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For any organization, employees are the real asset. They are the pillars of any company as the growth of the company is directly proportional to the efficiency and skills of the employees and hence it is of utmost importance to recruit the best resources. The organizations have to heavily invest in their time and money to find the best suit for their organisation.

Be it small start-ups, small and mid-scale businesses, or industries. This operational and digital transformation has accelerated the search for super-skilled candidates. Even the pandemic has transformed the recruitment process too! Today, almost all companies have changed the way their employees work.  

Firms spend a majority of their expenses on the workforce. Better planned it is will goes a long way. This has been made possible by PITCS, a highly reputed and trusted firm with over 15 years of working in Bangalore. They serve as a one- solution for IT staffing, Contract staffing, Payroll Outsourcing

Recruitment challenges faced by the companies

It happens that for a short term period, super specialised consultants and people are hired based on the project they are working on. Also, the firm may require employees on a short-term basis, project basis, part-time basis, etc. This becomes most challenging as it requires a good network to meet such immediate requirements. This is known as a custom requirement. The firm may not wish to have a full-time employment agreement.

Hence, organizations are looking for options to make recruitment more cost-effective yet effective and recruitment outsourcing is the most feasible option.

Here is how PITCS is helping the clients with the recruitment

The most important parameter in recruitment understands the expectations of the organization and the candidate including skillset, work culture, job profile, salary, etc. PITCS works on a mutual model which refers to connecting the right candidate with the right organizations. This makes the recruitment process efficient as the companies get the right candidates and vice versa

PITCS also helps its clients with immediate and short-term requirements, something that helps the companies to a great extent as this reduces the hiring cost and also helps the companies to meet their immediate requirements. This is what differentiates PITCS from other recruitment firms

Adding to it, PITCS also deals with payroll outsourcing, which is again great support to the organizations

Here is why our clients choose us


We demonstrate integrity, valuing honesty, and strong moral principles


We deliver what we promise with the highest quality standard


We embrace constant result-oriented innovative solutions


We are passionate about creating new opportunities to generate a high-value return on the Client’s investment


We are committed to serving client and candidate key needs


We encourage the open & transparent exchange of ideas, opinions, and views in everything we do.

The emerging story of PITCS

PITCS was founded in the year 2006 by a well-experienced and dynamic entrepreneur, Mr Sandeep Dey & Ms. Maria . At a very early stage, they understood how the recruitment processes would change and hence set up his firm to help the organizations and the candidates.

Since its inception, PITCS has successfully helped multiple organizations with their recruitment needs. Started with a small team has now widened to 3 prominent cities in India with a dynamic and super team comprising 120+ employees

The most important reason that made PITCS so successful is understanding the client requirements and matching them with the right candidates. While most firms focus more on the recruitment process and procedures, PITCS always prioritizes understanding the requirements and then dives into the actual hiring process

They have now emerged as one of the top recruitment firms in India and are actively working to expand their services to all the states and cities in India. Please log in

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