Dr. Deeksha Singh – A perfectionist and a Multifaceted Personality with a mission

Dr. Deeksha Singh is a unique gem and a female persona who has been duly serving as a core Rehab and PFM specialist with passion, determination, charisma, commitment, and enthusiasm. An author, international speaker, and owner and founder of Hormonal Wings & Perfect10 Maternity Rehab & Physiotherapy, Kanpur-based Dr. Deeksha Singh is a disciplined woman who is always looking for an opportunity to create a difference in the lives of the people either as a doctor or as a philanthropist and motivational speaker, she excelled in every role she played in life inspiring many in the wake.

Needless to say, women are very often recognized and complimented as being multi-taskers. In everyday terms, this is understood as being able to do more than one thing at a time. Likewise, Dr. Deeksha Singh is an OBGYN, Core Rehab, and PFM Specialist primarily from Kanpur. Besides being a Lifetime member of the Indian PCOS Society Dr. Deeksha Singh is the author of the books “It’s All About Periods” and “It’s All About Pregnancy”. Founder and Owner of the Vasai, Mumbai-based Clinic for Women’s Health and Counseling, Dr. Deeksha Singh is an evolving Woman who has been a speaker on gynecology conditions, women’s health, and their rehabilitation on a national and international scale. She is also a childbirth educator and lactation consultant. In the field of women’s sexual & pelvic health education, Dr. Deeksha Singh holds a license internationally and keeps on conducting a workshop on Women’s healthcare among medical students.

Essentially, it means to have a distinct personality or sides – each part relating to you in a way that shapes your identity. Although there is a great emphasis on the idea of each side being different, they are all similar to the extent that they are all cohesive to makeup, you. Dr Deeksha Singh used to treat silent suffering caused by Pelvic Floor problems so you can contact her and also work with Physiotherapy in Obstetrics and Gynecology cases. She is Certified in Pain Sciences by Clinical Athletic Academy Ontario Canada. She used to treat sexual dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, and urine leakage without using drugs or surgery. She is a sports physiotherapist as well and has been a recipient of the national women’s empowerment award in 2018.

Campus Ambassador at the International Model United Nations! OBGYN M.PTh Dr. Deeksha Singh is an ambassador for two journals: the Elsevier Journal and the Bentham Sciences Journal. In addition, she has servedon the editorial board of one international women’s health journal and the review boards of four other journals.Indeed, she has really got it going on.

Claim to fame – Dr. Deeksha Singh

  • National & International Speaker & health blog writer!
  • Life Member of All Ladies League, Women Economic Forum, and PCOS society of India.
  • Public Health Volunteer in United Nation.
  • Life Member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapy who has beenrunning online Sessions and consultations for women’s health for both Patients and professionals.
  • Certified and registered physiotherapist and Licenced Instructor of Pelvic Floor Rehab, Llcenced in Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist & Core confidence specialist too & also certified in rehab of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Member of the Indian Association of Exercise Medicine! She is also an invasivetransvaginal+transrectal Pelvic Floor Rehab SpecialistCertified in Kinesiology tapping, Dry-needling & Stroke rehab too.
  • Diploma in weight loss nutrition and management, diploma of FIFA in Football Medicine

With a certificationin Exercise Prescription.

Dr. Deeksha Singh is a truly highly evolved woman who possesses a unique personal alchemy that is far more potent than anything else in the business of life. Her approach to life and work appears effortless, her amiable demeanor conceals her profound wisdom, and she is unflappable in the face of difficulty. She has a rock-solid core in addition to her class and clout.

Contact – Deeksha66singh@gmail.com

Website- www.hormonalwings.com

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