Fabbeu – India’s first skincare brand crafted exclusively for Gen Z

Our skin, as the largest and most visible organ of the body, requires special attention to stay healthy and attractive. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of the audience still perceives themselves as little invincible when they are young, and then scrambles to catch up with proper skin care habits once the harm has already begun to manifest. In fact, excellent skincare should begin in your adolescent years, when your body is already changing dramatically. With Fabbeu’s products that perform miracles on one’s skin and a wonderfully relaxing opportunity to pamper oneself, now is the ideal moment for teenagers to adopt proper skincare practices.

Fabbeu (an acronym for “Fabulous You”) is India’s first skincare brand that aims at simplifying and personalizing teenage skincare by crafting products that are authentic and safe on the skin. FABBEU uses AI innovation in skincare and beauty to provide customized skin care solutions at the user’s fingertips. It provides customers with a free AI-based skin analysis report that helps them understand their skin concerns and then recommends items that are most suited to them. Fabbeu believes that, unlike other businesses that target specific genders and provide them with different products, the teenage group demands unique products tailored to their skin type. Fabbeu is positioned as a brand that knows the demands of every adolescent’s skin, inspired by their own skincare issues.

Claim to Fame – FABBEU


FABBEU is the first Indian start-up to bring artificial intelligence to the beauty business. Users can now obtain individualized skin reports and recommended goods based on their skin type by filling out a questionnaire and taking pictures.


Unlike other businesses that target specific genders, FABBEU believes that teenagers require their own brand. As a result, FABBEU has become friends with them.


Work from home has become the new normal, as evidenced by COVID, and as the adage goes, need is the mother of invention. FABBEU created a product – Blue Light Protection Cream (Hero product of FABBEU) with aqua freshness & moisturizer that protects against indoor pollution such as Blue Light, IR, and other forms of radiation. It shields the skin from the dangerous blue radiation released by digital devices like computers and cell phones.

FABBEU – Point of difference

One of FABBEU’s hero products is Blue Light Protection Cream, which has been found innovative and is being patented which is under process. It has been praised by India’s most prominent university, NMIMS University in Mumbai, and has been featured on other top news platforms. In addition, FABBEU received Indian Achievers Award for promising start-up and the government of India’s Start-up India Initiative has accredited it. FABBEU is also a participant in the Government of India’s MSME Scheme. Fabbeu’s entire line of products is vegan, clinically tested, and dermatologically approved.

It goes without saying that the adolescent and early teenage years are an excellent time to begin a skin care regimen. Starting a skin care routine at a young age will establish a healthy habit that will reap long-term advantages. With Fabbeu’s AI revolutionary technique, you can help your teen get started on a skin care routine.

EnGame Publishing House in collaboration with Entrepreneur stories, Indian Start-up Magazine, and entrepreneur hunt is honored to present Fabbeu with the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for its remarkable and uncommon contribution in the life of all teenager’s skincare even during the Pandemic and stood tall as a revolutionary changemaker with its distinctive free AI-based skin analysis feature.

Are you on the verge of becoming a teenager? Acne outbreaks and pimples have come knocking at your door, and it’s understandable. But don’t be concerned! Even while acne affects 9 out of 10 teenagers, it can be addressed swiftly due to the robust nature of juvenile skin. To save your time and effort, Fabbeu has compiled a list of everything you need to know about teen skin, including easy yet efficient techniques to care for it.

You can check FABBEU’s free AI-based skin analysis feature here – https://fabbeu.com/pages/skin-analysis“We also intend to launch our products on major e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa, and will also move towards modern retail, MBOs, and leading offline stores soon. With our commitment to quality, we are zestful about making Fabbeu India’s leading skincare brand.” Adds Ankiit Khemka, Co-Founder at FABBEU. To know more about the brand and its products, visit its website www.fabbeu.com & official Instagram page (@fabbeu_india).

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