help their clients to turn their leads into sales effectively.

• Sales Process & Outsourcing: This field can dive deep into a company’s pockets and cost a lot for the management and deplete their profits. Asmaa Manpower claims to reduce the costs for its clients by at least 35% which is not bad actually.

• Onboarding Services: Onboarding merchants can be a lengthy process. There’s a lot of paperwork involved and a lot of compliances need to be fulfilled. Asmaa Manpower takes care of this. The company has already onboarded over 1 lakh merchants for different companies.

Asmaa Manpower – What is their vision?

“We want to serve our clients at large and we promise for efficient use of the manpower and effective utilization and positioning of it, in such a way which can benefit our esteemed client as well as the people working for us.” This statement really throws light on the passion that the company’s management holds for providing efficient professional services to its clients.

Asmaa Manpower – What is their mission?

India is rich of population and we have the most talented and skillful minds in the world, Still we struggle due to unemployment of youth.  “Our Mission is to reach on top with a powerful brand value by providing the best management and staffing solutions to our esteemed clients with quality services As well as We aim to provide more oppurtunities in the society and adding value in shaping our countries future.”

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