CHAIIWAY: A new food business on its way to strengthen women empowerment and increasing employment to young generation .

Ab Nahi rahegi lachari, kyunki naari banegi vyapari, which means “The helplessness is gonna end, as woman is going to be a businessperson” in Hindi. That reveals what CHAIIWAY, India’s first driving business, aims to do for the country’s women. As part of its mission, CHAIIWAY is working to transform the status of female workers and add to the progressions in women’s empowerment. The company, which is being launched soon, plans to give Indian women a stage to evolve from their present selves and become monetarily independent.

What makes CHAIIWAY  unique in India? 

You may now ask what’s so special about CHAIIWAY. The answer is that it is a remarkable problemsolving platform for those who want to feature their abilities. CHAIIWAY has a remarkable working style, from giving 100% purity and ensured quality to adding to our country by giving free chai to the FRONTLINE HEROES, DISABLED, AND OLD-AGED. In fact, CHAIIWAY is India’s first-ever company that allows individuals to open shop with respect to their name identity and make their own brand For ex PANDEYJI KA CHAIIWAY.BAMBOO CHAI is our main attraction.

Another remarkable thing about CHAIIWAY is that it cares about and aims to benefit everybody that it comes in touch with, including customers and franchise owners with 100% assured taste quality. MAIN UNIQUENESS IS THE NAMES OF OUR FOOD ITEMS ARE UNIQUE TITLES.

CHAIIWAY ‘s benefits for Customers 

CHAIIWAY works for you, with you, and from you. Customers’ satisfaction is the company’s highest priority, and it works to put that into action.

At CHAIIWAY, you can enjoy –

  • Free “chai divas’ ‘ on chhath pooja , Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, Muharram, Hanuman Jayanti, and Christmas.
  • 24×7 open shops kiosk facilities and customer help assistant and answer 20 questions and take a free cup of chai.
  • Delicious snacks to soothe your tiring day
  • Amazing and hygienic homemade products at reasonable rates with 5% to 10% price gifts.
  • Eco-friendly student inbuilt software
  • Training and underdevelopment program how to keep good health

CHAIIWAY ‘s benefits for Franchise Owners 

CHAIIWAY believes businesses run with solidarity, and franchise owners are the foundation of every chain firm. In fact, CHAIIWAY contributes to a hassle-free, affordable, profitable, and growing platform for franchise owners, with a monthly profit of 4% to 8% on investments. Moreover, 51 free plants and management-technical support are provided on an investment of INR 99,999.

From no franchise fee to free digital and online marketing, franchise owners can benefit from 100% guaranteed, with that, 25% shares will be given to individuals from weaker minorities, opening up a CHAIIWAY store.  CHAIIWAY has got it all for franchise owners: low investment, higher margins, profits, and a rich income with assurity of belief in sales and production. 

CHAIIWAY ‘s benefits for Conciliators

CHAIIWAY provides a surplus monthly and a corporate gift for every parallel space provider conciliator. With that, conciliation is a needed step in our business that enables us to connect and reach out to more targeted and precise audiences. One of the most important parts of a food business is what it has on its menu and CHAIIWAY has given due importance to what it plans to serve its customers. Well, the company brings to you the best chai (tea) and Indian delicacies (Litti Chokha, and Poha) in Noida. And the most important thing is that all the food is hygienic as it is homemade and is served with affection.

Indians love their cup of tea in which they sometimes mix a special blend of spices to add a unique flavor and aroma to it. Chai is an energizing and refreshing beverage that not only invigorates the mind and body but also lifts your spirits. 

Litti Chokha is the possessed dish of Bihar and needless to say the pride of the state. It originated centuries ago as a staple food during the Magadha Kingdom. It is a complete meal that has gained popularity not only in India but also across the world, due to its rustic taste. The delicacy is composed of Litti (a special kind of Indian bread) and chokha, (a tasty vegetable dish that is primarily made from potatoes or brinjal). 

The other delicacy that CHAIIWAY brings to you, Poha, is a boon for people who are focused on health as it is made from flattened rice. It is a healthy but tasty option for people who want to lose weight. 

How the idea for CHAIIWAY was born 

Mr. Shashank,a 19 years young mind the  founder says he is launching CHAIIWAY soon with his cofounder Yashika. He says the two were studying when they saw problems regarding the cleanliness and trusted quality of chai and other food items along the roadside and roadside sellers could not make a remarkable mindprint of their items on customers . They then researched and thinking a lot how we can bring a brand in indian market that fulfill all demerits and customers dissatisfaction  and exactly got  the idea of starting a business that guarantees taste and becomes a boon for the housewives and unemployed, as well as the uneducated at the same time. After discussion they consulted Mr kunal (BUSINESS CONSULTANT) for their innovative idea of business and he guided a lot and helped them to boost their planning and setup a new milestone in chai business.  Mr. Shashank says that is what has prompted him and Yashika to launch CHAIIWAY, which has already booked 26 street food carts or thelas in Hindi in DELHI NCR.

Mr. Shashank finally reveals what his company plans to do for its customers , franchisee holders and conciliators. Next time when you are around DELHI NCR, do sip the savory relished Chai and taste premium and assured  all food items served at this brand .                                                                       

For more information visit at www.chaiiway.comIn a poetic way, he also says: “ CHAIIWAY ki chahat, har chehre par muskurahat (meaning Chaiiway wants to bring a smile on every face).” Indeed, a fact about tea lovers.

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