Extraordinaire Leaders and Informed Digital Parents In Talk With Wranga

Wranga celebrated women professionals who have been incredibly balancing motherhood at their work spheres. The idea behind the celebration was to inspire and empower many other women looking for motivation to follow their passion. 

Wranga, the first App-based digital parenting platform in India organised a talk celebrating women, hosted by Mr Amitabh Kumar, Co-Founder of Wranga with an absolutely powerful panel of women, namely, Shivani Poddar, a boss lady and behind the fashion label, FabAlley; Aakanksha Bhargava, a young professional and CEO of PM Relocations, one of the most admired organisations of India in the crowded relocations industry; Manasi Salvi, a successful television and regional film actress and Simran Lekhi, the Founder of KidStack, a non-toxic, sustainable and made in India toy company. This empowered women panel addressed the challenges that come in the way for a perfect work life balance, shared their journey of where and how they were here, today, and also came forward with an important narrative of digital parenting for their children in today’s world.

While conversing about the challenges they face in their journey, Manasi Salvi states ‘All genders are equal although I do feel that women are naturally blessed with multi-tasking and organisational skills but with motherhood, it sometimes becomes challenging and overwhelming although with firm determination we can juggle both work and children’ wherein while taking to the conversation ahead, the digital content available in abundance nowadays becomes worrisome for these mothers wherein Shivani Poddar shares ‘With the children growing so quickly, it becomes very difficult to be at both places as you don’t know what content is the child consuming, and I would actually want what my child is consuming should add value to their learning and enjoy watching the content’.

Talking about leadership and parenting at the same time for women, Aakanksha Bhargava quotes ‘Whether it is being a leader or motherhood, both the things are challenging in themselves. You never know what the next thing might come up but need to be prepared and self-oriented for a solution coming your way. It is a constant process of doing, undoing, learning, relearning and figuring it out all over again.’ Simran Lekhi on the other hand talks about how we also learn from our kids in our everyday life. ‘The kids notice everything and also adapt to what is happening at home or whom they are socialising with and while listening to their questions and queries, we also come to know and understand more about the way they think and the difference in ideologies from generation to generation.’

The concluding point for all these four leaders and mothers was to manage digital consumption and screen time. They prefer limiting the screen time and also have to engage in the content the kids are watching to avoid any consumption of content not required for the child, especially during their early days where the child is adapting to the content or language that they are around.

Amitabh Kumar strongly recommended these mothers to use this parenting application, Wranga, to monitor their children and make sure they are watching age-appropriate content reviewed and recommended by experts. Wranga is a boon for all digital parents to make informed digital choices to raise their kids in a safe and positive cyber environmen.t


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