Creativity Carries Unexplored Potential says Deepak Bhardwaj.

Deepak Bhardwaj, better known as Jack Norway, has been winning people’s hearts for a long time with his talent. Deepak is a dancer & painter by profession. He is India’s first dancer who can dance and paint and vice-versa.

Deepak also received a significant chunk of fame after he was televised on India’s Got Talent season 4, which is why he got the name Jack and the title of “speed painter.” He’s the only one to do a blend of dancing and painting simultaneously, and the time is even less than minuscule, inaccurate terms, 60 seconds.

Deepak Bhardwaj urf Jack hails from Meerut, and since his childhood, he has been creative and is always eager to learn something. 

To justify his title, he’s got the talent to make paintings or portraits in just 60 seconds, which is rarely found elsewhere. They are not just paintings, but they carry all the good elements of a good painting in them. Defining more about him, he can be called a full-fledged artist, and his interests are not only in paintings and portraits; he’s also a talented animator and dancer. Spreading creativity is something he talks about more frequently, and he, like many others, wishes to store creativity in as many people as possible.

Ambitious about teaching all his skills to people out there, he made legit efforts to reach out to as many people as possible and explain to them the real benefits of pursuing specific paths. He has taken workshops in various schools and colleges where he teaches the essence of dancing and painting. He says, “Everyone has the talent. You just have to identify yours.” To explore these hidden talents, Deepak has launched his own academy named, D2 Impressive technique that teaches dance, art, animation, etc., to the students. Everyone can check website, I hope you like that.

Deepak himself has covered a long journey to cover where he is today. Known and explored himself, he understands the underlying scope in considering any field, not just dancing, animation, or artistry. He provides encouragement to all artists, not just the most chosen ones. However, all of these fields have begun to pick up steam, but there is still a lot of untapped potential that needs to be explored and exposed. Most people are less aware of the scope and how it can be well aligned with their career in terms of pursuing it, and that is one solid reason why people are nay-sayers when it comes to making progress in it. His goal in being featured in a number of local & national newspapers like Hindustan, Amar Ujala, Danik Jagran, and others has only been to bring to light how similar in terms of importance and value all of these fields are in real life. He is seeking to admit as many students as possible so that he can teach every student skill and place a greater emphasis on personal branding. He claims to show growth in every student admitted under him. There are many artists on the market, but only a few are well-versed in the style they are pursuing as well as the history of their art & dance, the inventor of that art, dance, and so on teaching from scratch and providing emphasis on theory as well.

Animation is one thing that, even now, not many people know about. The terminologies associated with it are not known to everyone, and he aims to teach everything with the proper learning process in place. He has provided and opened his own institute in Meerut to deliver all his thoughts and talents and is also walking into many workshops making his perspective understood by people. Recently, he’s also collaborated with celebs like Remo D’souza, Amrita Maitra, Naved Jafri, Hans Raj Hans, etc. He’s kept animation open to children who are over the age of 8, but unlike animation, he’s kept drawing and dance open to all age groups. Apart from owning an institute, his company also adds value to society by providing courses explaining the whole criteria in the first three days and then expanding a 90-day long-term programme on specific art & dance .two courses DSDP – dive study dance programme, PDSP – professional drawing study programme. Holding 12 years of experience, he wants to change the vision of how this field is generally perceived. Changing people’s outlook is something he aims to change, and once it is done, his aim will be achieved. He also has a YouTube channel, Jack Norway, where he shares his achievements, practice, dance, and painting videos. He has made a community of talented people who are looking for a platform. He says, “It is very important to have the right guidance and support. When you have these things, you learn, earn and get recognition for your work.”

Irrespective of what age, what gender, or background one belongs to, Jack Norway has trained thousands of students and continues to produce gems for the country.

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