Chai Kulhad Club wins ‘Most promising restaurant of the year’Award at the India Business Summit 2022

On June 25, 2022, the Indian Business Summit names Chai Kulhad Club as the year’s most promising restaurant. To commemorate the occasion of being a prestigious rising domestic tea chain, the premier event was organizedfor young entrepreneurs at Mumbai’s Holiday Inn and was attended by fellow start-ups and entrepreneurs from every sphere of business. In addition to the fantastic connection opportunities among fellow founders who attended the event boasts over speakers, mentors, and investors.

The Kulhad chai at Chai Kulhad Club is said to be of the highest quality, with the best flavours blended in to create the most authentic flavour. Their tea packs make wonderful presents because they revive an ancient tea-brewing custom. Their morning Adrak and Elaichi tea is a power-packed way to start the day known for great ambiance, quality, sophistication, and distinguished taste that’s not just pocket-friendly but eco-friendly too.

Hailing from a typical Indian middle-class family, brother duo Yashwant Gupta and Pritesh Gupta were busy spending life behind a desk handling other people’s problem and advancing someone else’s business. It goes without saying, every salaried person has an idea lurking around in the brain to quit the job and begin with something which satisfies the idea of being independent in life and makes one happy!! Likewise, co-founder Yashwant Gupta was working as a customer care executive on amazon past 5 years and his partner Pritesh Gupta was working as a marketing specialist past 11 years. Until one day they had decided to discontinue! They had no idea and in 2019 they started Chai Kulhad Club, becoming their own bosses by breaking off all ties and choosing entrepreneurship over mundane 9 to 5 jobs. The Inspiration behind incepting Chai Kulhad Club began by establishing a place where people can connect and take a sip and relax away fromtheir worries in a pocket-friendly manner. The success story that everyone aspires to write is one in which they follow their passion and make it come true!

Needless to mention, nothing beats a hot cup of tea, whether it’s in the morning, when you’re fatigued, or when you’re catching up with friends. India is second in the world for tea production, and chai is the ideal beverage to enjoy at any time. One of the best spots that draws people from every nook and cranny of the city to linger over their cup of kadak chai is Chai Kulhad Club, which was founded in Indore and is now spreading its wings across India. There are various snack options available at every café, but Chai Kulhad Club has much more to offer. Chai Kulhad Club is a café selling a collection of teas in Adrak, elaichi, and chocolate flavours to name a few that is rather difficult to skip.Green tea, black tea, Muska buns, French fries, pasta, cheese chutney, sandwiches, panner takatak sandwiches, ice tea, non-alcoholic coffee, beer, red wine, whiskey, scotch, and other menu items are just a few of the many options given by Chai Kulhad Club.

With the goal of putting a smile on everyone’s face and using Kulhads to serve tea as an ecologically friendly practice, Chai Kulhad Club is on a mission to improve the world. They are committed to bringing you the best products and beverages when you need them.

What theyobserve to move forward is their concept of creating a spot where people can sit, sip tea, unwind, and chat. A few moments of carefree laughter with the friends are all that really matters at the end of the day. They have the same vision for what they want to offer to the customers.

With this aim, they want to give everyone an exceptional experience by fusing the rich Indian culture’s values and morals with the world’s dynamic environment.The co-founders at Chai Kulhad Club aim to inspire young students and aspiring entrepreneurswho aspire to create a change in society with self-employment.

Come on over and explore the best set of a Cup of Tea and Snacks in the Chai kulhad club!

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