Bollywood /Television Film Industry Workers, Staff and Technicians to go on Strike for coming two days starting from today in amid of low wages and facing work hindrances/Issues.

Mainstream Bollywood stars are often in the lime light due to their performances and appearances but they seek more than 80 percent credit due to their back staff ,technicians and their support team like Make up , Lights and sound, How ever their tireless jobs and work schedule are fetching them low wages and not even enough to take care of their families and their children education , criticised by their families for not receiving timely wages and salaries for their members working in the film industry are forcing them to take such an action to go on a strike for two days , the Film Industry union of Artists have called for a two days strike starting from 16th March 2022 (Wednesday) for 2 days in lieu in which they will be putting across their demands in front of the association , On speaking with our sources and members within the association the workers and back staff along with technicians will observe a strike and will not be reporting to work for the next two days which will hamper most of the production schedules . We have rarely seen such strikes within the industry expressing opinions in silent joining protest marches highlighting their important issues.

The film industry Staff , camera man team and technicians have signed a joint petitions and the letter prepared which is likely to be submitted to their association tomorrow afternoon for which all have come together to protest highlighting demanding relaxation in the working schedule and paying them with hikes.

The clearest example of their unity is seen when all have signed on the petition and will observe a complete strike for any shoots.

They all spoke to Bollywood Planet News about how the old rules should be abolished quickly by adding “We haven’t taken this step in a moment of hot-headedness but with a clear thought,” said a Technician.

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