Digital India 2022 Award Ceremony

The Digital India 2022 Seminar and Award Ceremony was held on Friday 29th April 2022 at Madam Kama Hall, Swatantraveer Savarkar Memorial, Shivaji Park, Dadar.

Mr. Prasanna Lohar, Head, Digital and Technology Department, DCB Bank, Mr. Sudhir Mhatre, MD MEPL Group were present on the occasion as Chief Guest. Mr Devendra Bhujbal, Former Director, Department of Information and Public Relations, Maharashtra, Mr. Jotiram Sapkal, Digital Business Coach and Mr. Pradeep Manjrekar, Former Secretary General, Saturday Club Global Trust were present as special guests. The program has been conceived by Dr. Amit Bagwe, Founder of Arthsanket and Mrs. Rachna Bagwe, Co-Founder.

Best Online News Portal ‘Hindustan Post’ News Portal – Consultant Editor Sau Manjiri Marathe
Best Digital News Channel, ‘Konkan Now’ Channel – Mr. Vikas Gavkar
Best Online Initiative in Entrepreneurship, ‘Online Swarajya’ – Mr. Ketan Gawand
Best Entrepreneur YouTube Channel, ‘Progressive India Web TV’ – Mr. Manish Dalvi
Best Digital Stock Market Academy, ‘Shambhuraj Khamkar Trading Academy’ – Shri Shambhuraj Khamkar
Best Business Coach Award – Mr. Dinesh Singhal
Best Creative Marketing Agency, Maitra Entertainment – Mr. Vinay Shinde
Best Digital Newspaper, Prosperous Trade – Mr. Dattatraya Paralkar was honored with the award.

Dr. Amit Bagwe, the founder of Arthsanket, introduced the program and said that there is a need to move forward in life keeping pace with the changing technology. Arthsanket is the first and only ‘Business Newspaper in Marathi’ and under it we have been conducting various business events across Maharashtra for the last 8 years. Arthsanket is sincerely working to give a platform to Marathi entrepreneurs. We are doing this for the society by becoming bankrupt. He also said that the objective is to help society to grow in entrepreneurship.

Chief guest Mr. Prasanna Lohar, Head of Digital and Technology, DCB Bank, thrown light on Industry 4.0 and New age Technology. He explained how technology evolving through years. He also guided on how banking industry implementing new age technologies and trying to reduce overheads.

Another Chief Guest Mr. Sudhir Mhatre of MEPL Group, gave examples of industries which have collapsed due to lack of use of technology and expressed the need to keep up with the ever evolving technology in the life ahead.
To date, only current newspapers and news channels are getting government recognition, accordingly they are given various concessions, but in the current digital age, many digital media are functioning efficiently. If they get the approval of the government for their future journey, their strength will increase even more, they will develop by getting government advertisements. Therefore, it is necessary to organize various digital media in this way, said Mr. Devendra Bhujbal, former Director, Department of Information and Public Relations, Maharashtra.

You can make huge money even if you spread the knowledge of any subject on social media platform, said Jotiram Sapkal.

Mr. Pradeep Manjrekar, Former Secretary General, Saturday Club Global Trust, briefed the audience on his new digital venture ‘Coastal Kokan’.

Arthsanket Co-founder Mrs Rachna Bagwe given Vote of Thanks.

Guidance was given on various topics lie every business as well as every service can be changed in this new way of e-commerce. How to reach your customers through social media for free. What is Industry 4.0? What exactly is Digital India? What are the rapid changes in technology? How will the changing technology affect the jobs and businesses you are currently doing?

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