Denver’s advanced men’s face washes are pure bliss on a budget

Experience the scent of success with Denver’s men’s face wash range

It can be hard to find hassle-free products for men’s skincare that really walk the talk, in a market saturated with new product launches. We recently tried the innovative range of nourishing face washes launched by fragrance and grooming brand Denver, and here’s what we think.

First, the product design and packaging is user friendly, with an easy flip open-and-shut cap. It’s compact and travel-friendly, and looks luxurious amid your skincare product bunch.

Pricing is an important factor for any purchase, and this range has a value-for-money highlight, with each 50gm costing less than Rs 100, that can last you a month for one-time daily use.

The brand claims the range of face washes to be dermatologically-tested and approved, and this is something one can feel from the application to the rinsing process. Its creamy formulation glides premiumly on your skin, while deep cleansing pores and leaving your skin rejuvenated, without stripping your skin of natural oils.

For bearded men, who often complain of superficial cleansers and exfoliators that do not work on skin beneath facial hair, these face washes are good options. They combat blackheads, absorb dirt and other contaminants from the skin like a magnet, while leaving a masculine fragrance lingering on — something which is the USP of its parent brand.

All the three facial cleansers targets many skin issues at once such as acne, sun damage, dry and dull skin, oily skin, redness and inflammation, and blocked skin pores.

Made with the richness of natural ingredients, the Denver Face Wash Acne Clear is loaded with Tea Tree, Kaolin Clay and Neem Extract which help in cleaning pores, removing dead skin and excess oil, soothing redness and itching, and preventing new breakouts. If you’re someone who fears acne breakouts, this fash wash is bliss in a budget.

Gentle on skin and tough on pollutants, dirt and dark spots, the Denver Face Wash Deep Cleanse has active ingredients like Activated Charcoal, Mint and Aloe Vera. It goes deep into your skin, drawing out impurities and leaves your skin cleansed and pores breathing again.

Finally the soothing Denver Face Wash Oil Clear is loaded with Vitamin C, Orange Extract, Aloe Vera and Green Tea which help in removing excess oil and dead cells, and clear pigmentation and tanning. All the facewashes are free of paraben, TCC and Triclosan, and contain micro-scrubs for smooth exfoliation and improved skin texture. All in all, if you’re a modern man looking to smell great while looking fresh and avoiding skin issues with simple skincare, especially in hot climates, Denver face washes are a great buy.

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