Film industry expects the bulk of hard work and pinch of luck: Actor Vivek Singh

Acting is one of the most sought after careers in the world. Thousands of people try their luck on screen daily to make a life out of it. But only few remain here and make their way. This industry is also one which expects sheer hard work and slight bit of luck along with that. Because after playing their role it all depends on the receivers to decide their fate. Film industry is not a bed of roses. There are people who struggled years together to get a single small role to appear on screen. But if you’re strong and smart enough to embrace the small opportunity and give your complete self in your performance, you’ll be loved by the audience.

Vivek Singh is an artist, influencer and real estate consultant. This 30 year old actor from Gurugram has shared the screen on popular web series The Family Man with Manoj Bajpayee and other eminent artists. He also has acted in many other web series. But his journey has not been easier. He has come across many hardships to get even a single work in the industry.

 Vivek has started pursuing his acting career since 2016. But the beginning of this had got a kick start in 2012 itself when he was named as Mr Talented in Mr North India event. He was also featured on one of the leading talent magazines’ covers. This made him lean towards this colorful industry. He was called for auditions from many popular production companies in Mumbai like Vidhu Vinod Chopra Productions, Shobha Dey Productions and others.

But Vivek had a very humble background and none of his family members had a touch in it. This obviously made him think twice when he was asked to come down to Mumbai from Gurugram to work. Moreover he didn’t have the support from his parents either. So he was not sure whether to take acting as a career and he was not aware of the ways to take on and build a life around this. Hence he couldn’t convince his parents. Due to this he missed many acting opportunities as he couldn’t go to meetings and auditions then.

But his dream of appearing on a silver screen was still alive in him and his mind was preparing him to take a big step in the near future. In 2016, after completing his MBA, Vivek eventually decided to follow his passion. So he pursued an acting course to start with. Later he shifted to Mumbai in search of acting opportunities. Though he was confident in his skills and talent, getting a chance was not that easy. He faced many humiliations and troubles in work also. He would be told that he’s selected for certain advertisements and webseries. But he couldn’t get a chance when he visited the shooting. Lot of rejections came his way. But he didn’t let go of his grit and determination.

Living in a metro city like Mumbai is very expensive. Life is ve hard when you don’t have enough earnings to match your expenses. Vivek was burning in mental and emotional problems as he didn’t have income either. Meanwhile, the Covid 19 pandemic appeared as a slap on the face for his life. Everything was closed in the city. He couldn’t even pay for his apartment rent there. His parents too were afraid of his condition as he was living alone here leaving them there.

In those lonely days he found his way to create content on social media as it was trending on those days. But for his bad luck, his instagram account which had more than 195000 followers got hacked. He was almost shattered. But he didn’t give up. He created another account and started sharing his thoughts and knowledge to the people. Gradually he was becoming a popular face on social media. People started noticing him. And his interests were also changing and he started following spirituality too. He started sharing the same thoughts through his account to more than 90000 followers now.

Slowly his hard works started paying him off. After the world came to normalcy, the film industry also opened for the world. Vivek began giving auditions again. Thankfully he got a small character to play in popular web series The Family Man and got an opportunity to share the screen with great actors like Manoj Bajpayee. Though his character was limited to small SUV guy in the webseries, he performed well in the role which opened him the doors of many other characters in many webseries too.

In his strong fight in the film industry Vivek has learned a lot. He has also been working as a social media influencer too. Along with this he explains the importance of spirituality in life and calls to follow that path. He has also created 2 courses on this on naming ‘Spirituality & Self Evolution’ and ‘Higher Consciousness’, an online learning platform which has hundreds of courses.

Vivek also runs a real estate consultancy by name Nikumbh Estate. Now he’s staying in Gurugram and keeps traveling to Mumbai quite often for work. He has plans to settle down in Mumbai in near future.

He says just keeping belief in your strength and playing with patience is the sole mantra for success in life. Troubles and problems are temporary but the victory over them will remain forever in our memory lane. He calls to never lose hope in your strength and keep pushing your limits. Always be grateful to God and be thankful to him for what you have in your life.


YouTube: @vivekconsciousness Instagram: vivek.consciousness

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