Director of Gyan Niketan School Saayan Kunal initiates fully digitalized process in School

Under the vision of Saayan Kunal, the Director of Gyan Niketan School has initiated a fully digitalized admission process. Everything is being done online, from online admission form filling to interviews of students and having one-to-one interaction with the parents and list of final students. This has helped parents, students, and teachers to get their things done in the comfort of their homes, not worrying about getting infected with the virus. The school has also been doing a commendable job of offering free education to Martyr’s kids. This noble work by the school is for those who lived and died for the country, and they are supporting their family by giving free education.

The school is a trendsetter in the state and focuses on the overall development of its students. Also, they do everything within limits for its staff. The staff onboard is highly educated, experienced, and dedicated to creating a life for every kid worth living. Over three decades, the school has displayed its dedication by offering the best education to the students in the state.

Talking about digitalization in education, Director Saayan Kunal stated, “ Since pandemic gave a boost to digitalization, It was my duty as an educator to bring innovation to the education system. With the same thought, with the help of staff, we took every procedure of studying online from admission to the declaration of results. Anyone who is looking for admissions in the school can go to our website and fill out the admission form; the rest of the school authorities will direct the formalities on call or through a web portal.”

He further added, “ The online admission interviews are also being taken on our application ‘Gyan Niketan School’ which is available on Playstore.  Along with declaring the result of these exams on the app itself, parents and students don’t have to think twice before getting into any confusion. Everything is served through this application providing a hassle-free experience. We envision getting more and more students equipped with our school so that we can create future leaders who would contribute to the development of the nation.”

With all of these and ever-evolving technology, Saayan Anand trusts in quality education for all students. When the whole country was shut down, and students were not able to attend classes, this school decided to go completely digital for the betterment of everyone- students, teachers, and parents. The education system is facing new challenges every day with the integration of technology in the education system. But the staff at the school and all the members of the boards are continuously working towards making everything smooth. Now the students have better opportunities than ever before. And still, there is so much to be done to ensure that the knowledge they are getting is relevant and engaging, the education they will carry with them throughout their lives.

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