Dietri Fit is a fast-growing one-stop diet and nutrition solution, meets its founders Abarna Mathivanan and Sanjay Adhikari

The world is fast moving and time is precious, in this hustle and bustle maintaining balance between work and life, it is our food intake that gets ignored the most. India is one of the biggest global market of process food industry, and numerous studies have shown t here is a direct correlation between weight related illness and processed food intake. We are time crunched and cooking healthy meal and planning our schedule around meals seem a hectic job. Diabetes among the young working professionals, rise of cases of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), and Thyroid imbalances are now a household name commoner than common flu. Dietri Fit is a one-stop nutrition solution that offers preventive care that focuses on eating right based on an individual’s body type and body needs.

Abarna Mathivanan and Sanjay Adhikari, the founders of the company, established Dietri Fit with the desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals. In their own words, whet her their clients are looking for help regarding matters of weight loss, or looking for sports nutrition to have an athletic body, or want to take disease prevention steps, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives. The founders have admitted, brining this business to success was a long hard won battle. 

Before establishing Dietri Fit, Abarna had worked in multiple branches of health and nutrition industry. Like many other budding nutritionist, her first job was in a hospital, the famous Max Super Speciality Hospital in Saket. After gaining experience there, she branched out into the more commercial aspect of the health, nutrition and beauty industry, and joined VLCC, where she worked for two years. Impressed by her work and growing reputation, she was recruited as a freelancer for UrbanCompany, formerly known as UrbanClap. Because of client referral and honest practice, her demand among one on one client grew. The results of consultancy were mostly positive, which drove her to meet more and more client. But travelling from one location to another to consult individual clients proved to be extremely time-consuming and hectic for her.

It was at this moment of dilemma, she began studying practice and marketing methods of fellow dietitians. She found, many of her fellow practitioners were utilizing their social media platforms not only for marketing but finding new clients. Realizing the influence and power of social media, she launched her website and Instagram page, (@dietri_fit.). Her goal was to launch her own platform that both embraced the current trends of the market, but retained the uniqueness of her practice. Dietri Fit currently has more than 11k followers, which is growing every day. Dietri Fit name suggested by Sanjay Adhikari. Realizing the influence and power of social media, she and Sanjay launched their website and instagram page with the name of Dietri_fit. They have been working together since 3 years.

Beginning the business was extremely hard, word of mouth would bring them a client, but retaining them was the toughest part. Early clients had trust issues, some were hesitant of their consultancy, a handful of them would avail Dietri Fit services but backed out when it came to matters of paying the consultancy fees, few would go as far as blocking them on every social media platform. Despite all this, Abarna and her team continued working, they improvised their payment model, build client rapport by social media engagement and delivered on time and never ran behind fee payment. As a founder of this young company, she is very proud that he has built a clientele that has spread over eight countries, including people from US. Abarna is extremely proud that he has 100% record of success with her female clients who have come with issues of PCOS and cured their menstrual cycle issues without medicine and purely with help of nutrition and diet management. Now Abarna aims to widen her business and work with issues that can be cured with right and nutritious diet. 


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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